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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the VisNetic MailFlow Database be automatically backed-up?
  • Where is the registration key input?
  • Can VisNetic MailFlow be setup so agents can only access from internal on the network?
  • How come when I create an agent and they login, they are unable to see any of the public ticketboxes?
  • Can an agent configure their own signature?
  • Where can the send/retrieve interval for messages be adjusted?
  • When an agent selects a message from their ticketbox, they are unable to Reply as the Reply button is missing?
  • How is the VisNetic AntiVirus enabled to scan the messages from viruses?
  • How can the Outbox be forced to process to send the messages?
  • How can an Alert be setup to notify multiple recipients?

    Yes, there is an auto-backup feature located under the Administration link by clicking the Database Maintenance link.
    Under the Administration link click the Product Registration link. If the trial key has already expired, you can still log in as the original administrator account to input your registration key.
    Yes, one way to accomplish this would be to setup IP Access restrictions under the Administration link by selecting IP Access Restrations link.
    The agent needs to configure their preferences for Public ticketboxes. They do this by selecting the Preferences link once they login to their account. The administrator can also set the agent preferences under the Administration link, select Agents, select to edit the agent and select the agent's Preferences.
    Yes, the agent would select the Preferences link once they are logged into their account. Then select the Signatures button from the Preferences toolbar.
    This is set under the Message Sources and Message Destination links located under the Administration link. Select to edit the particular source or destination and you can adjust the send or check interval.
    This is because the agent Access Rights is setup for Read access only. The administrator would have to adjust the agent Access rights to Edit. This is located under the Administration link by select Access Control. Select the Agents option and set the agent or the Everyone group to Edit priveleges.
    The visNetic AntiVirus Plug-in would have to be downloaded and installed first. This can be obtained from After completing the installation you enable the VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in under the Administration link in VisNetic MailFlow and click the VisNetic AntiVirus link.
    Administrator accounts are the only accounts that have the access to manually process inbound/outbound messages. This is done under the Administration link by selecting the Message Destinations or Message Sources link. Then click the Send Mail or Check Mail button from the toolbar.
    A seperate alert would have to be setup for each agent. For example, if you want a Ticket Age alert to be sent to 2 different agents, you would create 2 alerts for Ticket Age alert and select the agent to be notified.

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