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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I see the log file in VisNetic Firewall but what does it all mean?
  • Can I set authentication up in VisNetic Firewall so only I can gain access to the rules?
  • What is ARP?
  • What is Stateful Inspection?
  • During the installation questionnaire, I told VisNetic Firewall to block everything when not running. How can I change this?
  • I made a mistake during the configuration wizard, how can I rerun the wizard?
  • What is Sequence Number Hardening?
  • What is the scroll bar that I see when I click on my adapter for?
  • Where can I tell VisNetic Firewall not to log packets?

    Refer to Knowledge Base Article 1957 for a full explanation on the information in the log window.
    Yes. While in VisNetic Firewall click on File pull down menu and then scroll down to Security, then click on Password Required. You will need to give your password then to be forced to login, click on the Logout button directly under the file pull down menu.
    Q. What is ARP?
    ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is a protocol for mapping an Internet Protocol address (IP address) to a physical computer address that is recognized in the local network. ARP will translate your IP Address to the MAC Address that is configured on your computer.
    Stateful inspection firewalls determine whether packets can get through the firewall based on the protocol, port, and source and destination addresses. For every request that is allowed by the strategy, stateful inspection firewalls open up a limited time window to allow response packets, but ONLY from the same host. Also, by maintaining information about previous packets, stateful inspection firewalls can quickly verify that packets meet the criteria for authorized traffic. This makes them inherently fast.
    To change this option, click on the View pull down menu and then click on Options. From here click on the When Not Running tab and change the option set here.
    To run the configuration wizard again, right click a network adapter in VisNetic Firewall and select "Run Configuration Wizard for this adapter".
    Sequence Number Hardening helps protect Windows from spoofed TCP connections resulting from initial sequence number (ISN) guessing. Windows 2000 is considered "slightly vulnerable" to ISN guessing, and the ISN''s in Windows 9x are considered "100% predictable". This feature improves the randomness of the sequence numbers, thereby helping to compensate for vulnerabilities inherent in Windows.
    This scroll bar is a map of ports available (all 65,535 of them) you can also see which ports you have rules for. This will also show you the rule number that has been assigned to this specific rule.
    If you single click the adapter, then, on the right-side, click the Advanced button, you can select the protocol from the tabs here and select the logging action for that packet.

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