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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I update the antivirus bases?
  • What should I do if I receive a message about a suspicious object found in my PC?
  • What does "Demo mode" mean?
  • The program starts with the message "Key file does not exist or license expired". Why?
  • It seems that the number of viruses VisNetic AntiVirus protects a computer from is a lot different than the number of viruses some other AV software guards against. What''s the reason for this apparent discrepancy?
  • Few viruses were found in Outlook Express Inbox.mbx file, but the VisNetic AntiVirus monitor reports "Disinfection failed". When I try to open Outlook Express I receive an error "File access denied". What happened?
  • Can I use several antivirus programs at the same time?

    Trigger the VisNetic AntiVirus updater manually, or take advantage of the scheduling feature to gather new definitions on a routine basis.
    Ensure that all virus definitions are up to date. With the most current definitions in VisNetic AntiVirus, the program should be able to determine the validity of the suspect fie.
    In the demonstration mode, VisNetic AntiVirus has limited functionality.
    • VisNetic Anti-Virus detects viruses but cannot disinfect them.
    • Automatic update will not work.
    • It is impossible to load antivirus bases that have been added manually.
    • Executable modules cannot be upgraded.
    While there can be several causes for this, the main reasons are:
    1. The key-file is located in the wrong folder. Check that your key-file is currently located in
      \Program Files\Common Files\VAV Shared Files
      If not, copy it to the correct directory and reboot the PC.

    2. The key-file is expired. Please contact your VisNetic AntiVirus vendor ( or a Authorized Reseller) for assistance.
    VisNetic AntiVirus indicates the number of ''micro cure modules'' in its antivirus database, not the specific number of viruses it defends against. There are some comprehensive antivirus programs (for example Nutcracker) that require several ''micro cure modules'', because the neutralizing methods are different for files, boot records, computer memory, etc.

    However, several viruses developed with virus generators. One VisNetic AntiVirus ''micro cure module'' can detect up to several thousands of auto generated viruses at once. For example, one hacker created nearly 15,000 viruses with VCK virus generator. VisNetic AntiVirus protects against all these viruses using only five ''micro cure modules'' (i.e.; it counts 15,000 viruses as 5 records in the antivirus database).

    Thus, the number of records indicated in VisNetic AntiVirus cannot be compared with the number of viruses in other antivirus software.
    VisNetic AntiVirus Monitor cannot cure or delete something from the Outlook Express database.

    Most email applications (e.g.; Outlook Express) keep all email messages, with all attachments, in one file. If one of these emails contains a virus VisNetic AntiVirus will be unable to delete it. The email and the attached virus must be deleted through Outlook.
    It is possible to use several antivirus ''Scanners'' at one time, checking files with one program and then running a secondary scan with another.

    Running two different Monitors (resident online scanners) presents problems. Be warned that two or more active resident Monitors working simultaneously could cause conflicts. In most cases this leads to the false positives or unstable working. It is recommended to use two different Monitors NOT run at the same time.

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