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Deerfield Communications offers four Priority Technical Support Contracts, each containing varying levels of support attainable via email, live chat and GoToMeeting. A detailed description of each contract is available below.

Please note technical support requests received via email are processed within one business day, excluding weekends and holidays. Live chat and GoToMeeting support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

Priority Email Support
$179.95 Per Product ($79.95 for DNS2Go)
Unlimited email and live chat support. Learn more.

Priority Support Contract
$179.95-$949.95 Per Product
Unlimited email and live chat & 1 hour of phone support. Learn more.

Unlimited Priority Support Contract
$1,599.95 All Products
Unlimited email, live chat and phone support. Learn more.

Installation/Upgrade/Migration Support Contract
Pricing varies by product
A scheduled support session to complete a single Installation, Upgrade or Migration. Learn more.

"I have never seen more responsive and knowledgeable tech support. I have been in this business since the 8088 processor and I have dealt with many incompetent (the norm) tech support. I don't know what you did differently but PLEASE keep it up.

"....your support is the best in the industry.
That is what makes your product!"

Bob Marchand
Network Manager
Blue Rock Industries
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