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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the anti-virus package that I have installed already?
  • Can I tell from the MailScan GUI when the last time it was updated?
  • Will MailScan keep a backup of my log file?
  • What does the red “X” over the MailScan icon mean?
  • How can I edit the atom-interval?
  • Can I stop the update notification that is sent?
  • How do I view the log files?
  • Can I get MailScan to check for viruses only once per day?
  • I have my MDaemon Archiving all inbound and outbound mail. Will MailScan scan the Archive mail also?
  • When MailScan finds a virus, will MailScan tell me what virus it found?
  • Why does the Mail Dispatcher utility need to run from an MS-DOS prompt/window?
  • How frequently is the Virus Database updated?
  • How do we update MailScan for MDaemon with the latest virus updates?
  • Can MailScan for MDaemon download updates via my WinGate proxy?
  • Does MailScan for MDaemon work with any version of Windows?
  • What versions of MDaemon is MailScan compatible with?
  • Does MailScan for MDaemon support Multi POP Accounts?
  • Do I have to enter Multi POP Account details manually?
  • What can MailScan for MDaemon search?
  • Which AntiVirus tool does MailScan for MDaemon use?
  • Can we change the AntiVirus scanner being used?
  • Does MailScan for MDaemon scan the body of Emails?
  • How do I change the Quarantine path?
  • What can I configure the AntiVirus scanner to do?
  • Can MailScan dial out?
  • Why are some entries in the MailScan Administrator (i.e. Message Input Path, Foreground Scanning, and Strip Macros) grayed out?
  • Will MailScan let me know when my subscription is close to expiring?
  • Why does MailScan go to the following URL, www.microworldsystems
  • MailScan gives an error that says comctl32.ocx file is outdated and MailScan requires a newer version?
  • I have MailScan running but it does not seem to be cleaning viruses that are found in Email?
  • How does MailScan handle encrypted and/or digitally signed Emails?
  • Why does the query interval in Anti Virus update keep reverting back to 1440 minutes after each install, even if I choose to keep the settings?
  • What does the button "Send EICAR test Email" do?
  • Will MailScan send the name of the virus with the warning message?
  • I am running MailScan on NT and every time I log into the machine the update runs, if I am not logged onto the machine the update does not work?
  • I have Multiple Domains in MDaemon, can MailScan NOT scan messages for a certain domain?
  • Will MailScan automatically compress outbound Email attachments?
  • Can MailScan scan SMIME attachments?
  • Why does the auto update feature stop running when I log off on an NT computer, but don''t shut down?
  • Can MailScan update via HTTP instead of FTP?
  • Will the Administrator be notified if the Registration key is missing or bad?
  • How are the Email messages transferred?
  • Can I Email the Debug information to the Administrator?
  • In the MDaemon log file I am getting a "mailinit.exe could not be accessed or executed" error?
  • Can MailScan scan files in RTF format?
  • How do I enter my MailScan registration key?
  • Does MailScan work with Windows ME
  • What does a Winsock error mean?
  • The MailScan log file is reporting "Bad key value in MailScan.ini" but if I go to Help / License Information my key is not expired?
  • How do I backup my MailScan configuration?
  • How do I uninstall MailScan?
  • Will I be notified when my MailScan key expires?
  • How come MailScan does not scan .ATT attachments?
  • What operating systems does MailScan work with?
  • Why does the administrator account receive errors that emails contained reserved or restricted attachments?
  • Does MailScan work with Windows 2000 Terminal Services?
  • How do I remove the disclaimer in MailScan?
  • I’m running the trial version of MailScan and it sends out two disclaimers, why?
  • Why is MailScan deleting some valid attachments that do not contain viruses?
  • Why is MailScan quarantining some valid messages with attachments?

    If you have any anti-virus package installed, you can use that instead of the default one. Please check the following before using background scanning:
    1. The background scanner should be enabled
    2. The background scanner should be set to "automatic disinfection without asking for user-confirmation"
    3. The background scanner should be set to scan ONLY executables. It should NOT BE SET to scan all files.
    When MailScan encounters an archive or compressed-archive (.ZIP, .ARJ, etc), it will NOT depend on the background scanning to check the archive. MailScan will use AVP to forcefully do scanning of the archives.
    Also note that the quality of virus-checking will be as good, or as bad, as the background scanner used.
    Virus-names cannot be shown when background scanning is used.
    Yes. The date & time of last update is put at the bottom of the admin window
    Yes. A single backup of the log files is kept in the MailScan\log directory
    When MailScan is disabled, a red X-mark is put on the icon shown on the system tray
    The atom-interval of 2.5 minutes is now configurable (only from the MAILSCAN.INI file).

    MAILSCAN.INI section [CONFIG] item CheckInterval.

    Yes. In the Anti-Virus Update section of the GUI, uncheck the option “Enable Update Notification”
    From the MailScan GUI click on Admin|View Log Files. From here you will be able to view the
    1. MailScan Log
    2. Autodownload log
    3. FTP log
    The default update interval is increased from one hour to one day. This is configured from the MailScan GUI in the Anti-Virus Update section
    Yes. Archive mail will also be scanned. No warning message will be generated for archive mails scanned.
    Yes. When virus-infected mails are quarantined, the message file name is put in the warning message to the Administrator.
    Mail-Dispatcher is a 32-bit Console application. So it requires the MSDOS console window to run.
    99% of the time, it is done once every week. In urgent cases (such as a new virus discovery), it is done in a span of a day
    MailScan for MDaemon is able to automatically monitor its virus database. It first checks for availability of an Internet connection. If it detects that Internet connectivity is present, it will check for any new updates. When updates are found, MailScan for MDaemon will download them automatically. The default setting for database checks is one hour and this is configurable.
    Yes, MailScan for MDaemon will work behind WinGate on your network.
    MailScan for MDaemon will run on Windows 95/98, Windows NT (service pack 4 and higher), and Windows 2000.
    MailScan for MDaemon is compatible with all versions of MDaemon.
    Yes, MailScan provides support for MultiPOP accounts.
    No, they are automatically detected.
    MailScan is able to search any file attachment on an Email.
    Currently, MailScan for MDaemon uses the AntiVirus Toolkit Pro (AVP) from Kaspersky Labs.
    At this time, the AntiVirus scanner cannot be changed. The automatic updates of AVP are the smallest & most reliable. This is one of the primary reasons for the Scanner being static.
    Yes, if the body of Email is in HTML, it is scanned.
    The path can be changed using the report file path selection button (this button is to the right of the information field and has three dots in it). The maximum size of the log files can be set using the "Max Size" drop down box. Selecting a value of zero will cause the logs to have no size limitation.
    The behavior of the scanning engine is controlled by configurations made in the Action section. The various options available are:
    • Disinfect
    • Delete
    • Quarantine infected mails
    • Strip macros from documents
    MailScan does not have dial out function. When the next update is due, it will wait for Internet connectivity. When MDaemon dials out to send or receive Emails, MailScan will recognize the dial out, check for availability of new updates and, if available, download the updates.
    These are for display (information) purposes only and should not be edited directly by the user. Message Input Path: This is the path which is scanned by MailScan. This path is automatically set up by MailScan during the installation. Foreground Scanning: This is an option reserved for the future, when, instead of console-based scanning, Windows base scanning is used. Strip Macros: Reserved for the future when the Windows based scanner is instructed to strip macros from documents.
    Yes, MailScan will Email the Postmaster alerting them.
    .com/servlets/sendinfo is a Java-threaded service application that does the following:
    • Gets the date of the latest update
    • Gets the file size of the latest update.
    This information is sent back to MailScan as an HTML page.

    MailScan can then interpret this information to decide

    • if there has been a new update
    • if the update has to be pulled to the local machine.
    Once MailScan for MDaemon gets the information, it contacts one of the many FTP servers to download the latest update.
    When MailScan is installed, it will copy the latest comctl32.ocx into the System directory. If the copy operation fails (because the file is already in use), a reboot is required.
    If you have other anti-virus software running make sure that you do not have an auto-protect feature enabled. An auto-protect feature would be one that is constantly monitoring files on your hard drive for viruses. If you have an auto-protect option enabled MailScan will not function correctly.
    Emails with S/Mime digital signatures are properly scanned by MailScan. When the contents are changed by MailScan (to disinfect the virus), the signature is not changed. But a footer is attached to the Email saying:

    "This Email is possibly a digitally signed message with Security Certificate. As this Email was modified at the Gateway by MailScan, your browser might give Invalid Signature warning. Please ignore this warning."

    The average update time is 1 day. 99.9% of the time the FTP sites are updated only once a day. So we forced this setting to 1440.
    In case of urgent updates, will send an URGENT UPDATE email to all registered customers. By this, an immediate forced update will automatically happen.
    Click here to learn more about the URGENT UPDATE
    When you click this option, MailScan will send an EICAR test file to itself.
    This is provided for users to check whether or not MailScan is properly catching viruses.
    Yes. When the MailScan default scanner is used, the name of the virus is sent along with the warning. Also the action taken on each file is logged in the warning Email.
    We have recently found that the updates will not work when running MailScan on an NT computer unless someone is logged onto the machine. Please upgrade to the latest version of MailScan.
    Yes. MailScan can be configured *NOT TO* scan mails to specific domains. This is currently available via MAILSCAN.INI, [General] section, Entry "DoNotScanMailsToDomains="
    Yes, the latest version of MailScan will automatically compress attachments in outbound Emails when certain criteria are met. Opening the MailScan Administrator and clicking on Admin | Compression Control will allow you to configure this.
    MailScan cannot scan SMIME encrypted attachments but it will scan messages that have digital signatures.
    This has been corrected with the latest version of MailScan.
    Yes. FTP via HTTP is now supported for the Auto-download of updates via Proxy. You must be running version 2.3b or higher.
    Yes. The Administrator will be notified via Email on this issue
    All Email messages are sent via SMTP (versions 2.3b and higher).
    Yes. You can Email the collected information directly to the administrator or to MailScan support.
    This is caused by either having the incorrect path specified in MDaemon (under Setup | Primary Domain | Pre-Processing) or by having the username and password (under Setup | System Service Settings | Network Resource Access) setup with the incorrect permissions. Make sure that the account that MDaemon is using has the ability to act as part of the operating system.

    This is setup in Windows 2000 by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative tools | Local Security Settings | User Rights Assignment.

    Microsoft Outlook specific TNEF attachments (which normally come as WINMAIL.DAT) will now be scanned & dis-infected.
    To enter your MailScan registration key double click on the MailScan Administrator icon which is located in the System Tray. Then click on Help / License Information. Enter the key you received in the “Enter License Keys: field. Click OK.
    Yes, all of the products are compatible with the Windows ME operating system from Microsoft. They have been fully tested and we have not experienced any problems with connection to any of the software in our suite of products:


    If you are seeing Winsock errors, visit for a description of the error that you are getting.
    This issue is resolved by upgrading to the latest version of MailScan. Download the latest version here
    All of your configurations for MailScan can be saved by backing up the following files from the MailScan directory:


    To uninstall MailScan go to Start / Programs / MailScan for MDaemon, and select uninstall MailScan for MDaemon. You will then be asked if you want to completely remove MailScan, select yes.
    After the key expires, MailScan sends one notification for every 100 Emails that pass thru MailScan.
    ATT attachments are temporary attachments created by MailScan itself (for example a text body file is stored in a temporary folder in the form of .ATT).

    Since these are temporary attachments, in order to reduce scanning delays, MailScan does not scan the same.

    In MailScan 2.5.0 you can set the following string in the MailScan.ini file that is located in the MailScan directory:
    ForceATTFileScanning = 1

    The MailScan.ini can be opened with a plain text editor, such as Notepad.

    Caution: With enough email traffic the scanning of .ATT attachments could cause resource issues with MailScan.

    MailScan for MDaemon installs and runs as a service on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP. MailScan for MDaemon runs in the background, and is virtually invisible.
    When MailScan sees an attachment with multiple extensions, it first changes all the extensions to ''_'' character (except the last one).

    If you do not want any action to be taken on mails with multiple extensions, just set the value of ActionOnMailsWithMultipleExtensions (in mailscan.ini) to 0.

    Also check the MailScan.ini to see if anything is setup for the following entry: ReservedAttachments=

    Finally, in the MailScan.ini check the following entry: AttachmentsOfTypesForwardToAdmin=*.COM,*.EXE

    If you do not want .EXE files to be forwarded to the admin, remove the attachment type from the entry.
    No, unfortunately MailScan will not work properly on Windows 2000 Terminal Services.
    Select the Content Control Icon, More button and add *@* to the Do not send disclaimers for Mails to field, press Add and Save.
    The trial version of MailScan will send out a trial disclaimer and any disclaimer that is added to the Content Control Disclaimer for outbound email. Once MailScan is registered it will not send out the trial disclaimer. Register now!
    You probably have the entry for StrictConfirmation=0 in the MailScan.ini file located in the Program Files\MailScan directory

    With this entry set to 0 any suspicious attachments with any extension will be deleted but with the entry set to 2 the attachments will not be deleted unless it has some kind of non-disinfectable virus. i.e StrictConfirmation=2
    You would have to edit the file MAILSCAN.INI (located in the \program files\mailscan directory).

    Look for the value ''''''''BlockListValue=1'''''''' (without quotes) Set this value to 0 (BlockListValue=0) Save the file Restart the machine.

    Just for your knowledge, using MailScan, you can either set (a) List of attachments *not allowed* (all other attachments allowed) => BlockListValue = 0


    (b) List of attachments *allowed* (all other attachments *not* allowed) =>BlockListValue = 1

    You changed the setting to 1. This means that only a few configured attachments are allowed by MailScan (the rest are deleted). The attachments allowed are :

    AttachmentsAllowed=*.att,*.bmp,*.dat,*.doc,*.eml,*.gif, *.htm,*.html,*.jpg,*.pcx,*.pdf,*.pps,*.ppt,*.tif,*.xls,*.zip,*_.doc

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