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Kerio Connect

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

Version 8.2.2 - December 12, 2013
Kerio Connect
+ Added support for default event alarms in Apple Calendar on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
+ Added support for Microsoft Windows 2012 R2.
- Improved stability during synchronization via Exchange ActiveSync.
- Calendar events created on BlackBerry device with OS 10.2 are correctly synchronized to Kerio Connect now.
- Read-only shared calendars no longer show meeting invitations in Apple Calendar.
- Resources were not auto-completed in Apple Calendar on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
- Shared calendars have initialy the same color as they have in owner's mailbox.
- Fixed contact synchronization in Exchange ActiveSync when deleting more contacts at once.
- Fixed kmsrecover utility warning about invalid message store path.
- Some meeting invitations could be marked as outdated after synchronization with iOS over Exchange ActiveSync.

Kerio Connect client
- Login page rendering sometime took long time on slow connection.
- Scroll wheel didn't work in mail list on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 sometime got stuck at "Loading".
- New lines were removed from notes in contact editor.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- It was not possible to set another sender email address.

Version 8.2.1 - November 7, 2013
Kerio Connect
- Fixed possible event duplication on Motorola RAZR HD mobile phone.
- Events with no reminder created in Kerio Outlook Connector could be synchronized with 15 minutes reminder to mobile device via Exchange ActiveSync.
- Fixed stability issue during conversion from plain text to HTML during synchronization via Exchange ActiveSync.
- Accepting invites via Exchange ActiveSync is now reflecting in Kerio Connect client.
- Local domain was used in outgoing SMTP communication.
- Order of subscribed shared calendars in Apple iCal/Calendar list was not preserved.
- Fixed auto-configuration of public contacts in Apple Address Book/Contacts when using Account Assistant.
- Auto-configuration tool is now compatible with OS X 10.9.

Kerio Connect client
- Fixed stability issue during sending messages from new window on Internet Explorer 8.
- Enter closed event editor when user tried to select end time.
- Translations updated.
- Quota warning was not shown immediately after reaching the limit.

Kerio Connect Administration
- Removed password policy restriction for PAM authentication.
- Generate password button is disabled for LDAP user.
- Translations updated.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed stability issue during ICS file import.
- Fixed stability issue during synchronization of folder deletion.
- It is no longer necessary to restart the Outlook, when the message synchronization spontaneously stops.

Kerio Exchange Migration Tool
- Fixed migration of public folders if they are set as global for all domains.

Version 8.2.0 October 8, 2013
Kerio Connect
+ Improved interoperability of Out Of Office replies by using a sender email address.
+ OpenSSL library upgraded to version 1.0.1e.
+ Added delegation for Microsoft Outlook (MS Windows, OS X).
+ Improved stability of engine.
+ Added support for multi-user / group chat in Instant Messaging.
+ Added support of attachments synchronization for BlackBerry 10.
+ Decreased CPU usage during CalDAV synchronization.
+ Better handling of task requests in Outlook for Mac (EWS).
+ Added Sender Anti-Spoofing security feature.
+ Added DomainKeys Identified Mail feature.
+ Improved stability of search engine.
+ Added ability to subscribe to other domain users folders/calendars in MS Outlook for MAC.
- Fixed LDAP search in folders with special (national) characters.
- Solved problem with automatic update of 64-bit version on Linux.
- Fixed Instant Messaging server statistics.
- Fixed problem with Instant Messaging server, when double domain renaming.
- Many small improvements in Instant Messaging server.
- Fixed syncing tasks issue for some Samsung phone.
- Fixed stability issue during starting/stopping server.
- Fixed stability issue during recovery process.
- Fixed stability issue in IMAP server for deep search query.
- Fixed issue with task synchronization in MS Outlook for MAC.
- Fixed issue with changing permissions in delegation in MS Outlook for MAC.
- Fixed issue with losing Public folders in iCal/Calendar.

Kerio Connect client
+ Added possibility to change mail preview - right/bottom/none.
+ Calendar inbox was redesigned.
+ Added size of message to list of messages.
+ Delegation support.
+ Added possibility to hide folder tree.
+ Added possibility to sort emails.
+ Added possibility to chose default calendar for event creation in calendars.
+ Added possibility to relogin to server without losing context.
+ Added possibility to select folders for synchronization for CalDAV and CardDAV clients.
+ Usability of calendars was improved.
+ Improved speed of listing folder tree.
+ Improved compatibility with some invalid formatted emails.
+ Improved stability on Internet Explorer.
- Fixed problem with HTML signature.
- Fixed problems with national characters in attachment name.
- Fixed highlighting of some special URLs.
- Fixed problem that users cannot change their Default and Special Reply-To addresses.
- Fixed problem with links inside html email.
- Fixed issue with missing original email address in the forwarded message.
- Removed limit for auto reply size.
- Fixed issue with creating new event by scrolling in Calendar.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ Added new page about System Health - CPU and Memory information.
+ Added new tile of System Health to dashboard.
+ Added Password Policy.
+ Added password generator.
+ Added possibility to make bookmarks (save direct URL) to administration pages.
+ Improved behavior of dashboard tiles.
+ Added Instant Messaging activity to charts.
- Fixed user interface for antivirus settings when software maintenance expired.
- Fixed issue with no visible users in mailing lists.
- Fixed issue of exporting SSL server certificate bigger then 8 kB.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Added support for delegation.
+ Added support for Salesforce for Outlook (versions 2.2.0 and 2.2.1).
+ Added option to demand trusted server SSL certificates.
+ Improved stability of Kerio Outlook Connector.
+ Improved detection of type and name of attachment (for invalid email).
- It was impossible to modify filter rules in 64-bit KOFF.
- Kerio Outlook Connector sometimes couldn't connect to Connect via an Apache 2.2.16 Reverse Proxy.
- Gmail and Hotmail displayed incomplete sender name for mails sent by Kerio Outlook Connector.
- Fixed detection of changes in Public folders.
- Kerio Outlook Connector was not reporting disconnected status when Connect is down.
- Fixed problem in notes conversion.
- Improved search for short words.
- Fixed issue with imported ics file in Outlook not populating to server.
- Fixed problem with flag color synchronization in Outlook 2013.
- Fixed synchronization issue with private contacts.

Version 8.1.2 - July 1, 2013

Kerio Connect
* Improved performance of shared calendars' synchronization over CalDAV.
- Fixed problem with synchronization of VCard changes in Instant Messaging server.
* More efficient conversion of attached messages sent via Exchange Web Services.

Kerio Connect Client
* Added support for Safari 6.1.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
* Minor stability issues resolved.
- Fixed modification of Sieve rules in 64-bit Microsoft Outlook.
- KOFF sometimes couldn't connect to Kerio Connect via an Apache 2.2.16 Reverse Proxy.
Version 8.1.1 - May 23, 2013

Kerio Connect
+ Support for Sony Xperia Z.
+ Added support for Debian 7.0 "Wheezy".
* Fixed problems with iCal sharing.
* Update of CardDAV database fixed.
* Better handling of Bcc recipients in EWS protocol.
* Certificate parsing in IM relaxed.
- Fixed installation on Linux with non standard version of dpkg.
- Fixed crash during removing users if the CalDAV database is not properly upgraded.
- Problems with EAS when updating non-existent items.
- Occasional problems when stopping IM server.

Kerio Connect Client
* Minor translation improvements (SK).

Kerio Connect Administration
+ More intuitive behaviour of Sophos antivirus configuration in WAM.
* Dashboard improvements.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
* Response to meeting request is not sent if the request was sent to mailing list.
* Potential unwanted erasion of synchronization request fixed.
- Outlook 2013 with KOFF doesn't translate folders SentItems, DeletedItems and Drafts.
- Push doesn't work in Public folders.
- Error when expanding folders in attached resource's mailbox.

Version 8.1.0 - April 30, 2013

Kerio Connect
+ Added native support for 64-bit systems. Among other advantages the service can utilize more system memory if available.
+ Added Instant Messaging server.
+ Setting a SSL certificate active has an immediate effect and doesn't require restart any more.
+ Improved performance of folder operations in mailboxes with many folders
+ Greylisting now sends cryptographic hashes (MD5) instead of e-mail addresses
+ Added Apple Messages/iChat autoconfiguration through Account Assistant.
+ Improved reliability of Custom Spam Rules. Message header "From" and "To" rules are applied besides message headers also to message envelope members.
+ Improved stability of SpamAssasin server.
+ AppleDouble attachments handling improved in EWS.
! Dropped support for external antivirus modules. Replaced with Kerio AntiVirus SDK built antivirus modules.
- Fixed SSL vulnerability to BEAST attack
- Fixed rare crash in the full-text during parsing message.
- Messages could appear in Microsoft Outlook with Kerio Outlook Connector Offline Edition with long delay in some cases.
- Fixed a stability issue in Free/Busy.
- Calendar events were disappearing for few seconds in CalDAV calendars on Apple iPhone.
- A folder with incorrect name could be created over IMAP protocol.
- Domain footer is not appended to notification messages.
- A group from LDAP is correctly displayed in Microsoft Outlook Contacts.
- Fixed possible endless synchronization in ActiveSync push mode.
- Fixed a stability issue when delivering meeting event.
- Fixed an issue when Apple Contacts application could stop synchronization of server Contacts folder containing subfolders through CardDAV.
- Fixed alleged duplication when creating a new calendar through CalDAV.

Kerio Connect client
+ New color profiles.
+ Added settings for marking mail as read.
+ Added possibility to download all attachments in one file.
+ Added image gallery with fullscreen.
+ Added possibility edit signature in html. Current solution can in some cases damage signatures created in Old Webmail. In this case it is necessary to redefine signature in KCc.
+ Improved compatibility with various formated HTML emails.
+ Communication with server was optimized.
+ Reduced count of client/server requests for loading free/busy statuses.
+ Reduced count of requests for working with reminders.
+ Redesigned reminders view (and fixed memory issus).
+ Working with attachments redesigned in read panel and in composer.
+ New login dialog
+ Improved stability for Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
+ Design of client was improved.
+ Performance improved.
+ Improved detection of UTF-16 encoding (Big and Little Endian) if it is not properly declared in email headers.
+ Added possibility to make a custom localization for Kerio Connect Client.
* Kerio Sync Connector was removed from integration page.
- Fixed HTML parser problem with long string starting with www substring.
- Fixed issues with desktop notification.
- Fixed issue with very long email address in filters (for example from Salesforce).
- Improved behavior of mini calendar arrows.
- Fixed issue when contacts with private flag from shared folders are displayed.
- Fixed issue that the sharing is lost if an user renames folder.
- Translations fixed.
- Fixed an attempt to scroll on iPad/iPhone ended by WebAssist (iPad/iPhone is not fully supported yet).
- Fixed WebAssist shown when some AJAX request timed-out.
- Some users were not able to log in to new Kerio Connect Client, they saw only white screen.
- Fixed problem with filters modification.
- Fixed performance problem with huge recipient list in meeting request.
- Fixed problem with calendar that shows time+1 hour due to day-light saving.
- Fixed problem with invitation to distributing list with many contacts.
- Sometime it was not possible to edit new mail.
- Contacts with private flag from shared folders was displayed.
- Fixed problem with viewing emails with UTF-16 charset.
- Fixed problem with moving readonly email from shared readonly folder.
- Fixed problem with contact without name, now it is possible to save new company contact.
- Calendar subfolder was deleted without any warning.
- Fixed problem with count of unread messages.
- Fixed many problems with folder tree behavior.
- Timeouts for requests were enlarged.
- Removed automatic validation of invalid emails in the mail compose.
- Newly shared folders were not offered in sharing dialog.
- Fixed small problems in filter design.
- Fixed problem with scrolling in the message list.
- Fixed problem in the calendar view after timezone changed.
- Fixed memory issue in the contact editor.
- Performance of loading events from server improved.
- Fixed problem with an event created by drag-and-drop.
- Improved rendering of an email with lots of attachments.
- Changes in design when messages were filtered by search.
- Fixed search in Sent Items folder.
- Event was sometime displayed on wrong place durring dragging.
- Internal users and external users received different out of office messages.
- Newly created group was not offered in the sharing dialog for first 10 minutes.
- Sharing was lost when an owner rename the calendar.
- GMT an UTC time zones were removed.
- Incorrect sender in e-mail list fixed.
- Fixed problem with server error durring task removing.
- Select of multiple contacts was not working in the contact list.
- Fixed stability issue when using CTRL+A and right click.
- Fixed problem with consistence of distributed list when user change some included contact.
- Viewing of url in emails fixed for url without http prefix.
- Same XML tag was displayed in text in the mail preview.
- Many of old reminders were displayed for iCal users.
- Fixed problem with email selection in Internet Explorer 8.
- Fixed problem with showing events from pop-up notification in Internet Explorer 8.
- Fixed problem with resizing panels in Internet Explorer 8.
- Out of office alert was confusing.
- Fixed problem with printing of external images.
- Subject abbreviations were removed from subject.
- Toolbar in mail composer in new window was not displayed.
- Message with many recipients was displayed incorrectly.
- It was not possible to display images if sender requires confirm reading.
- Client incorrectly showed information about quota.
- Fix support of Shift+Tab keyboard combination.
- Email notifications were not disappeared on Chrome.
- Fixed problem with incorrect server error: "Root folder '%1' cannot be listed".
- Message about quota exceeded was fixed.
- Settings of calendar view were lost after logout.
- Fixed corrupted design of date picker in calendar events.
- Disposition-Notification-To header was not used for sending the confirmation of mail reading.
- Count of unread messages was not immediately decreased after multiple delete.
- When Kerio Connect client save messages to draft, it sometime shows "sending" even after the message was sent.
- Added support for progressive jpeg attachement.
- Fixed problem with autocomplete feature in mail compose in separate window.
- Improved moving item from read only public folder.
- A user should not be bothered by errors in third-party scripts (browsers add-ons).

Kerio Connect Administration
+ New product menu - designed for iPad and desktop.
+ Added new dashboard with information about product on one place.
+ GUI changes for a new EAS licensing.
+ Added a new GUI for IM settings.
+ Changes in GUI for certificates management, added possibility to change certificate without restart.
+ Added support for external (not Kerio plugins) antivirus plugins.
+ Context help replaced by Knowledge Base.
+ Added experimental support for Android devices.
+ Added support for synchronization with windows Phone and Windows 8 client.
* Kerio Sync Connector was removed from administration.
- Fixed stability issue caused by multi-edit of all users.
- Fixed stability of logs view.
- Fixed problem that remote administration can be forbidden even in cloud installation.
- Removed possibility than logged admin account can be disabled in multiple edit dialog.
- State of services was not updated after switch page with the service list.
- German translation improved.
- Spam filter improved. Some rejected spam messages was not forwarded to the quaratine.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Added support for Outlook 2013 Click-to-run edition
+ It is possible to create meeting requests in shared Calendar in behalf of Calendar's owner.
+ It is possible to accept meeting requests in shared Inbox in behalf of Inbox owner if there are editor rights for Calendar provided.
+ DbBackup: New command line tool for shrinking local cache files when needed.
* Synchronization of large folders starts significantly faster.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
- Fixed incorrect creation of index files.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
Kerio Connector for BlackBerry has been discontinued in this version of Kerio Connect.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac
Kerio Sync Connector for Mac has been discontinued in this version of Kerio Connect.

Version 8.0.2 - March 21, 2013

Kerio Connect
- Fixed losing connections to Open Directory in user account mapping.
- Fixed download of certain attachments to Windows Phone 8.
- Lot of "Failed conversion" messages was delivered into Outlook 2011 for Mac when Connect's user was migrated from directory service to a local database.
- Fixed occasional problem with national characters in messages decoded from TNEF.

Kerio Connect client
- An attempt to scroll on iPad/iPhone ended by WebAssist.
- WebAssist was shown instead a warning "Server is not responding" when the response from the server didn't arrive in expected time (e.g. on slow connection).

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed missing attachments in older email messages.

Version 8.0.1 - January 30, 2013

Kerio Connect
- Fixed warning about missing system locales on Linux systems.
- Fixed upgrade process from trial mode to licensed version.
- Fixed rare crash on server shutdown.
- Fixed crash when sorting a folder with huge amount of items.
- Fixed issue when user was not able to enter new password for Calendar, Reminder or AddressBook account (CalDAV and CardDAV protocol) on iOS5 or iOS6.
- Fixed rare unhandled exception on file access.
- Fixed crash on deeply nested multipart MIME messages.

Kerio Connect client
- Fixed email parser in Kerio Connect client.
- Fixed memory leaks in browser.
- Fixed problem with many reminders for users with Mac OS clients.
- Fixed problem with link to Kerio Connect client from webmail in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
- Fixed invalid URL for mailto href.
- Fixed problem with invitation on distribution list with lots of contacts.
- Some email was not rendered, says Loading...
- Minical in end date doesn't respect the first day in week setting.
- Minical overview isn't displayed correctly.
- When Kerio Connect client save messages to draft, it shows "sending" even after the message was sent.
- Sound of notification was played every minute.
- Timeout for requests was increased for slow connection.
- Fixed server error when user from Cc or BCc tries to confirm message reading.
- Polish: Issue of typing 's' into subject - it saves draft instead.
- Fixed issue where Chrome shows blank page instead of opening PDF attachment.
- Fixed rare crash in a calendar caused by an invalid event.
- Stopped adding X-MSMail-Priority header because it causes high spam score.
- Fixed rare crash in sharing folders.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed rare issue causing synchronization to stop working due to frozen KoffRtfWrapper process.
- Fixed switching online/offline in Outlook 2013.
- Fixed rare issue preventing KOFF installation/update.
- Search in contact folders for full email address is case sensitive.
- Fixed rare stability issue in Outlook GUI.

Version 8.0.0 - December 4, 2012

Kerio Connect
+ Greylisting service
+ DNS reverse lookup
+ Added ability for Sophos to ignore encrypted or password protected attachments
+ Apple Notes are saved on server now
* Improved local domain spoofing prevention.
* Improved reliability of message store backup.
* Improved performance for Outlook 2011 for Mac and ActiveSync clients
* Name of all newly created differential backup files will start with letter 'D' instead of 'I' (e.g ==>
* Added X-Envelope-To header to all newly archived emails. The header contains all email recipients.
- The Out-of-office reply was sent to a whole group.
- The process did not stop in expected time.
- Restart of service on Linux failed in some situations.
- Archived messages did not record BCC headers.
- Kerio Account Assistant failed to configure accounts when downloaded from Virtual Appliance server.
- Kerio Account Assistant might setup an incorrect type of IMAP account under specific circumstance.
- National characters were sometimes incorrectly displayed in Outlook.
- Incorrect sender address was displayed when sending an e-mail over the WebDAV protocol.
- Backup process might sometimes fail to start.
- Backup process sometimes hung.
- Some meeting invitations had incompatible timezone definition.
- Some recurrent events were not synchronized to the server via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.
- Kerio Connect server sometimes crashed during startup when full-text search was enabled.
- TNEF decoder sometimes failed to decode signed messages.
- Email messages with invalid charset could not be downloaded to iPhone.
- Contacts synchronized from Global Address List might contain duplicate e-mail addresses.
- Deleted calendar events were still visible in Apple iCal in some cases.
- Calendar events might get duplicated on HTC Android phones.
- Fixed kmsrecover which refuses to run if Kerio Connect is running even with "-s" option to a separate store folder
- Fixed performance problems and denial of new connections when Kerio Connect is running on Mac OS 10.8.
- Fixed several stability issues.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Public Folders can be configured to not be synchronized completely.
* Improved performance of both initial synchronization and common work too.
* Improved management of the size of local cache by [local] removing of bodies of old email messages (they persist in Connect).
* Improved capability to synchronize received ill-formed email messages.
- Fixed conflict of ICU libraries with 3d party software.
- Fixed non-working Spam button when preview pane is active in Outlook 2007 and 2010.
- Fixed rare problem of synchronization conflict upon downloading folder hierarchy.
- Fixed rare problem of synchronization conflict upon emptying the Deleted Items folder.
- Fixed out of memory problem upon downloading of a huge message
- Fixed showing of pdf attachments as .bin files in some email messages.
- Fixed synchronization conflicts after import from PST file.
- Fixed saving exception sent from subscribed calendar.
- Fixed Perth and Greenland timezone issues.
- Fixed wrong recognition of the organizer of a meeting when custom address is used.
- Fixed that reminder appears for an outdated events sometimes.
- Fixed that calendar event could be deleted if invite email is deleted.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
* Improved capability to synchronize received ill-formed email messages.
- Email messages deleted on Blackberry don't get deleted from the INBOX on the server.

Kerio Outlook Connector
- Calendar event could be deleted from organizer's store when meeting reply was deleted.

Kerio WebMail
- Fixed viewing of a month/week view calendar on iOS device constantly increases in size.
- Fixed corrupted pdf files on Firefox for Mac.
- Fixed few translation issues.

Kerio Connect client (a.k.a. New WebMail)
* Graphical User Interface completely redesigned.
* Overlay calendars
* Smart sharing
* Improved performance.
* Improved style of paging toolbar.
* Redesigned Contact Groups.
* Contact suggestions in message editor.
* Respect calendar colors of CalDAV clients.
+ Calendar search implemented.
+ Added Calendar overview (user can choose 2-6 weeks).
+ Photos in contacts.
+ Added ability to vote on Suggest Idea.
+ Added support for custom From and Reply-To address.
+ Added ability to switch off sound in reminder.
+ Added Tasks.
+ Added Notes.
+ Added Contact Groups.
+ Advanced search implemented.
+ Added folder sharing.
+ Added header settings in mail composer.
+ Added ability to attach more files at once with drag & drop.
+ Added ability to show photo of mail sender.
+ Confirm reading, High priority flags implemented.
+ Message edit/preview in new window.
+ All messages in folder can be deleted/marked as read.
+ Message can be sent as attachment.
+ Remote images are shown in messages.
+ Added support for hotkeys.
+ Added support for rich text signature (without pictures).
+ Added support for archive and public folders.
+ Added ability to drag and drop a contact between folders.
+ Added settings of out of office, mail signature, language, time, and notifications.
+ Quota added to settings and navigation bar.
+ Added reminders popup on desktop with supported browsers.
+ Added mail filters.
+ Added support for password change.
+ Added contacts.
+ Added option to add attachments to forward.
+ Added ability to open a new mail composer window.
+ Added context menus on email messages.
+ Added out of office setting.
+ Added plain text signature setting.
+ Added ability to see sender's photo.
+ Added ability to mail to event attendees.
+ Added ability to invite all mail recipients at once.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ Added version number to Sophos upgrade log information.
+ Added an option to show number of mailing list subscribers.
+ Added the possibility to choose the default WebMail client.
+ Added support for Internet Explorer 10.
- Fixed non-working copy&paste on Mountain Lion's Safari 6.
- Fixed missing options when deleting mailbox.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
* Users mapped from Active Directory use full name from Display Name Active Directory attribute.

Kerio Migration tools
+ Added support for migration from MS Exchange 2010. ***************************************
Version 7.4.0 — May 02, 2012

Kerio Connect
+ Added User Access Policies settings.
+ Added posibility of spam server e-mail body rules definition.
+ Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac SP2.
* Upgraded Perl interpreter in the anti-spam server.
* Spam Assassin engine upgraded to version 3.3.2.
* Made several improvements of full-text search performance.
* Improved support for TNEF encoded messages sent from IMAP clients like Kerio Outlook Connector or Mircosoft Outlook.
- Anti-spam server could crash in some cases.
- Fixed some stability issues of anti-virus server.
- Fixed possible crash in Kerio Connect server.
- Kerio Connect server could crash during folder rename under certain circumstances.
- An exception from recurrent event might get duplicated in Apple iCal.
- An event time zone definition could be accidentally removed by Apple iCal.
- Improved performance of some data operations.
- Caller-ID resolver did not use full list of IP addresses from multi-address A DNS records.
- Fixed handling of HTML domain footer in meeting requests and some emails sent from Apple Mail.
- On OX S 10.7 Lion the Kerio Connect Monitor could incorrectlly detect OS version and fails to stop the service.
- Decreased amount of reserved memory used for each connection.
- NTLM is now enabled by default for all Kerberos users mapped from Active Directory.
- Contact birtday date could be shifted by one day on HTC phone synchronized over Exchange ActiveSync.
- Task reminder time was not properly synchronized from Moxier Mail client to Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac.
- Email with invalid HTML body part was displayed with incorrect encoding on Nokia phones with Mail for Exchange client.
- HTML email body was not synchronized to Exchange ActiveSync 2.5 mobile devices.
- SMTP client always tried to switch to backup MX SMTP server if email delivery was rejected by receiving SMTP server.
- Folder rename in a mailbox could cause a very rare stability issue.
- Mailbox re-indexation did not re-count user statistics and quota.
- Various minor bugfixes and improvements.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Added ability to set Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) upgrade policy. See "Advanced Options/Software Updates" tab in Kerio Connect Administration.
* Speed of initial synchronization has been increased.
* Speed of folder creation (including search folders) has been increased.
* Speed of reading of data from local cache has been slightly increased.
* Overall memory consuption has been lowered.
* Capability of processing of malformed mails has been increased.
* More user-friendly report message about failed conversion.
- Fixed few stability issues.
- Fixed several calendaring issues.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
* Same changes as in Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) except the upgrade policy.
* Connector for Blackberry ignores Connect version till it’s compatible. It switches to offline otherwise.

Kerio WebMail
+ Added support for Firefox 10.
+ Added support for pictures inserted from clipboard in mail composer.
* Folder access rights could be applied also to Public and Archive subfolders by one click.
* Default date and time format for German and Czech language has been changed to "DD.MM.YYYY 24:MM".
* Text attachments are not displayed inline when printing mail.
- HTML messages with invalid charset were displayed with corrupted national chars in mail view, reply and forward.
- Pictures in HTML messages were not displayed in special case.
- Date header in message reply and forward respects time zone of sender now.
- Open Office attachments sent by WebMail were corrupted in some cases.
- Horizontal scrollbar in mail view was not visible when long message was displayed.
- Invitee comments were not displayed in meeting reply sent from Exchange.
- Out of Office did not work properly in the full-featured WebMail when was set in WebMail Mini.
- Fixed some other minor issues.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ Added support for iPad.
+ Added Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) settings of silent update and lose/coupled package version.
* Improved performance of user find and domain selector.
* Increased directory service password length to 110 characters.
- Fixed improper behavior of IP group list on Custom Blacklist, Spam Repellent, SPF, and Caller ID.
- Fixed usability problem when adding a new IP address group into existing one by its selection.
- Fixed functionless configuration of a NT domain which contains some special characters.
- Fixed malfunction of licensing information update when web administration is switched to Spanish.
- Fixed missing refresh when adding a new custom rule on SPAM filter with a lot of rules.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
No change.

Version 7.3.3 — April 26, 2012

Kerio Connect
- Fixed a problem with user statistics resetting.
- Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2011 Service Pack 2 update.
- Fixed rare performance problems during synchronization of Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Version 7.3.2 — February 8, 2012

Kerio Connect
- Microsoft Entourage 2008 reported SSL warnings when trying to contact autodiscovery web service.
- Certain IMAP clients (eg. Thunderbird) could not access default mailbox folders after change in folder sharing.
- Fixed rare stability issues of external anti-virus process on Linux.
- Fixed removing of temporary .emf files.
- Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac did not sychronize some recent messages in certain situation.
- Corrected explanation URL link in status of SPF check.
- Microsoft Outlook could report that no invitations have been sent for a meeting created on iPhone.
- Anti-hammering protection did not interrupt existing connections.
- Fixed possible memory leak in Kerio Outlook Connector synchronization.
- Debian repository URL in Kerio Connect Virtual Appliance was not up-to-date.
- Synchronization of Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac could use huge amount of memory.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed compatibility of SSL connections from Microsoft Outlook after installing KB2585542 update.
- Meeting response was not sent for some meeting invitations.

Kerio WebMail
- Fixed hot-key support in Firefox 9.
- Some draft messages were not removed from Drafts folder after sending.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
No change.

Version 7.3.1 — December 6, 2011

Kerio Connect
+ Added support for Windows Phone 7.5.
- Android mobile phones with Motoblur client could display MIME email structure instead of email text.
- Some Motorola Atrix 4G mobile phones could be incorrectly detected as unsupported.
- Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) autoconfiguration tool didn't detect 32bit command prompt mode on 64bit operating system.
- Email response was sometimes not sent from mobile device when declining meeting invitation.
- Meeting reply sent from mobile device could have incorrect SEQUENCE number.
- Synchronizing certain meeting invitation could cause iPhone notification engine restart.
- Global Address List search from iPhone could get email address in incorrect format.
- Subscribed Inbox folder from shared account could be displayed as preferred on iPhone.
- Reply flag from mobile devices (Android, Windows Phone) was incorrectly synchronized to the server.
- Fixed a client hang while deleting contacts from Apple Address Book.
- Bdbchecker process could report some stability issues.
- Fulltext does not work on Mac OS X with public folders set to global.
- Fulltext indexed only users in local database.
- Fixed Mac Account Assistant which could not configure iCal if Mac OS X standard account was used.
- Fixed Address Book group and WebMail category compatibility.
- Fixed delivery to archiving account which automatically accepted meeting invites.
- Microsoft Outlook 2011 did not detect Perth time zone properly.
- Fixed some stability issues.
- Cross domain sharing in iCal was removed after server restart (only with setting public folders per domain)

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed the error that Outlook failed to start when it is not set as a default Mail Client in Windows.
- Fixed the error of automatic update caused by unstopped Windows Search service.
- Fixed the error of all day event's resource reservation cancellation.
- Fixed some stability issues.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
No change.

Version 7.3.0 — November 8, 2011
Kerio Connect
+ Added advanced Out of Office options (time interval, external recipients).
+ Added support for iOS 5.
+ Added Account Assistant for Apple Mac OS X clients.
+ Server now supports Microsoft Autodiscovery Service.
+ Added option to customize quota warning interval and threshold.
+ Global Address List synchronization populates public contacts with SSL public key and photo from directory service.
+ Recurrent tasks.
* Message store copy/delete operations performance improvement.
* Added message store data consistency check.
* Network timeout in SMTP client has been increased.
! Dropped support for PowerPC Mac.
- Fixed slow email distribution to many recipients.
- Fixed CardDAV Config tool error if an umlaut is in full name.
- Some special HTML characters were not displayed in email synchronized to iPhone.
- Plaintext emails could be displayed with wrong charset encoding in Mail for Exchange client.
- Data of deleted user were not counted to quota of new owner.
- Disk quota warning was not sent if new quota is set for the user.
- Fixed some performance and stability issues.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Added 64bit version so MS Outlook 2010 64bit is supported now.
+ Added support of Outlook's confidential tag in mails.
+ Added support for mail merge in MS Word.
* Folder access rights could be applied to all subfolders by one click.
* Lot of database improvements implemented.
* Improved ability to process malformed incoming mails.
- Fixed the error of synchronisation of mail with invalid Thread-Index header.
- Fixed the error of synchronisation caused by unwanted changing of original name of special folders.
- Fixed the error that forwarded meeting request doesn't contain organizer.
- Fixed the error with incorrect space inside the last name in header To:.
- Fixed the error that message with many recipients causes out-of-memory condition.
- Fixed the error with corrupted national chars in meeting request sent by Exchange.
- Fixed the error that changes in assigned task are not reported back.
- Fixed the error of duplication of some events for iCal.
- Fixed several issues causing conflicts.
- Fixed lot of minor performance and stability issues.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
- Fixed repeated creation of associated messages in News Feed folder

Kerio WebMail
+ Beta Calendar Preview of New WebMail
+ Added support for Firefox 6.
! Dropped support for Internet Explorer 6
* Folder access rights could be applied to all subfolders by one click.
* Task organizer is listed in task owners in printed task.
- A message sent to a distribution list was not delivered to all recipients when the distribution list was obtained from another user.
- Original draft was deleted after using it for composing a new message.
- Reply to message sent from Kerio Outlook Connector could cause incorrect line spacing.
- Date header in message reply respects time zone of sender now.
- National characters in event might get corrupted when forwarded by message.
- Obsolete meeting reply was displayed and processed as up-to-date.
- Custom WebMail logo was not displayed in some skins.
- Fixed translation errors in Chinese language.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ Improved quota warnings and notifications.
+ Ability to re-index a user from the Web Administration.
+ Ability to create a new support ticket within Web Administration.
+ Ability to drag and drop more custom rules at once in Spam Filter section.
+ The administrator is informed about Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) users without installed Updater Service.
* To improve usability paging has been removed from sections without autorefresh (e.g. Users, Groups, Aliases).
* Improved performance by reduction of requests.
* Improved usability when deleting a user with a large account.
- Fixed browser freeze on large data on mailing lists, resources, and spam filter.
- Fixed a JSON encoder error in logs.
- Fixed failure when importing users from CSV.
- Fixed wrong standard font selection in HTML Domain Footer.
- Fixed several issues on Logs section on slow data lines.
- Fixed quota exceeding when performed recovery of deleted messages.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
- Fixed rare problem with invalid email address when creating mailbox in Active Directory.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Connect 7.2.0 - May 24, 2011
Kerio Connect
+ Support for Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac (not supported for Kerio Connect running on PowerPC Mac).
+ Support for exceptions from recurrent events.
+ A domain footer can contain HTML formated text and images.
+ Implicit CalDAV scheduling with meeting auto-accept functionality.
+ Built-in administrator, which has no mailbox and does not consume a license.
+ Administrators can prevent users from changing their password.
+ SMTP client supports email domain IP address binding.
+ User's full name is displayed in CalDAV delegates list in Apple iCal.
+ Added support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.
+ Added support for iOS 4.3 mobile devices.
+ Added support for new mobile devices (see the Release Notes for details).
* Various performance improvements.
* Apple iCal can search for attendees without configured directory service.
* When deleting user in Kerio Connect Administration, it is also possible to deletes his/her aliases and group/mailing list membership.
* The default browser support has been changed from Blocked to Unsupported. Levels of browser support: supported, unsupported, blocked.
* Kerio Outlook Connector installation package can be downloaded directly from the server on the Integrations page.
* Disabled RC4 ciphers in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.
* Improved simultaneous listing of Public folders.
! Dropped support for Firefox 3.0.
! Dropped support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.
- Information on event cancelation was sometimes not sent out to attendees.
- iCal autoconfiguration tool could silently fail to configure directory server.
- Invitations from Apple iCal were sometimes sent multiple times.
- Some contacts could be missing on iPhone with CardDAV account configured.
- Some recurrent events could be missing on iPhone with CalDAV account configured.
- Synchronization of Apple Address Book with CardDAV account configured, might never finish due to connection timeout.
- Tasks marked as completed in Apple iCal could remain incomplete on the server.
- Some messages and contacts could be missing on Android devices.
- Email attachments with special characters could not be downloaded to the mobile device.
- Folder deleted from WebMail did sometimes not disappear from Microsoft Entourage.
- WebMail custom logo wasn't set correctly for non-default store directory.
- In Apple iCal a reply to invitation from public folders returned DSN.
- X-Spam-Status headers are no longer removed from the message if the sender is on a whitelist.
- Fixed incompatibility with iCal client on Mac OS X 10.6.6.
- Disabling a user with shared calendar could broke delegation in iCal clients.
- CardDAV account setup failed on iOS 4.1 and higher devices.
- Fixed data in response to IMAP BODY FETCH command.
- Fixed detection of sender IP address in POP3 downloaded messages.
- Fixed mailbox counting in the license when the e-mail domain is renamed.
- Autoconfiguration tools did not support SSL certificates with multiple hostnames (subjectAltName).
- Fixed possible long delay in the installer on Mac OS X.
- Fixed synchronization of all-day events from Nokia E52 mobile device.
- Categories could be removed from the event after synchronization from iPhone.
- Fixed message format of email messages forwarded or replied on the Android mobile devices.
- Improved email push after long idle period on mobile devices.
- Fixed using of secondary email address in ActiveSync account on iPhone.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
* Various performance and resource improvements.
* New autoupdate service
! Dropped support for Microsoft Outlook XP
- Outlook not showing WAV attachments
- Emptying large public 'Deleted Items' causes Outlook 2007 to crash
- Deleting items in local folder causes Outlook 2007 to Hang
- Fixed lot of other bugs.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
+ Added support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.3 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.3.
* Various performance and resource improvements.
* Reduced number of conflicts in Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) while using Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
- Special characters in user fields may cause Kerio Connector for BlackBerry can not read user list from server.
- Fixed lot of other bugs.

Kerio WebMail
+ Support for 'the last day in month' rule in recurrent events.
* Meeting invites, updates and replies are automatically displayed in Calendar now.

* Added ability to view all recipients in mail view and preview. Mail content is scrollable in mail preview now.
* More contacts are displayed in "card view" mode now.
* Enabled/disabled buttons are more highlighted in toolbars now.
* Outlook 2011 for Mac autoconfiguration tool on the Integration page.
* Apple Address Book manual configuration description added on the Integration page.
! Dropped support for Safari 3.2 in full WebMail.
- Some dialogs where opened in wrong place in some browsers.
- Embedded images from HTML messages were missing in reply and forward.
- Mail sent to distribution list was not delivered to all recipients when distribution list contains addresses from Public folders in special cases.
- Read and delivery receipt was not sent when national characters were used in name part of email address.
- Mail composer toolbar were rendered incorrectly in Internet Explorer 7.
- Mail filter rules editor could not work properly in Russian localization.
- Fixed invalid line breaking in notifications automatically sent by mail filter.
- Messages were not marked as read after reply and forward when the "Mark displayed messages as read" setting was switched off.
- National characters in attached plain text file might get corrupted when forwarded.
- Calendar daily view could be slow when many events had to be displayed.
- Forwarded task was not possible to open and save to personal folder.
- Forwarded contact was not possible to edit in Outlook because of incorrect filename.
- Original mail content was incomplete when forwarding mail sent from Apple Mail in special case.
- Task reminder jumped one day late in special cases.
- Binary mail attachments were displayed inline in mail composed in WebMail in Google Chrome.
- Fixed invalid URL in Google Calendar subscription on the Integration page.
- Fixed translation errors in Chinese and German language.
- Fixed lot of other minor issues.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ A domain footer can contain HTML formated text and images.
+ Login dialog tolerates also unsupported browsers.
+ Administrator can disable to change user password.
+ It is possible to setup time of compression of old archives.
+ Added two new columns, Authenticated sender and Sender IP, into Message Queue.
* Slightly changed design after upgrade on ExtJS 3.
* Improved display of the application on small resolution.
- Fixed several Javascript errors on Logs.
- Fixed inability to import groups from CSV users file.
- Fixed instability of domain editor.
- Fixed problem with too strict validation of spam custom rules.
- Fixed importing groups on users CSV file.
- Fixed search result on remove users dialog.
- Fixed translation errors in Chinese language.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Connect 7.1.4 Patch 1 - April 26, 2011
Kerio Connect
- Fixed stability problem in internal decoding module.

Kerio Connect 7.1.4 - March 7, 2011
Kerio Connect
+ Added support for Windows Phone 7.
+ Added support for Mail for Exchange client on Nokia mobile phones with Symbian^3.
+ Added support for Motoblur by Motorola, DROID 2 by Motorola and DROID X by Motorola.
+ Added support for iOS 4.2 mobile devices.
+ Added support for Debian 6.
* Improved synchronization speed and performance of CardDAV account configured through the Address Book configuration tool.
- Fixed BODY response in IMAP server.
- Fixed character set detection in iCalendar subscribed from the server.
- Shutdown process on Linux and Mac OS X could store some message indexes unreliably.
- Anniversary and all-day event was not synchronized properly from Mail for Exchange client on Nokia mobile phone.
- Attachment with a national characters in a name could not be opened in Mail for Exchange client on Nokia mobile phone.
- Fixed some performance and stability issues.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
- Fixed Connector configuration on server with enabled UAC.
- The BlackBerryAgent process could stop responding and cause high CPU usage.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed detection of 64-bit Outlook and Click-To-Run Microsoft Office version.
- Fixed rare error in calendar search.
- Message reply sent from Kerio Outlook Connector could contain invalid email header.
- Outlook login could fail when the password is not saved in account settings.

Kerio WebMail
- Fixed expansion of distribution list referencing non-existent contacts in public folders.
- Return receipt request could not be issued if the user full name contained national characters.
- Reply to a message with HTML body containing embedded images could produce invalid HTML.

Kerio Web Administration
- Fixed Chinese translation.

Kerio Active Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
No change.

Kerio Connect 7.1.3 - December 8, 2010
Kerio Connect
- Fixed issue with keep-alive WebMail connections tunelled through reverse proxy.
- Fixed Sophos anti-virus database update on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
- Fixed stability issue on multi-core CPU systems.
- Changed calendar event could become duplicated on Android 2.2 (Froyo) mobile device.
- Fixed rare full re-synchronization of whole maibox on some mobile devices.

Kerio WebMail
- Message icon was not changed when replying to or forwarding unread message.

Kerio Web Administration
- Custom WebMail logo could not be changed if the product is installed in non-default location.
- Huge amount of email domains could make Web Administration slow.
- Fixed some Javascript exceptions in log view.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Outlook could show empty message list when deleting a message from a folder with 'group by' view.

Kerio Connect 7.1.2 Patch 1 - November 23, 2010
Kerio Connect
- Fixed Sophos anti-virus database update on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Kerio Connect 7.1.2 - October 25, 2010
Kerio Connect
* Implemented workaround for bugs in Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac IMAP client.
- Fixed removing of unwanted attachments from spam quarantine notifications.
- Fixed user counting for renamed email domains.
- Certain recurrent events could be duplicated in Microsoft Entourage client after upgrade to Kerio Connect 7.1.x.
- Server search from iPhone ActiveSync account returned oldest emails on the top.
- Using two ActiveSync accounts on the iPhone could break Push notifications.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
- Special characters in user fields could cause the Kerio Connector for Blackberry to not read the user list from server.
- Sending a reply to certain emails with HTML body could fail.

Kerio WebMail
- "Search in subfolders" option was missing in email search window.

Kerio Connect 7.1.1 - September 15, 2010
Kerio Connect
+ Added support for HTC Desire and HTC Bravo mobile device.
* Improved usage of HTTP keep-alive connections in WebMail.
- Additional domain aliases could not be used for forwarding emails for unknown domain users.
- Meeting request for the resource was rejected if the message has been modified by the Spam Filter.
- Event update was not sent to all attendees in event with multiple attendees created in Apple iCal on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
- Contacts were not sometimes completely synchronized to Android phone.
- Private events were synchronized to shared calendar on mobile device.
- Fixed ActiveSync Push notifications to improve battery life.
- Large contact pictures were not synchronized to Android mobile phone.
- Fixed updating of Sophos anti-virus database over HTTP proxy server.
- Sophos anti-virus could fail to initialize on Linux in few rare situations.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Mailbox name and Junk E-mail folder name was not localized in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
- Plain text email body converted from HTML could miss some space characters.
Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
* Added detection of correct user account during Kerio Connector for BlackBerry update.
Kerio Web Administration
- Password setting was not correctly saved in HTTP Proxy setting.
- Fixed displaying of log lines with invalid UTF-8 charset encoding.
Kerio Active Directory Extension
* Added a warning for installation on Windows Server 2008 R2 with no Active Directory domain.

Kerio Connect 7.1.0 Patch 1 - August 25, 2010
Kerio Connect
- Fixed stability issue in overloaded WebMail interface.
Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
+ Added support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.2.

Kerio Connect 7.1.0 - August 3, 2010
Kerio Connect
+ Kerio Connector for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
+ Public and shared folders can be synchronized to ActiveSync device.
+ Added ability to leave messages on a remote POP3 server.
+ Messages delivered to mailbox can be marked as read by user email filter.
+ Added support for publishing availability information from calendars in Apple iCal.
* Internal antivirus changed from McAfee to Sophos.
* CardDAV server improvements.
* Improved mail retention policy options.
* Increased speed of messages indexing.
* Improved CalDAV and CardDAV stability by upgrading SQLite database to version 3.6.
* All user authentication failures are logged to the security log.
* Changed Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese.
* Original administration console is not a part of the main installation package any more.
* Dropped support for Visnetic antivirus plugin.
* Improved attributes in LDAP mapping files.
* New OpenSSL library 0.9.8n.
- New users were published to Global Address List even if GAL synchronization was disabled.
- Sending email to distribution list took a long time in a certain situation.
- Compression of archive folders could cause performance issues.
- Apple iCal did not show calendars delegated to user group.
- Address Book configuration tool could not configure CardDAV account if there is Exchange 2007 account in the Address Book.
- Apple iCal did not show notifications for cancelled events.
- IMAP subscription could not work correctly for Archive or Public folders after upgrade from a previous version.
- Synchronizing corrupted email to iPhone could stop the synchronization of the folder.
- Attendee status for events accepted on mobile device was not synchronized to the server.
- User authentication could fail due to "Too many LDAP connections error".
- Fixed correct line folding of extremely long lines in emails received via SMTP.
- Access rights for authorized users to global Public folders were sometimes lost.
- Fixed recovery process after unsuccessful domain rename.
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010.
- Installation package does not require VBScript any more.
- Many small fixes and optimizations.
Kerio Outlook Connector,
- Microsoft Outlook 2010 is not supported in Kerio Outlook Connector (online version). Previous versions of Outlook are still supported.
Kerio WebMail
+ Added ability to see quota usage. User gets a warning after logging to WebMail when the quota is near the limit.
+ Added ability to set permanently request read receipts.
+ Added ability to remove formatting of selected text in HTML editor in mail composer.
+ Added support for Safari 5.
* Week/Month view respects "First day in week" setting.
* Saturday/Sunday are displayed as separated days in month view.
* Event created by "New event" button starts at today, not at selected day.
* "Folder selection" dialogs contain only allowed folders now.
- Images displayed inside HTML message could not be saved in some cases.
- Original images displayed inside HTML message were missing by forwarding.
- Event reminder was not updated properly when changing start time in some cases.
- It was impossible to log into full WebMail in Firefox when folder name contains special white space char.
- It was impossible to type a new message in on Apple iPhone/iPad in full WebMail in some cases.
- Fixed annoying "Server doesn't respond..." issue when sending a message using Google Chrome.
- Many small fixes and optimizations.
Kerio Web Administration
+ Added support for Safari 5.
+ Added ability to export Users.
+ Added traffic charts.
+ Ability to leave messages on a remote POP3 server.
+ Added ability to export user statistics.
+ Added ability to change IP address groups and time ranges contextually.
+ Added slider on spam rating limits.
+ Full administrator can see number of users per domain.
* Improved mail retention policy options.
* Better support of multiple domain members on resources.
* Improved user experience on loading data from server.
* Improved logs performance
* Time information is provided in server time zone only.
* Improved input validations.
- Fixed impossibility to use whole email address as a user name on SMTP.
- Removed Slovak localization.
- Alias to public folder can be created with incorrect public folder location.

Kerio Connect 7.0.2 Patch 1 - July 7, 2010
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed mapping of shared mailboxes in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
- Kerio Outlook Connector auto-configuration tool sometimes didn't work correctly with Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Kerio Connect 7.0.2 - June 10, 2010
Kerio Connect
- Users could lost access to the Public folders in very rare case on upgrade from previous version.
- Fixed potential crash when opening corrupted sort.fld file.
- Deleted folders were not removed from mobile devices.
- Fixed few other minor issues.
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Kerio WebMail
- Mail filter rules editor did not work properly in French and Italian localization.
- Sending a reply to task update could display an error.
Kerio Connect Administration
- Domain wildcard could not be used in POP3 sorting rules.
- UNC path in Backup settings could disappear after page refresh.
Kerio Active Directory Extension
- Fixed installation in Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 7.

Kerio Connect 7.0.1 - April 7, 2010
Kerio Connect
+ Added support for Nokia N900.
- Calendar event attendee status was not updated in Apple iCal sometimes.
- Contacts synchronized to Apple Address Book using CardDAV could contain incorrect notes.
- Contacts with picture synchronized to Apple Address Book could be duplicated.
- Fixed high client CPU usage when synchronizing contacts with empty pictures to Apple Address Book.
- Domain forwarding for unknown recipients was not working correctly for domain aliases.
- Using a domain alias in sender address could cause email rejection due to a non-existing DNS record.
- Fixed issue with connection to Active Directory LDAP server using the DIGEST-MD5 authentication.
- Calendar application on DROID mobile devices was not synchronized with the server.
- Newly created resources were not synchronized to CardDAV clients.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Fixed stability issue when using the mshtml.dll system library.

Kerio Connect Administration
+ Added support for sending reports to Kerio Technologies.
- Group membership could not be changed for users authenticated in a directory service.
- A username in the email address format could not be used for the SMTP relay authentication.
- Minor mistakes in Slovak translation fixed.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac
- Certain contacts created in a CardDAV client were not synchronized by Kerio Sync Connector for Mac.

Version 7.0 - February 9, 2010
Kerio Connect
+ CardDAV support.
+ Complete Web Administration.
+ Email domains can be distributed over several servers.
+ Added ability to migrate users in distributed domain to a different home server.
+ Added the domain rename capability.
+ Simplified CalDAV account configuration on the Apple iPhone 3.0 firmware.
+ Added a support for the ESMTP message submission (port 587).
+ Added a retention policy for the message store auto cleanup.
+ Added support for Google Nexus One.
+ Added support for Palm Pre.
+ Added support for HTC Hero.
+ Added support for DROID by Motorola.
* Rebranding to Kerio Connect.
* New integrated McAfee anti-virus engine version 5400.
* Improved calendar synchronization with Nokia E75.
* Improved publishing of users from Open Directory to Global Address List.
* The number of Apple iCal generated meeting updates delivered to event attendees was significantly reduced.
* Reduced a time delay during the IMAP/POP account configuration on Apple iPhone.
* Improved the compatibility of calendar invitations.
* Significantly reduced the memory used by the inactive HTTP connections.
* The IMAP server improvements.
* Server SSL certificate and SSL certificate requests (CSR) are now generated with 2048bit RSA private key.
* Many performance enhancements.
* Added a support for multi-domain server SSL certificates in the iCal configuration tool.
* Improved installation and upgrade process on Debian-based Linux systems.
* Improved stability of PAM authentication on Linux.
- Dropped KSP - Kerio Synchronization Plugin based on SyncML
- Some messages could not be downloaded from a remote POP3 server.
- Operations with huge folders might have made the server unavailable.
- Meeting invitations from ActiveSync were silently accepted by Apple iCal.
- Fixed handling of large messages sent from Microsoft Entourage.
- Fixed the full name attribute parsing in Global Address List.
- National characters in calendar events might get corrupted when synchronized to Apple iCal.
- The server was incorrectly detached from a terminal on Linux.
- Fixed occasional server crashes.
- A copied event could cause error during the CalDAV synchronization.
- A Resource could remain blocked after a meeting update in some cases.
- Contact created on the iPhone could be synchronized with wrong last name, first name order to Apple Address Book.
- The recent message count in IMAP was sometimes inaccurate.
- Tasks appeared in the default calendar for delegated accounts in Apple iCal.
- Fixed private events visibility in shared calendars.
- Active Directory groups might get duplicated in Global Address List.
- An appended domain footer could corrupt some messages with meeting requests.
- A message could stick in the queue if the delivery address was malformed.
- An incorrect value of the threshold appeared in the spam log.
- Delegation might stop working in Apple iCal and get never working again under specific circumstances.
- Fixed an error message reported while stopping the server on Linux.
- Certain email messages with added domain footer could be rejected by some servers (PGP AntiGen).
- Some contact could be repeatedly published/removed from the Global Address List.
- Sorted search result in IMAP was missing messages recently added to the folder.
- Corrected time zone definition for Perth.
- Many small fixes and optimizations.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Out-Of-Office settings are available from Outlook's panel now.
* Several performance enhancements implemented.
* Logging options can be easily set in Connector's configuration now.
* Automatic Connector's update is performed unattended now.
- Searches no longer make Outlook unresponsible.
- Several stability issues fixed.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio WebMail
+ Added support for Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6.
+ HTML editor in mail composer for Safari 4.
* Location is showed in event and task reminder now.
* Improved speed of viewing meeting invitations.
* Apple Address Book auto-configure tool on the Integration page.
* WebMail mode selection (the full-featured of simplified) is remembered on login page now.
! Dropped support for Safari 2, Safari 3.0, Safari 3.1 and Firefox 2 in full WebMail.
- Some dialogs were rendered incorrectly in Internet Explorer 8.
- Events copied within the same calendar could case synchronization issues.
- Events could be changed by obsolete meeting update.
- Event reminder was not updated when changing start time in some cases.
- Events with many attendees were opened too slowly in some cases.
- Last occurrence of recurrent events were not visible in Calendar in some case.
- Original message header Sent: were not included on reply or forward.
- Ctrl+F in message list unexpectedly opened browser search dialog.
- Opening Mail filters dialog might cause an JavaScript error.
- The Tasks folder in Public Folders was not localized.
- Email address of vCard sent from Apple Address Book was not imported in some case.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Web Administration
+ Added full scaled read/write web administration (Message Queue, Statistics, Active Connections, Opened Folders, Services, Domains, SMTP Server, Content Filters, Archiving and Backup, Delivery, SSL Certificates, Advanced Options, Time Ranges, IP Address Groups, User Templates, Settings, Logs).
+ Added Distributed Domains
+ Added support for auditing (read-only web administration).
+ Added support for Safari 4.
+ Added support for Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6.
* Dedicated port 4040 is used for web administration.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added configuration for global retention policy of messages in the message store.

Version 6.7.3 - December 7, 2009
Kerio MailServer:
* Server SSL certificate and certification requests (CSR) use 2048bit RSA keys.
- Synchronization of some Nokia mobile phones with integrated Mail for Exchange client failed due to incompatibility in the Mail for Exchange client. This affects Nokia E52, E55, E72, E75, N86 and 6710 Navigator mobile devices.
- RoadSync 4 client was incorrectly identified on some mobile devices.
- The From email address and user name was not overwritten by the server when sending the email from an Phone via ActiveSync.
- NotifySync client synchronization could fail due to incompatibility in the client.
- Apple iCal on Snow Leopard could use an invalid email address when sending meeting request.
- Fixed disabling of AVG 8.5 and higher resident shield when initializing the anti-virus plug-in.
- The service could unexpectedly stop on Linux when using user mapping from the directory service.
- Same user and group email address could cause missing contact in the Global Address List.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
- Installation on Windows 7 could fail with the "VBScript error" message.
- Fixed rare crash on Outlook start.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
- Contact synchronization sometimes failed on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Kerio WebMail:
- Fixed minor design issues in Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

Version 6.7.2 - September 24, 2009
Kerio MailServer:
+ Added support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
+ Added support for Microsoft Windows 7.
+ Support for iPhone 3.1 and iPod Touch 3.1.1.
+ Added new anti-virus plug-in for Clam AntiVirus 0.95.
+ Support for Dr.Web Anti-Virus 5.0.
+ Added option to change the Spam Filter message size limit in the configuration file.
* Improved anti-virus plug-in for AVG Anti-Virus 8.5.
- Delegated CalDAV calendar in iCal could be displayed empty if the event contains invalid character.
- Apple iCal could send a new invitation for events accepted in delegated calendar.
- Configuration file with many IP address groups could cause slow start of Kerio MailServer engine.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
+ Added support for Microsoft Windows 7.
- Fixed rare crash on Outlook start.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
+ Added support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
+ Added 64-bit version of Kerio Sync Connector for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries are in common installation package.

Version 6.7.1 - August 5, 2009
Kerio MailServer:
+ Added support for iPhone 3.0 (including new feature: searching emails on the server).
+ Added support for Nokia E75 mobile device and Mail for Exchange 2.9 synchronization client.
- Contact street address configured in Active Directory was not properly synchronized to Global Address List.
- Fixed Global Address List synchronization of users with multiple short usernames in Open Directory.
- Disabled user in directory service (OpenDirectory, Active Directory) was synchronized with Global Address List.
- Editing event on mobile device could remove the option to send an email to event attendee in Microsoft Outlook.
- Default user email address was used when sending an email from iPhone if the user has custom email address in WebMail settings.
- Incorrect user name sent by Mail for Exchange client is now overwritten with correct user's email address on the server.
- Editing all-day event in WebMail could cause incorrect displaying of the event on mobile devices.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
- Custom sender email address was not used when sending digitally signed message.
- Fixed possible crash during synchronization.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
- Fixed application error when sychronizing calendar folder renamed in iCal client.

Kerio WebMail:
+ Added support for Safari 4.

Version 6.7.0 - Patch 1 - June 8, 2009
Kerio MailServer:
- Some users from OpenDirectory were not published in GAL public contacts.
- Fixed publishing of long user full name in GAL public contacts.
- Group name of the group synchronized from directory service was published as an email adddress in GAL public contacts.
- Group with a space character in the name could be duplicated in GAL public contacts.
- Corrupted auto-whitelist dababase file could cause unexpected shutdown of the spamserver process.

Kerio Outlook Connector:
- Fixed KoffBackend.exe unexpected shutdown caused by synchronization of certain folders.

Kerio WebMail:
- Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability on the Integration page.

Version 6.7.0 - May 12, 2009
Please read the Release Notes document before installing this version.
Kerio MailServer:
+ Global Address List synchronized with user database
+ Entourage 2004/2008 auto-configuration - Entourage Config Tool
+ Syncing of contact groups from Apple Address Book with Kerio Sync Connector for Mac
+ Enhanced CalDAV server with support for Apple iCal private events
+ Spam Filter improvements
+ Over-the-air synchronization of Blackberry devices with NotifySync or AstraSync client.
+ Update of integrated McAfee antivirus to version 5300
+ New antivirus plug-in for Eset NOD32 Antivirus 3.0 and 4
+ Kerio Assist utility for Mac OS X
+ New Kerio IMAP Migration Tool.
+ Debian 5.0 and Ubuntu 8.04LTS Linux support
+ New Configuration Wizard utility on Windows
+ Localization of the Mac OS X installer
+ New mobile client: RoadSync 4.0
+ Added support for running on 64-bit systems.
+ Added support for CA Antivirus 9.0 and Sophos V6.5.
+ Added support for new commands in IMAP: NAMESPACE (RFC 2342) and XLIST.
* Updated external libraries: PHP5 5.2.6, libxml2 2.7.2, libcurl 7.19.2, openldap 2.4.11.
* SpamAssassin's auto-whitelist database removes expired old records.
* New optimizations for faster folder listing and reduced disk load during client synchronization.
* Reduced memory footprint of idle IMAP connections.
* Server SSL certificate and CSR certificate requests are generated with SHA1 hash instead of MD5.
- Fixed upgrade from KMS 6.1.0 and older versions on Windows.
- Fixed possible log corruption when system runs out of disk space.
- Fixed authentication of users with an unicode password on Windows.
- Caller-ID and SPF check could analyze incorrect TXT records in wrongly configured domains.
- Incorrect error could be reported during the backup when the backup folder does not exist.
- It was not possible to unsubscribe already deleted folder in IMAP.
- Some IMAP clients failed to move local folders with sub-folders into IMAP account.
- Message auto-delete did not work if the message store is located in the root directory of the disk.
- WebMail session might not expire in defined timeout.
- User's mail filter configured to move messages to a certain folder may cause SyncHierarchy error during Kerio Outlook

Connector synchronization.
- Some calendar events could not be synchronized to iCal.
- Renamed calendar in CalDAV (iCal) could make appointments not viewable to other users.
- Public folders were not sometimes showed in iCal after upgrading from 6.6.0.
- X-CHILDREN attribute was not synchronized to Entourage.
- Events deleted in public folders in WebMail were still visible in Entourage.
- iPhone calendar synchronization could override snooze setting in Entourage.
- iCal auto-configuration tool could fail if the user password contains special characters.
- Full backup of message store changed modification time on messages and cause additional synchronization of the clients.
- Importing of certain .ics file in iCal may cause server instability.
- Conflict with another PHP library installed in IIS or Plesk could cause stability problems on Windows Server 2003.
- Logging to secondary domain in Kerio Outlook Connector could fail if the username already exist in primary email domain.
- Broken network connection caused folder lock on ActiveSync synchronization.
- Fixed task reminder time in events synchronized from Mail for Exchange.
- Yearly recurrent events might not be synchronized properly from certain mobile devices.
- iPhone could stop further synchronization when the network connection is interrupted.
- Maximum timeout for Ping ActiveSync command was sometimes too high and cause timeout of network connection on some
- Events in resource calendar were not always set to 'busy'.
- Many small fixes and optimizations.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
+ It's possible to not store password in configuration (user is asked for it on each startup).
* Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) now logs to a single log file for each user.
- Lot of stability issues have been fixed.
- Several compatibility issues with messages from external sources have been fixed.
- Several synchronization issues have been fixed.
- File system manager on Windows Vista 64-bit consumed lots of memory.

Kerio WebMail:
+ Added support for Internet Explorer 8.
* Entourage auto-configure tool on the Integration page.
- An event created in iCal and resaved in WebMail was impossible to edit in iCal again.
- It was impossible to send invitation from event created on mobile device.
- All-day event was saved with incorrect date in some timezones.
- Shift+Tab could not be used to move backwards from body to subject in e-mail composer.
- Confusing mail was sent to event organizer when resource manager canceled reservation.
- Contact find dialog offered useless resources in non-event dialogs.
- It was impossible to open mail from folder using apostrophe in name.
- Shared folders were displayed in folder tree unsorted.
- Fixed error occurred when opening Mail filters editor in special cases.
- Fixed error when received e-mail into empty folder in special cases.
- Fixed possible infinite loop when logging to WebMail using mobile device.
- Start folder parameter was not respected during login.
- Corrected translations of the Integration page.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Web Administration:
! The old Web Administration was replaced by the new one (old version is not available anymore).

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added ability to report potential server stability problems detected by the server on Mac OS X.
- Fixed some localizations.
- "Last usage" time in custom spam rules could show invalid time (more than 100 years).

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
+ Contact groups in Apple Address Book are synchronized as categories to the server.
- Synchronization sometimes failed with "Internal error".
- Slow synchronization was invoked too often.

Kerio Active Directory Extension:
+ Added installation package for Windows Server 64-bit edition.

Kerio Open Directory Extension:
- Schema extension was not copied to the replica on case-sensitive filesystem.

Version 6.6.0 - October 21, 2008

Kerio MailServer:
+ Added support for e-mail, contact and calendar over-the-air synchronization with Apple iPhone 3G, 2.0 and iPod Touch. The support includes e-mail push and remote device wipe feature.
+ Enhanced Apple iCal integration with Kerio MailServer (address and location autocomplete, delegation support, availability feature).
+ New automatic configuration tool for Apple iCal client - http(s)://servername/setup/ical
+ Added ability to automatically delete old e-mails from Junk E-mail and Deleted Items folders on the server.
+ Introduced new log file tracing all delete and move operations with e-mails and other items on the server.
+ Support for new ActiveSync protocol used on Windows Mobile 6 devices (Exchange 2007 compatible). Includes support for reading HTML e-mails, fast message retrieval, enhanced e-mail search and out-of-office setting on mobile device.
+ Added support for partial header FETCH in IMAP server.
+ "Integration" web page with tools and downloads - http(s)://servername/integration
+ Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn) 32bit is supported.
* Enhanced McAfee antivirus plug-in's detection of potential threats in Microsoft Word documents.
* Improved compatibility with Apple iPhone IMAP client.
* Sophos antivirus plugin updated for support SAVI 4.6.
* Backup archive now includes mailing lists and SpamAssassin database.
* KMS recover utility improved to support partial recovery of domains/users.
* Improved delivery speed for e-mails with multiple recipients in local domain forwarded to another server (domain forwarding).
* Optimized lookup of groups in directory services.
* Messages marked as deleted via IMAP are immediately removed from the mailbox.
- Fixed potential stability issue in antivirus process during downloading updates.
- Fixed mailbox lockout when user mail filter rules are corrupted.
- Meeting responses from ActiveSync were not correctly recognized in CalDAV.
- E-mail sent on behalf from Entourage was delivered also to original sender.
- Birthday and anniversary dates in contact could be shifted one day to the past in Entourage.
- Events deleted from Public folders were still visible in Entourage clients.
- Some subfolders could disappear after renaming in Entourage.
- Event accepted in iCal as tentative was displayed as busy in WebMail.
- Fixed possible deadlock in PAM authentication to NT domain.
- E-mail sent from RoadSync client did not show national characters correctly in WebMail.
- Fixed rare crash upon server shutdown.
- Some e-mails from Outlook Express on Windows XP SP3 could get higher spam score.
- Fixed handling of certain SPF records.
- Shared calendars in Entourage were not properly refreshed in some cases.
- Time in calendar views showed 1 hour early in Entourage in Arizona.
- Invitation accepted in webmail had wrong inviter/invitee relationship in Entourage 2008.
- Index.fld is automatically restored now when some message is deleted directly from disk.
- Weird error messages appeared in error log.
- Downloading emails from POP3 client could revert Read flag on Windows Mobile devices.
- Items created in Kerio Outlook Connector could be synchronized to mobile devices with a delay when local time differs from server time.

Kerio WebMail:
+ Added support for Firefox 3.
+ Added support for Resource Scheduling.
* Languages in "Settings -> Preferred language" are not localized now.
! Dropped support for Safari 1.3 and Firefox 1.5 in full WebMail.
- Items deleted from "Junk E-mail" folder were moved to "Deleted Items" instead of deleted permanently.
- It was impossible to send message to email address using underscore character in domain name.
- Message with Japanese characters encoded in "iso-2022-jp" was displayed incorrectly.
- Messages forwarded as attachment were saved with incorrect filename in Safari 3.
- It was impossible to view source of messages using national characters in some cases.
- Original attachments were missing by forwarding voice message.
- Task completed status could show incorrect value (0%) for custom completion status values.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
! Service Pack 3 for Outlook 2003 is required.
+ Added support of Outlook Connector on Terminal Server
+ Local cache may be emptied now.
+ All contact folders are added to Address Book by default.
+ Outlook Connector's connections are identified in Admin Console
* Layout of 'Server Settings' property page has been changed.
* Improved speed of database maintenance after automatic client upgrade.
* User trying to use unsupported version of Outlook is informed with more details now.
- Outlook didn't start with newly configured profile.
- Simple time recurrent event created in Outlook Connector was not correctly displayed in other clients including WebMail.
- Store became inaccessible when changing access rights to HTTP service.
- Message sent to many recipients hung Outlook.
- Mail was invisible after reverting of move on server's side in offline mode.
- Crash when new version notification comes from server.
- Change in task cleared Location field.
- Crash in KoffAddin.dll during Outlook startup.
- Attendee status was not updated (attendee was duplicated).
- Attachments were in Wrong order in a message.
- Personal Contacts folder was not configured as Personal Address Book in OAB.
- Reclaiming space from deleted messages in database took a long time.
- Switching between SPA and username/password caused clearing of server name.
- Conversion of KOC profile was possible to be performed many times for current user. - It was not possible to create profile with KMS 6.5.x.
- Fixed inconsistent German translation of "Junk E-mail".
- Mail in Outbox was lost after upgrade of Outlook Connector using new DB.
- Message forwarded from Sent Items was stuck in Outbox.
- Was not possible to accept events created in iCal in Outlook Connector.
- Outlook crashed when shared calendar is turned on.
- Accepting an invite and adding a CC user caused message stuck in Outbox.
- Emails with attachments forwarded from Apple Mail on Leopard didn't display in Outlook 2003.
- Message ID had incorrect format.
- 'Don't ask again' checkbox of Outlook Connector's dialogs did not work.
- Email was sent multiple times when some recipient has malformed email address.
- There was conflict when EMON detects virus in folders without administrator rights.
- Order of recipients was bad in sent message.
- Synchronization was halted when renaming folder to a name ending with period.
- Meeting request from Thunderbird was not able to be correctly accepted.
- Deleting mail from or dragging mail to the junk mail folder trained mail as ham.
- Error appeared during removing of mailbox.
- Unknown error appeared when read-only folders have been archived.
- False synchronization conflict appeared.
- Messages from SharePoint were not displayed.
- Return-Path contained original address even if customized address is set.
- PDF files, which are attached as application/pdf, were not displayed.
- 'History' in Outlook Business Contact Manager raised error.
- COM components were not registered after autoupdate.
- Email sent from external application could stuck in Outbox.
- Kerio Outlook Connector switched itself to offline sometimes.
- Message could stuck in Outbox with error "Cannot connect to Microsoft Exchange Server"
- SQL error could be shown when dismissing reminders.

Kerio Outlook Connector:
- Meetings: required attendee was not confirmed, new one (but optional) was created
- Some versions of Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 with MUI could not be properly detected by installer.

Kerio Web Administration:
* Completely redesigned (old version still available).
+ Added support for Mailing Lists.
+ Added support for Resource Scheduling.
+ Added ability to see full administrator accounts.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added Resource scheduling configuration.
- Log view could not be properly refreshed in some cases.

Kerio OpenDirectory Extension:
* Added support for automatic migration of extensions from master to new replicas in Mac OS X 10.5.4 and later.
- OpenDirectory Extension changes were removed from slapd.conf file on every OpenDirectory change (replica creation, server promotion).

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
+ Added localization for all supported languages.
+ Added support for network user accounts on Mac OS X.
- Contacts/Events were duplicated after full synchronization.
- Deleted Public Calendar events, synchronized by Kerio Sync Connector for Mac, were not deleted on iCal.

Version 6.5.2 - July 15, 2008

Kerio MailServer:

+ Added support for e-mail, calendar and contacts over-the-air synchronization with Apple iPhone 3G and 2.0.
+ Added support for e-mail push and remote device wipe feature for Apple iPhone 3G and 2.0.
+ Added support for AVG 8 antivirus.
* Enhanced McAfee antivirus plug-in's detection of potential threats in Microsoft Word documents.
* Improved compatibility with Apple iPhone IMAP client.
-Some e-mails from Outlook Express on Windows XP SP3 could get higher spam score.
-Fixed handling of certain SPF records.
-Shared calendars in Entourage were not properly refreshed in some cases.
-Fixed a very rare crash upon server shutdown.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):

-PDF attachment was not displayed when the e-mail had no text body.
-Conflict with certain antivirus add-ons could cause the e-mail header duplication and increase the message size.
-Some e-mails deleted from the Junk E-mail could be marked as Not a spam.
-Fixed occasional crash upon Outlook startup.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:

+ Added support for network user accounts on Mac OS X.

Version 6.5.1 - May 12, 2008

Kerio MailServer:

+ Added support for Windows Server 2008.
* Improved speed of folder listing operation.
* Improved Entourage and KOC synchronization speed (WebDAV performance).
- Fixed DST change recurrence rule for events created with US/Pacific time zone.
- All-day calendar events created on Kerio MailServer appeared one day before on ActiveSync phones.
- Fixed possible small memory leak in spamserver process.
- Time exceptions in recurrent events from iCal were not displayed correctly in WebMail and KOC.
- No details were displayed in Entourage for e-mails in Public folders.
- Apple Address Book synchronization with KMS could fail.
- Simultaneous LDAP searches could cause very rare stability problem on multi-CPU systems.
- Fixed occasional giant folder size in quota counting.
- Fixed issue with non-working manually created rule for instant autoreply in mail filters.
- Adding access rights for Public folder to new user was not immediately visible in iCal delegation.
- Meeting request from Entourage was not handled correctly in iCal.
- Un/complete status of todo (task) on mobile device was not synchronized to iCal.
- Fixed IP address format in Received header for messages sent from WebMail and KOC.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio WebMail:

- It was impossible to send large attachment via WebMail.
- Check Names could cause high CPU usage in special cases.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):

* Improved upgrade process from previous KOC version.
+ Windows roaming profiles are supported by KOC.
+ User is informed about initial synchronization.
- Fixed date shift in events created with US/Mountain time zone (incompatibility with Windows time zones).
- The plain text section of the e-mail could differ from the HTML section when sending modified e-mail from Drafts.
- Item deleted from mapped folder didn't disappear.
- Mapping of delegated accounts was case-sensitive.
- Incorrect conflict message appeared when connected KMS was under heavy load.
- Message conversion could fail with errors 80040102, 8004011b, 80070057, 80004005, 8007000e.
- Some messages disappeared from KOC folders.
- Shared mailbox tree was not possible to expand.
- POP3 account was not possible to use in KOC profile.
- Some attachments were not shown.
- Wrong number of unread messages was shown.
- List of messages was shown incorrectly after delete.
- New password was not accepted during login.
- KOC configuration dialog was not shown from Mail Control Panel applet.
- Expansion of shared folder failed.
- Retrieve Info button on configuration dialog shown wrong information.
- Names of some folders were localized according OS locale if KOC profile is configured in control panel.
- "On behalf of" wasn't displayed in meeting invitation correctly.
- Inbox wasn't synchronized immediately during initial synchronization.
- Contacts and Tasks marked as private were still visible in shared folders.
- Reminder for recurrent event sometimes pop-upped behind schedule.
- Info about new version wasn't shown when user switches Outlook from offline to online.
- Conflict occurred when user repeatedly sends a message.
- RSS Feeds folder was duplicated for every new profile.
- Permanently deleted folder caused synchronization conflict.
- Folder was never fully synchronized if it contains non-converted or deleted message.
- Annoying window repeatedly appeared in offline state if outbound message wait for delivery.
- It was not possible to add or remove mailboxes via "Folder Mapping" tab.
* More accurate texts used for the notification icon tooltip & balloon of KOC tray icon.
- Partial synchronization option was shown for non-mail folders.
! Mouse right button and double click were disabled on KOC tray icon.
- Click on KOC tray icon didn't show balloon with details.
- It was not possible to configure KOC with Norwegian (or another language w/o translation) Outlook during startup.
- Pressing Delete key continuously (to delete messages from message list) caused an error.
- KOC could occasionally crash on Outlook start.
- Inbox sometimes looked empty during its synchronization.
- It was not possible to start Outlook with KMS account from secondary domain.
- Apple iCal didn't recognize meeting invitation from KOC correctly.
- Message exported to MSG file in Outlook XP had an empty body.
- Too complex search never finished.
- New messages were not delivered automatically when mailbox is added.
- It was not possible to synchronize change in name of public or shared folder with rights "Reader" or "Editor".
- Default "Contacts" folder was not used as Personal Address Book in Outlook Address Book.
- Custom From address was not used as real sender address when sending e-mail.

Kerio Outlook Connector:
- KOC didn't display appointments with attachment created in new KOC version.
- Meeting invitation with attachment from new KOC version was incorrectly parsed by KOC.
- KOC mapped US/Mountain time to Mazatlan time causing all day events to appear the day before.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
Requires Kerio MailServer 6.5.1.
* Improved synchronization speed.
* Increased performance during synchronization of huge contact or calendar folders.
- Fixed incorrect error message when HTTP is redirected to a ISP login page.
- Fixed few synchronization errors.


Version 6.5.0-February 19, 2008

Kerio MailServer:

+Support for Fedora 8.
+Added support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
+CalDAV support
+CalDAV access and two-way sync of personal calendars
+Scheduling and free/busy
+Access to shared calendars
-Share calendars through WebMail
-Share calendars through Apple iCal's Delegation doesn't work
+To Do / Task sync
+Support for Entourage 2008
+Sync of Out-of-office settings
+Sync of To Do properties for e-mails
+Upgraded OpenSSL (0.9.8e).
+Upgraded Heimdal (0.8.1).
+Integrated McAfee antivirus use smaller incremental updates.
+New McAfee Scanning Engine 5200.
+New PHP5 library (5.2.5).
+New product icons and graphics.
* SSL version 2 is now disabled by default on all secured connections in favor of SSLv3/TLSv1.
* Added timeout configuration to ClamAV plug-in.
* Added support for eTrust 8.1 anti-virus.
-Fixed possible buffer overflow in Visnetic anti-virus plug-in.
-Fixed file size limits in Sophos anti-virus plug-in.
-Security issue with NULL DACL in AVG plug-in.
-Fixed handling of certain SPF records.
-Fixed possible memory corruption during uudecode decoding.
-"Last message repeated" as first message in a log file.
-Possible KMS crash during closing embedded PHP.
-Possible deadlock in log rotate.
-No error if PHP initialization failed.
-Fixed possible crash in contact folder sorting.
-Fixed random crash of spamserver.exe on system shutdown.
-Remap charset windows-874 to cp874 if windows-874 is missing.
-Add support for Content-Encoding: deflate request.
-Two different timezones with the same name was incorrectly processed.
-List of datetimes in recurrent event with exception was not supported.
-ActiveSync: Fixed possible deadlock in ActiveSync synchronization.
-ActiveSync: Birthday was not synchronized in Mail for Exchange on Nokia.
-ActiveSync: Attachments were duplicated in Mail for Exchange on Nokia.
-ActiveSync: Not all folders were deleted by remote wipe initialized by DirectPush.
-ActiveSync: Too big photos in contact could cause synchronization failure on Palm Treo.
-ActiveSync: Time zone description in events from mobile device was not human readable.
-Public folders shared as anonymous required username and password in HTTP (iCal).
-Events in Arizona/MST timezone are one hour off in Entourage.
-Fixed performance issue with very long SEARCH requests from Entourage.
-Entourage synchronization could cause stability issues on multi-CPU server in rare cases.
-Fixed possible crash if configuration files are invalid.
-SMTP server accepted recipient email without domain.
-Domain footer with national characters was displayed incorrectly.
-Adding footer could corrupt email body in Korean charset "ks_c_5601-1987".
-Deleted users were not removed from license counter.
-TNEF contact send from Outlook was not decoded correctly.
-Footers were not added correctly to messages with inline Content-Disposition.
-Fixed sending emails to external recipients with email address beginning with #.
-Fixed many small bugs.

Kerio Administration Console:

+Asynchronous log search added.
+Small statistic added to Message Queue window.
+Column 'Listen IP Addresses' added to Service list.
-Usage only of one CPU on multiprocessors is forced (because of Qt 3.3.6 stability).
-Fixed sorting of items with national characters on Mac OS X.
-Unicode characters in SSL certificate were incorrectly displayed.
-It was not possible to copy&paste password in POP3 download account definition.
-Fixed several crashes.
-Fixed many small bugs.

Kerio WebMail:

+Support for Safari 3 for Mac OS X, experimental support for Safari 3 beta for Windows.
+Experimental support for Firefox 3 beta.
* Some dialogs improved to better fit Apple iPhone.
-In Check Names public contacts were preferred to private contacts.
-Check Name could replace recipient address with another contact with same name but different e-mail domain.
-Compact layout for PDA wasn't selected automatically for Nokia E61.
-Hypertext link in text message was corrupted in special cases.
-Message body with special characters was missing on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.
-Send and Save buttons were missing in event editor with many attendees in some cases.
-It was impossible to delete public Contacts and Calendar folders.
-User was not warned before discarding changes in distribution list in Safari 2.
-Blackberry phones sometimes could not login to WebMail.
-Fixed several small bugs.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):

+New generation of Kerio Outlook Connector with offline mode.
+Support for "Categorized mail" searching.
+Support for grouping in message list view.
* Improved folder sharing and subscription.
* Improved naming of shared and public folders in Calendar and Contact view.
* Task requests from WebMail are compatible with Outlook (with KOC Offline Edition).
* Better compatibility with Sales Force Outlook add-in.
+Full text search
+Google Desktop support
+Offline access to email and PIM
* Faster folder switching and email browsing
+Transparent transition between online and offline
-Fixed "Undo" (Ctrl+Z) action in Outlook.
-Fixed errors on importing certain PST files.

Kerio Outlook Connector:

-Fixed additional spam toolbars if window with KOC tab was opened.
-Fixed few minor bugs.

Kerio Synchronization Plug-in

-Some messages could be duplicated.
-Fixed "Kocutils" error during synchronization of incomplete items.

Kerio Sync Connector:

+Added iCal To Dos (tasks) synchronization.
+Added button for manual check for new version.
* Improved memory management.
* Kerio Sync Connector 6.5.0 cannot be used with Kerio MailServer 6.4.x.
-Fixed possible crash if name of the server is too short.
-Crash if timezone of any contacts date is invalid.
-Other URL could be overwritten by Home URL.
-Conflict on event with invalid end date.
-Possible conflict in recurrent event with exception.
-Fixed "Internal error: Invalid UID length".
-Fixed a few memory leaks.
-Fixed minor synchronization problems. ***************************************

Version 6.4.1 - July 24, 2007

Kerio MailServer:
* Forced SSLv3/TLSv1 connections do not use low encryption ciphers.
- Fixed possible crash if an annotation database for certain folder became corrupted.
- Fixed possible crash in PHP language interpreter.
- Fixed potential security problem in attachment filter.
- Multi-line note in contact was converted to a single line during Entourage 2004 synchronization.
- Entourage and Kerio iSync Connector synchronizations might cause a long delay of DirectPush responses in mobile synchronization.
- Certain copy or move operations in Entourage synchronization could cause user mailbox lockout.
- User password change did not take effect on current WebDAV sessions.
- Fixed installation on Windows Vista with disabled UAC.
- Fixed downloading of e-mail attachments on during mobile synchronization certain Nokia phones.
- Changes in calendar events were not synchronized to Palm Treo.
- Mobile devices did not ask for new password after password change on server.

Kerio WebMail:
- The character "letter S with caron" was lost in sender and recipient name.
- Text didn't fit Settings menu in Substance skin in Internet Explorer 7.
- Sorting of addressbook in phonebook view by full name was wrong for contacts with only company filed.
- Check Names could be activated even if not necessary.
- Freebusy information was not downloaded from remote location for contacts with freebusy URL definition.
- Fixed several small bugs.

Kerio Administration Console:
- Corrected French translation in DNS blacklist list.
- Corrected translation of Welcome screen.

Kerio Outlook Connector:
- Some e-mail folders were invisible after upgrade from previous version.
- Contacts in address book could be displayed as empty or as "Corrupted item" after upgrade from previous version.
- Certain meeting invitations might not be displayed properly in Outlook.

Kerio iSync Connector:
- Disabled Apple Sync Engine was not detected by Kerio iSync Connector.
- Fixed synchronization error about unsupported calendar items.
- Time zone information could be converted to GMT during synchronization to server.
- Fixed several small synchronization issues.


Version 6.4.0 - May 15, 2007

Kerio MailServer:
+ Support for Windows VistaT
+ Added support for new devices in ActiveSync: Nokia E, Sony Ericsson M600, P990 and DataViz RoadSync client.
+ Added support for synchronization of Windows Calendar on Vista (calendar subscribing/publishing).
+ Support for intermediate SSL certificates
* DNS blacklist has been closed. ORDB blacklist is removed from configuration on upgrade.
* Updated SpamHaus DNS blacklist configuration.
* Contact birthday and anniversary can be set before 1970.
* Improved Kerio MailServer Engine monitor.
* Improved email delivery to SMTP servers which cannot establish SSL connection.
* Increased performance and speed of WebAdmin user management.
* Enhanced support for multiple CPUs in antivirus checking.
* Added ability to disable SSLv2 and force SSLv3/TLSv1 only in secure connections (see the KB article).
* Added support for new Linux versions (see the System Requirements on Kerio website).
* Added support for decoding x
-uuencoded attachments.
* LOGIN authentication method supports initial
-response parameter for faster authentication.
* Support for subscription of Kerio MailServer calendars from Outlook 2007 via iCal.
* Improved uninstallation process on Mac OS X. Added option to remove configuration files and/or message store during uninstallation.
- KMS had to be restarted after certain Sophos antivirus updates.
- Attachment file name in attachment filter report was not decoded.
- Messages downloaded from POP3 server were forwarded with wrong sender address.
- Certain recurring event might not be displayed properly around daylight saving time change.
- Emails from could be rejected due to invalid format.
- It was not possible to delete and create same folder in a short period of time in Entourage 2004.
- Fixed forwarding of DSN reports in email forwarding.
- Some recurring events with exceptions could be lost in Entourage 2004.
- Fixed ability to change calendar properties in Entourage 2004.
- Property X-FILE-AS was not updated during Entourage 2004 synchronization.
- Certain TNEF messages (winmail.dat) could be delivered with a delay.
- Emails forwarded to the archive via remote address could have incorrect line terminators in email headers.
- Spell checking certain words in WebMail could cause high CPU usage.
- Watchkms utility could produce error messages in the watchdog or console log on Mac OS X.
- MailServer sometimes failed to start after upgrade from KMS 5.7.x.
- Attendee could not accept update of meeting request on PDA.
- Updating events with attendees on PDA could cause duplicated items in calendar.
- Calendar events created on Palm Treo 650 might cause high CPU usage.
- Sender address containing some unusual characters might be rejected in SMTP session.
- ActiveSync: DirectPush could report changes in email folder several times which caused frequent device synchronizations.
- ActiveSync: Contact note could be lost during synchronization after editing the contact on mobile device.
- ActiveSync: Fixed big message downloading on Palm Treo 680.
- ActiveSync: Event invitation synchronized to device was always marked as tentative.
- ActiveSync: Accepting meeting update could produce event duplication in calendar.
- ActiveSync: Synchronization of Windows Mobile 2003SE device could end with error 401.
- ActiveSync: Forwarding email to invalid email address was not reported to the error log properly.
- Fixed missing space character in emails with long subject sent to mailing list.
- Email was not parsed correctly if body part boundaries contain special characters.
- Digitally signed email sent to mailing list had invalid signature when viewing in NNTP.
- Kerio MailServer uninstallation on Mac OS X did not remove message store created in non-default location.
- Fixed many small bugs

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Support for Windows VistaT
+ Added server certificate validation in remote administration.
* Mail monitor is integrated into the System Preferences on Mac OS X.
* Added help file in PDF format on Linux.
- Fixed size of pie charts in statistics.
- Fixed importing from CSV file in Administration Console on Linux.
- Fixed possible crash in user administration.
- Fixed possible crash in log view.
- Some folder names in Mobile Device Status window were not translated.
- Fixed: Default value in log rotation setting was too low and might cause performance problems.
- Fixed many small bugs

Kerio WebMail:
+ Support for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista
* Redesigned Settings drop-down menu.
* Separated Out-of-office to extra dialog and increased its size.
* Added Apple keys (Command for shortcuts and selections, Alt for drag'n'drop copy, Backspace for deleting).
* Mail content is preserved if session expired during writing.
* Contact birthday and anniversary can be set before 1970.
* Date in contact, event and task dialogs can be edited manually.
* Attachments can be removed from forwarded and draft mail.
* Attachments can be added by drag'n'drop on Attach button using Firefox extension dragdropupload 1.5.22 (
* "Check names" improved, now work also with distribution lists.
* "today" link in calendar is inactive if today is displayed.
! Dropped support for Mozilla and Firefox 1.0 in full WebMail.
- WebMail could load slowly in Internet Explorer 6 in some configurations.
- Mail with incorrect format (wrong charset) was not displayed.
- It was impossible to move "Out of office" filter rule.
- Displaying certain undelivered mails caused PHP Fatal error in error log.
- "Check names" didn't respect Settings -> Mail composing -> Search for...
- Blank browser page was opened when saving attachment.
- Attendees could change a meeting, pretending to be the organizer.
- Quick search in contact folder had too many results.
- Event with duration 24 hours was not always displayed as all-day event.
- Contact search offered searching in already deleted contact folder.
- Displaying a mail might cause "External Protocol Request" in Firefox 1.5.
- All-day meeting invitation showed wrong date in negative timezone.
- Contact from Apple Address Book could be shown incorrectly.
- Size and position of Sticky Note was lost after saving.
- Displaying many contacts at once could freeze the browser.
- Corrected French translation of "remove" mail attachment.
- Calendar print could print other month than was visible for user.
- Free/busy table showed wrong day titles for all day events.
- Copy and paste mail content to new mail window might cause an error in IE7.
- Calendar week view was corrupted in special cases in Firefox.
- Date was shown in message list for today mails in some situations.
- Calendar monthly view might be broken in some months and timezones.
- Sorting contacts search dialog by display name sorted it by first name.
- Toolbar buttons were wrongly placed in Safari.
- It was impossible to share a folder to a group in different domain.
- Encrypted VDS mails might be corrupted (extra CRLF at end of text files).
- WebMail asked for password on re-entering even when the session has been still valid.
- Dates in all-day events could be wrong if created between 11- 12 PM.
- UTF-16 encoded HTML attachment from Outlook 2007 was not displayed.
- Fixed many small bugs.

Kerio Web Administration:
+ Support for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista
* Significant performance improvement for 1000+ user view
- Support for Mozilla and Firefox 1.0- is dropped.
- Fixed impossible to delete 200 users by multi-delete
- Fixed many small bugs and design glitches.

Kerio Outlook Connector
+ Support for Windows Vista
+ Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007
+ Support for ActiveSync 4.2 and 4.5
- Categories could not be removed from sticky notes and distribution lists.
- Email address with special characters was not saved in contact.
- Downloading email from POP3 in Kerio Outlook Connector profile might produce an error message.
- Fixed many small bugs

Kerio Synchronization Plug-in
+ Support for Windows Vista
+ Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007
- Fixed random duplication of some calendar events.

Version 6.3.0 - November 7, 2006

Kerio MailServer:
+ Over-the-air synchronization with Microsoft mobile devices via ActiveSync protocol. Synchronizes emails, contacts, calendars and tasks depending on device capabilities. Supported mobile platforms: Windows Mobile (5.0, 5.0 with AKU2, 2003, 2003 SE, 2002), PocketPC / PocketPC Phone Edition / SmartPhone Edition, Palm Treo 650 (ActiveSync 1.0)
+ Added support for change of Daylight Saving Time in North American time zones since year 2007.
+ Server certificate is available on Kerio MailServer's URL (useful to set up mobile devices over SSL):
- DER (ASN.1 encoding) from URL http(s)://server_name/server.cer
- PEM (base64 encoding) from URL http(s)://server_name/server.crt
+ Added support for -O, -L and-- options in sendmail binary.
* Server statistics are preserved (not lost) when the server is restarted.
* New McAfee 5.1.00 Scan Engine
* Antivirus server on Mac OS X is in Universal Binaries.
* Minor optimizations.
* New version of OpenSSL library.
* Improved character set recognition.
* Improved MIME header decoding according to RFC 2231.
- Non-english sorting didn't work on Mac OS X.
- Group permissions weren't allowed since groups contained spaces in name.
- Email forwarding for non-public domain did not work.
- Spamserver could start when internet connection was disabled.
- KMS incorrectly treated "all users" rights for public folders.
- LDAP search didn't return street address to Apple Address Book.
- Message queue 'status' field only showed first line.
- Intensive use of NNTPS could cause a stability issue.
- Fixed possible instability of Sophos AV plugin.
- Fixed possible mailing lists infinite loop.
- Very long SEARCH responses from Entourage could cause a stability issue.
- KMS could change some contact fields when synchronized from Apple Address Book.
- KMS now always adds the Date header if not present.
- Email address was not displayed correctly if full name contained a comma.
- Users could not move emails between public folders in Entourage.
- Fixed missing info about McAfee update in security log.
- Fixed header line parser in HTTP request.
- Files in use weren't removed during uninstallation.
- Empty directory was created by full installation package on Mac OS X.
- Manual update check didn't work when automated checking was disabled.
- Free busy for all day event was displayed in another day under specific circumstances.
- Fixed many small bugs.

Kerio Administration Console
+ Added localizations: Japanese, Chinese, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese.
+ New dialog: Mobile Devices.
+ Reset button added to Statistics window.
* Text search in logs is not case-sensitive.
* "More information..." link on Update checker dialog leads to the product history log web page.
* Footer text in domain dialog is now wrapped automatically (problems with large footers without carriage returns in Apple Mail).
* "Backup" item is renamed to "Backup & Archiving".
- Admin Console could not be reconnected, if server version was changed during AC run.
- Uninstallation of Admin Console didn't remove KMS 6.1.x information (registry, support files).

Kerio WebMail:
+ Added support for Internet Explorer 7.
+ Added support for Firefox 2.! Removed WAP. Use PDA-optimized WebMail on http(s)://server_name/pda instead.
* Enabled right-click in Safari with two-button mouse.
* Distribution list can be created by right-click on contacts.
- Meetings did not show as "tentative" when no response had been sent.
- HTML mail (often sent form Lotus Notes) did not display text outside .
- Copy/paste by right-click in HTML composer is fixed in Firefox 2.
- "Show time as" in attendee's event did not reflect Accept / Tentative action.
- Mail in simplified Chinese (gb2312) could be displayed incorrectly.
- Users mapped from Active Directory could not save their settings.
- URL http(s)://server_name/pda for accessing PDA-optimized WebMail did not work.
- Subject in two-row view was badly readable in Safari.
- Result list in contact search dialog could not be operated from keyboard.
- Text was duplicated in spellcheck of replied/forwarded HTML mail in Firefox.
- Embedded images were not displayed in some invalid mails (Content-ID not enclosed in brackets).
- URL enclosed in quotes or apostrophes was wrongly hyperlinked in plain text mail.
- Message list refreshed after deleting a mail when quick search was used.
- Sorting by national characters in advanced contact search did not work well.
- Birthday and anniversary dates were printed with one day ahead.
- Session could expire if another web server ran on the same host and used PHPSESSID cookie.
- Custom logo larger than recommended was not resized in WebMail Mini.
- "Check names" was not case insensitive.
- Text in Sticky Note could be wrapped inside a word in Internet Explorer.
- Full WebMail was allowed if Javascript was switched off and for Palm Treo.
- Unread mails could appear twice if a mail was deleted outside WebMail.
- Event attendee (task coworker) could be displayed on 2 lines of invitation.
- Line feeds in contacts (File As, Street) were ignored in card view.
- Ctrl+K in HTML composer opened Firefox search instead of Check Names.
- Free busy for all day event was displayed in another day.
- Event invitation and reply confusingly displayed the event as attachment.
- German translation contained some problems.
- Fixed various minor glitches.

Kerio Web Administration:
+ Added Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish localizations.
+ Added support for Internet Explorer 7.
+ Added support for Firefox 2.
+ Added a new dialog: Settings.
+ Added Webassist utility - customers can directly report JavaScript errors to Kerio.
* Sessions are detached from WebMail.
- Only one email address of user group with several email addresses was published.
- Fixed various minor functional and layout glitches.

Kerio Synchronization Plug-in:
- KSP couldn't be used from an account with no administrative access rights in Windows XP.

Kerio Outlook Connector
+ Added: Support for images in contact (ActiveSync compatibility)
+ Added: Support for In-Reply-To header
+ Added: Detailed logging of the update process (see updater.log in KOC folder)
- Fixed: Outlook sometimes crashes during KOC update
- Fixed: Meeting request can't be sent to distribution list members
- Fixed: Journal in KOC is not saving links to MS Office files
- Fixed: Problems with DST in timezones Baghdad, Teheran and Greenland
- Fixed: Missing ':days' parameter of 'vacation' command in newly created SIEVE rule

Version 6.2.2 - September 5, 2006

Kerio MailServer:
- Spamserver process could cause a stability issue under certain circumstances.
- Some WebMail files were not updated on upgrade from previous version.
- Email replies from Outlook with Kerio Outlook Connector could be rejected due to improper format of Message-ID header.

Version 6.2.1 - August 22, 2006

Kerio MailServer:
- SpamAssassin process could not ocassionaly start after server reboot on Windows 2003.
- Synchronizing non
-existent folder in MS Entourage 2004 client could cause a stability issue.
- Upgrade from previous version always installed all components.
- Fixed potential stability issue in SPF checking.
- Custom WebMail skins and logo could be lost on upgrade from previous version.
Kerio WebMail:
- Reminders jumped one hour late in some Pacific time zones.
- Forwarded item (contact, event, ...) couldn't be saved in Slovak translation.
- Text in quick search (calendar, tasks, notes) couldn't be selected in IE.
- New lines were missing when printing Sticky Note.
- Buttons Delete, Prev, Next were missing in mail view window in some cases.
Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added localizations: German, Italian, Russian
- Antivirus update downloading progress was not correct if the update has been downloaded through HTTP proxy server.
Kerio Synchronization Plug
+ Added localizations: German, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
Kerio Outlook Connector
+ Added localizations: German, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
- Sticky Notes created before 6.2.0 appeared all blank after upgrade.
- MAPI clients other than Outlook cannot be started with 6.2.0 KOC.
- Outlook's "Active Tasks" filter returns error.

Version 6.2.0 - July 18, 2006
Kerio MailServer:
+ Added two
-level spam rating. Spam messages could be tagged or blocked depending on spam score.
+ New SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklist) anti-spam check significantly increases Spam Filter efficiency.
+ Added support for user-defined Distribution Lists (WebMail, KOC).
+ Added support for Sticky Notes (WebMail, KOC).
+ Added antivirus plug-in for Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV)
+ Universal binaries on Mac OS X.
* Spam Filter and Anti-virus are running in separate processes for better stability.
* New MSI-based installation package.
* New SpamAssassin engine (3.1.1)
* New McAfee antivirus engine (5.0.00)
* New SQLite database (2.8.17)
* Calendars in KMS could be made accessible from public (iCal without authentication).
* DSN reports contain email headers from original message for better identification.
* Discontinued ability to import settings from WinRoute Pro 4.x.
* Added ability to disable domain footers for internal emails.
* Added new traffic charts for HTTP, NNTP, LDAP and SMTP service.
* Configuration files and SSL certificates are copied to backup on product upgrade.
* Removed Zend Optimizer.
* New Kerio Assist utility.
- Using library in PAM authentication on Linux could cause a stability issue.
- Incoming SMTP network connections could be slowed down on Windows XP and 2003 server due to default behavior of TCP sockets on these systems.
- Fixed timeout in Directory service. This could cause a problem if LDAP server was running but did not respond.
- System files in backup directory could cause a stability issue on rotating old backup files.
- Some occurrences of recurrent events were not visible in Calendar.
- Parameters in IMAP 'SEARCH' command had a preference order.
- Message/rfc822 attachment (.eml file) in empty plaintext message was displayed in KOC as corrupted.
- IMAP server used wrong response for APPEND command with invalid message flags.
- Contact name with semicolon character was not displayed properly.
- Complex titles in contact name were not correctly parsed on import.
- Some occurrences of recurrent all-day event were wrongly displayed in certain time zones.
- Calendar event with invalid recurrence rule might cause a performance issue in WebMail.
- Mailing list footer was not added to email if message body was is different charset.
- Displaying of certain email with invalid MIME structure could cause a performance issue in WebMail.
- An error message was reported on deleting new user with mailbox that has not been created yet.
- Deleted mailbox could not be moved to new user that didn't have his mailbox and folders created yet.
- Some messages could not be delivered to folders with corrupted message index file.
- Contact with long note was displayed after short delay.
- Email with too many recipients downloaded from POP3 server was sorted only to some user mailboxes.
- Auto reply in mail filters did not work for emails without Return-Path header downloaded from POP3 server.
- Login attempt with disabled authentication method was logged to security log incorrectly.
- Some new incoming messages did not appear in MS Entourage 2004 but were visible in WebMail.
- Attendee response to invitation accepted in MS Entourage 2004 SP2 did not update status in attendee list.
- "Open other user's folder" feature did not work in MS Entourage 2004 SP2.
- Contacts with invalid characters were not synchronized in MS Entourage 2004.
- Birthday and anniversary date could be set to same value on synchronization in MS Entourage 2004.
- MS Entourage 2004 displayed 'busy' status for all calendar events created in WebMail.
- Shared folder in MS Entourage 2004 could not be re-edited after being moved to another folder.
- Users from other domains were displayed in Sharing and Delegation in MS Entourage 2004.
- Domain footer was not added to messages with attachment and empty body.
- Mail footers with national characters were corrupted in messages with different charset.
- Warning message about disabled HTTP service was not displayed in certain browsers.
- McAfee antivirus could stop working after update in rare cases if update database was corrupted.
- Error codes in McAfee antivirus plug-in are converted to human-readable text.
- Installation on Windows did not fail gracefully if started with insufficient privileges.
- DNS could not do reverse lookup for certain IP addresses.
- Sendmail utility was not compatible with some options used in default sendmail on Linux.
- Reports from antivirus/attachment filter contained multiple Date headers.
- Notification message about filtered virus or attachment did not contain decodes subject from original message.
- White spaces were not encoded in quoted-printable email headers.
- Moving messages from Inbox to Junk Email did not update anti-spam statistics.
- Header delimiters generated by KMS allowed revealing of KMS identity.
- Fixed some small memory leaks.
Kerio Administration Console:
+ New options added to Spam Filter window.
+ Main window (splash screen) displays product build number and CPU info.
+ Kerio Assist utility for crash reporting is integrated to Administration Console.
* Custom spam rules can be moved with drag & drop.
* Improved setting of email forwarding to offline host in Domain settings.
* It is possible to select multiple users in mailing list member definition.
* Added option to set expiration timeout for WebMail sessions.
* Improved explanation message when anti-virus EICAR test fails.
- Reject timeout on login to Administration Console was different for user with insufficient rights.
- Removed unnecessary option "Only moderators" in mailing list posting restriction.
- Sorting by date in Message Queue windows was very slow.
- Sorting by Created column in Message Queue did not work properly.
- User statistics was not displayed if domain name had different letter case.
- No error message was displayed if checking for new version failed.
- Some action buttons were not grayed for users with read-only administrative rights. Click on such button produced an error message.
- Log search was case sensitive.
- 3D pie graphs in statistics had incorrect shadow on Linux.
- Kerberos realm for new primary domain was not defined by default.
- Contact information from secondary domains was published to primary domain.
- No warning message was displayed when creating user with same name as mailing list.
- Validity and format of email addresses was not checked on some places.
- It was possible to enter an UNC path to Archive and Store Directory.
- Exported HTML file from logs had incorrect syntax.
- It was not possible to close some windows on Mac OS X if connection to server was broken.
- Administration console might crash when creating new mailing list without defined language for reports.
- Fixed many small functional and layout glitches.
Kerio WebMail:
+ Added Distribution Lists
+ Added Sticky Notes
+ Added visual marker to drag'n'drop
+ Added support for uuencoded attachments
+ Added quick search to calendar and task folders
* Incoming mail appears instantly in message list
* Increased speed
* Beautified dialogs with tabs
- Dropped support for Safari 1.2 and Mozilla 1.7.4
- Right click on folder or message uselessly loaded its content.
- National characters in attachment name were broken when saving in some browsers.
- It was impossible to open several mails at once.
- It was impossible to add several attendees from contact search at once.
- Contact / event / task couldn't be saved if main desktop was closed.
- User was not warned before discarding changes in edit dialogs.
- Email address couldn't be selected from mail reading pane in Firefox.
- Attached Excel file was corrupted if sent from Windows Firefox 1.5.
- It wasn't possible to use Subject in mail filter notification.
- Forwarded contact / event / task didn't open in WebMail when clicked.
- National characters in mail headers could be unreadable on some clients due to two charsets.
- Removed event attendee didn't get a notification.
- It was possible to create empty contact / event / task without warning.
- "Edit script" in mail filters allowed to save invalid rule, all rules stopped working.
- Deleting messages through IMAP could cause "Message error" in WebMail.
- Event starting soon after midnight was scrolled out of sight after saving.
- Adding attachment with very long file name caused script error.
- "Don't show program name and version" option wasn't respected by WebMail.
- Task column "Date completed" wasn't set after setting status to completed.
- "no subject" message in WebMail Mini wasn't localized to all languages.
- Reply to foreign invitation created new event in Calendar.
- Click on some link in WebMail Mini discarded writing mail without warning.
- Task sent from WebMail 6.1.1+ to 6.1.0 had wrong due date.
- Task created in KOC might have wrong date in WebMail.
- Event / task attendees were not printed.
- Inline attachment option was separate in full WebMail and Mini.
- It was impossible to move folder if folder with same name existed in target folder.
- Changing "CEST" event during "CET" period moved event one hour forward.
- Lower part of vertical scrollbar wasn't visible in contact card view.
- "Next" arrow in navigation calendar could skip a month.
- Number of attendees was cut to 30 after opening and saving event.
- User's settings were randomly reset in some situations.
- Some dialogs wrongly contained "Save and close" instead of "OK", "Cancel".
- Tasks with start and due date in the past weren't shown on Today page.
- Original message was lost after "Edit as new".
- Today page wasn't updated after saving event / task.
- Invitation accept created new calendar event when event was earlier deleted.
- "Expunge folder" was displayed when there was nothing to expunge.
- Setting "Mark displayed messages as read" didn't make sense in WebMail Mini, removed.
- E-mail address validity wasn't checked in contact edit dialog.
- Message list scrolled on arrow key when not necessary.
- Links Next and Previous could disappear after clicking Search button.
- Search for contact with some national characters in name didn't work.
- Folder name with national characters and "&" could be incorrectly saved.
- Shift+click on letter in address card view didn't work.
- It wasn't possible to select an event by clicking empty column in Safari.
- Previously selected page of message list wasn't remembered in ascending order.
- Home address and business address were switched in phone book view.
- Message list refreshed to first page instead of current one after deleting some mails.
- Message list row couldn't be deselected in Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS X.
- It was impossible to change subject of forwarded empty message in WebMail Mini.
- "Private" checkbox wasn't disabled in Public folders.
- Invalid username could be entered to "Access rights" dialog.
- Message "Event occurs in the past" could incorrectly appear when changing start time.
- Mails forwarded as attachment didn't have .eml extension.
- Date near end of month could change while using event / task dialog.
- Safari couldn't edit HTML mail created by other browser.
- Saving recurrent event always moved calendar view to first occurrence.
- Long subject was trimmed when replying or forwarding in WebMail Mini.
- "Calendar" button in meeting invitation opened calendar with wrong day.
- Inbox was always selected after "Delete all".
- Mail compose window did not work when user started typing before the window loaded.
- Folder with "&" in name wasn't handled correctly in mail filters.
- Certain operations with spell checker could cause a performance issue.
- Wrong day could be pre-selected in navigation calendar in week and month view.
- It was possible to force password change over insecure HTTP connection.
- Subject of printed item was cut.
- Mail headers didn't strictly conform to MIME in some cases.
- There was no warning that reminder will not work for event / task in non-default folder.
- Accepting event invitation could delete wrong message.
- Task due date could be incorrectly saved at and of month.
- Certain messages could cause WebMail lock in Firefox.
- Completing and un-completing a task caused that reminder was re-enabled.
- Opening certain kind of calendar event could cause a performance issue.
- HTML newsletters with multiple elements were displayed incorrectly.
- Name of folder Calendar in Public Folders wasn't localized.
- National characters in Organization: and Reply-To: headers weren't encoded.
- Fixed several possible performance issues
- Fixed several typos and mistranslations
- Fixed many small glitches
Kerio Web Administration:
+ Implemented JS and popup blocker detectors
- Dropped support for Safari 1.2
- Fixed: Login page can be abused to test valid usernames and passwords.
- Fixed: User-unfriendly things in WebAdmin user interface.
- Fixed: WebAdmin doesn't respect user templates.
- Fixed: several small glitches.
Kerio Outlook Connector:
+ Added: Version compatibility checking
- Fixed: Incorrect update of messages in Drafts
- Fixed: Scrollbar in search result doesn't work properly
- Fixed: Spam, Out of Office and Rules setting can't be changed simultaneously.
- Fixed: 'Out of office' message isn't wrapped to the window during edit.
- Fixed: Importing of .pst file sometimes causes crash
- Fixed: Plaintext message saved by Webmail can't be modified by KOC
- Fixed: Occasional crash during search operation
- Fixed: Moving messages from search result view is very slow, CPU high, no network traffic
+ Added: Public Contacts folder is added to Outlook's Address Book by default (not in Outlook 2000)
- Fixed: HTML message saved to msg file has empty body in Outlook XP.
+ Added: Menu item to Outlook's menu showing KOC help
- Fixed: Possible crash during handling of notification
+ Added: Distribution lists support
+ Added: Sticky notes support
- Fixed: Toolbar positioning
- Fixed: Empty subject of events accepted in Entourage
+ Added: Sort by e-mail address in Contacts folders
- Fixed: Customer was able to install KOC on unsupported OS
- Fixed: Incorrect error message shown for Outlook 2000 switch to Internet Only mode
+ Added: MSI-based setup
- Fixed: UTF-8 encoded plain text messages are incorrectly displayed for mixed-language installations
- Fixed: Outlook 2000 doesn't display Japanese text in plaintext mail
- Fixed: Recurrent all-day event can occur one time more or less in changed time zone.
- Fixed: Messages with very long subject can't be opened by Outlook 2003; they are displayed with empty subject in Outlook XP/2000.
- Fixed: Start/end time of events starting/ending on the day of STD/DST transition can be shifted.
- Fixed: Nonsense time in recurrence event exception causes Outlook to hang.
- Fixed: Occurrences of recurrent events deleted in Outlook continue to be displayed in Webmail.
- Fixed: "Forward as ICalendar" works incorrectly in Outlook 2000.
- Fixed: Name of message attached to task or event can't be changed.
- Fixed: All-day event is moved one day forward in time zones UTC+12, UTC+13.
- Fixed: Outlook can crash due to task request from Webmail.
- Fixed: Addresses with non-ASCII characters sent from KOC are displayed incorrectly in Thunderbird.
- Fixed: KOC can't recognize all-day events from Entourage as all-day.
- Fixed: Tasks are incorrectly displayed in changed time zone.
- Fixed: Attachments in tasks are duplicated in task requests.
- Fixed: Dates with event can remain highlighted after event is deleted.
- Fixed: HTML appears in plain text part of long (>3.5 kB) message sent from Outlook XP on Windows 2000
Kerio Synchronization Plug-in:
- It was possible to install KSP on certain unsupported MS Outlook versions.
Kerio Active Directory Extension:
* Improved installation on Domain Controller server if the server is not Schema Master.
Version 6.1.4 - May 2, 2006

* Added an option to authenticate users from Apple Open Directory in Kerberos. Using of Kerberos authentication allows users to change their passwords in WebMail interface.
- Fixed possible bypass of attachment filter.
- Emails could hang in message queue if the network connection broke during downloading McAfee antivirus update.
- CA eTrust antivirus could not start if the option DatPath was set in antivirus plug-in settings.
- Incorrect freebusy URL in contact item could cause a performance issue.
- Webserver returned incorrect URL in HTTP 301 response.
- Fixed scanning of archives with multiple files in CA eTrust antivirus plug-in.
- Fixed possible performance issue when creating search index for events or tasks with very long recurrence period.
- Rotation of backup files did not work for destination directory specified as UNC path.
- Some spam messages marked by the users were not learned by Bayesian filter.
- Monthly log rotation could overwrite old log files in certain circumstances.

Administration Console:
- Time interval in Traffic charts setting was not saved across sessions.

Kerio WebMail:
- Fixed error message in mail filters if the spam rule was checking contacts in the Contact folder.
- MIME boundary in source of multipart email contained human readable text in unique identifier.
- User could enter HTML code when editing own mail filters.
- Move/copy did not work in the Advanced search dialog.
- Fixed displaying of contact items with HTML tags in Search dialog.
- Fixed displaying of event or task subject with HTML tags in reminder window.
- Fixed viewing messages with HTML tags in spellcheck preview window.
- Checking certain emails with spellchecker could cause a stability issue.
- An error message was reported in the error log when deleting couple of events in calendar at once.
- Increased limit for number of contacts in search results window to 200 contacts.

Kerio Synchronization Plug-in:
* Improved error reporting
- Fixed occasional "Internal Error" warning.

Kerio Outlook Connector:
- Fixed: National characters are displayed incorrectly by Outlook 2000 in some cases.
- Fixed: KOC sometimes crashes during Outlook termination.
- Fixed: Outlook 2000 sometimes freezes upon closing.
- Fixed: Possible crash in Outlook 2000 when there is lot of data in the clipboard.
- Fixed: Possible crash on some rare circumstances when switching between folders.
- Fixed: Importing of .pst file sometimes causes crash
- Fixed: Message submited by non KOC account isn't moved to Sent Items folder.
- Fixed: Plain
-text part of large HTML mail may contain HTML on Windows 2000. ***************************************
Version 6.1.3 - March 1, 2006

* New SpamAssassin engine (version 3.0.5)
* Added support for private items. Private events, tasks and contacts are not visible in shared folders.
* Improved debug logging of Sieve mail filters
* New Zend Optimizer 2.5.10. Zend Optimizer is increasing speed and performance of WebMail interface on all platforms (MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)
+ Added support for handling attachments in TNEF format (winmail.dat)
- Improved format of mail log
- Fixed possible stability issue
- Installing new license file in trial period could stop mail queue due to not running McAfee antivirus
- Number of simultaneous network connections on Linux was limited by the system
- Fixed possible crash in Linux PAM authentication when PAM uses LDAP server
- Configuration Wizard did not ask for administration privileges when started separately
- Configuration Wizard did always overwrite old configuration files without asking
- Spam score in DNS blacklist was trimmed to an integer value
- NOD32 antivirus plug-in on Linux reported an error when scanning encrypted archive
- Fixed stability of antivirus plug-in for avast! for Kerio
- Fixed timeout for IMAP server connections on Mac OS X
- Fixed stability issue if the status.fld file becomes corrupted
- LDAP search query with space returned no results
- Some messages with obsolete format of Date header were displayed with incorrect date
- Fixed calculating of occurrences in reoccurring events
- E-mail sent to list
-owners was lost when mailing list did not have a moderator
- Attachment was lost when adding footer in mailing list if the message had empty e-mail body
- E-mail headers in e-mails from mailing list were changed to uppercase
- Mailing list was sending responses to incorrect sender address from MAIL FROM: command
- User mailbox sometimes was not moved to selected mailbox when deleting user account
- Fixed format of Message Delivery Notification message generated by 'reject' action in user's mail filter
- Some contacts could be duplicated in MS Entourage 2004
- Free/busy did not work for non-primary domain in MS Entourage 2004
- Public folder could not be deleted in MS Entourage 2004
- Contact notes were not synchronized in MS Entourage 2004 SP2
- "Edit message" option did not work for saved draft messages in MS Entourage 2004
- Custom spam rule for From: header with substring did not work

Changes in Administration Console
+ Added WebMail session description to active connections list
+ Added option to enable decoding of TNEF attachments
* Improved logging in SSL certificate import
- Administration console on Mac OS X called Preview instead of default system PDF viewer for displaying help
- Fixed small glitch in marking results found in log search
- Administration Console may hang when connecting to server with expired trial license
- User quota could be set to negative value
- Fixed black background of pie graphs in Administration Console on Linux
- Account with empty password in SHA format could not be saved
- Export of user statistics could cause 100% CPU load
- Too long lines in logs were truncated
- Complex fullname was corrupted during exporting contact to Public Folders
- A negative percent value could be displayed in Message queue window

Changes in Kerio WebMail
+ Added compatibility with Firefox 1.5
+ Added support for attachments in TNEF format (winmail.dat)
+ Added support for private items in shared folders
* Added ability to add user from a list of users when adding recipients to new e-mail
* Increased speed when displaying message list
- Fixed error about missing "default" locale
- Some reoccurring events were not displayed in Calendar
- Fixed displaying of e-mails with missing charset
- Deleted folders were not moved to Deleted Items folder
- Subfolders of source folder were offered as target while moving
- Rendering of large number of folders was using excessive memory
- Attachment with file size near the limit could not be sent
- Contact sorting did not work with all columns
- Editing saved draft message did not respect original format
- Attachment could not be saved in when viewing e-mail in separate window
- Message view was not sometimes updated upon a message selection
- Read receipt setting was not preserved in draft messages
- Message with CC: or BCC: header and without To: header could not be sent
- Users in BCC were not displayed while viewing e-mail in Sent Items folder
- Draft message was not saved as unread
- shift+Tab could not be used to move backwards from body to subject in e-mail editor
- Right click on hypertext link in message body did not give extended menu
- Contact without email address was visible in contact list for selecting email address
- Some messages in text/enriched format were not displayed properly
- "Delete all" function did not reload folder tree
- Fixed non-working mail filters in French localization
- Calendar events could not be moved to different day
- Event with same start and end time was not displayed in Calendar day view
- Meeting invitation for all day event contained wrong date and time
- "Optional" attendee in event created by KOC was displayed as "required"
- Events created by KOC on a day with DST change appeared wrong in WebMail
- Attendee could send Cancel message to other attendees in event
- Event sorting did not work correctly in week/month view
- Completing a task did not turn off its reminder
- Date links in day view did not function correctly
- Sort by name in contact folder was confusing
- Contact search did not work in MS IE on Mac OS X in WebMail mini

Changes in Kerio Web Administration
- User group with too long name could not be deleted
- Domain administrators could potentially modify users in another domain while managing multiple domains from different instances of MS Internet Explorer.
- Fixed broken design in Safari 2.0
- Fixed validation of e-mail addresses and user names
- Fixed some small functional and layout glitches

Changes in Kerio Synchronization Plug-in
+ Added support for private calendar events
- Fixed error when switching connection from SSL to non-SSL

Changes in Kerio Outlook Connector
+ Added: Journal entries may be sorted by their start date.
- Fixed: Events located near the time of change to/from daylight savings are saved with shifted time.
- Fixed: Character set of some malformed HTML mails from Exchange is incorrectly recognized.
- Fixed: EML files with incorrect line endings have stripped out upon sending.
- Fixed: Crash when user tries to create folder with specific name.
- Fixed: Possible crash on some malformed non-delivery reports.
- Fixed: Dialog for folder mapping requires full user name.
- Fixed: Incorrect generation of subject prefix ("Re:", "Fwd:", etc.)
- Fixed: Advanced filtering dialog incorrectly filters by mail address fields.
- Fixed: Some messages composed in Outlook are missing the body.
- Fixed: SMTP time limit doesn't work properly.
+ Added: Warning is displayed if non-existing contact folder is set as the only address book used for recipient's name resolution.
- Fixed: Free/busy is not working when not-existing contact folder is set as address book used for recipient's name resolution.
- Fixed: Recurrent events could be displayed wrongly in other time zone than in the one they were created.
- Fixed: Reminders don't work if INBOX, Calendar, Tasks or Contacts folders on server have been recreated.
- Fixed: Recurrent events with different days of start and end are extended for one day every time they are saved.
- Fixed: Error status invoked during actualization of outgoing queue isn't signaled to MAPI client.
- Fixed: Recurrent tasks limited by date repeat max 10 times.
- Fixed: Reminder of last occurrence of recurrent event can't be disabled in reminder pop-up window.
- Fixed: KOC autoupdate sometimes hangs
* Improved: Error reporting system
- Fixed: If very large attachment is being sent the resulting message may be corrupted.
- Fixed: Alarm is not set for meetings from meeting requests in Outlook 2003 SP 2.
- Fixed: non-friendly error message when user tries copy/move folder to some of its subfolders.
- Fixed: Text files in Unicode are not properly handled.
- Added: Contacts may be sorted by instant messaging address now.
* Improved: Contact search using basic search (Ctrl+E) uses fast server side searching now.
* Improved: Searching (both basic and advanced ones) returns results in set order now.
- Fixed: Newly created public folder is displayed twice if user has changed her default E-mail address.
- Fixed: Sent date-time of message may be displayed incorrectly.
+ Added: Support for private calendar events.
+ Added: Task may be sorted by priority field now.
- Fixed: Meeting requests and replies can't be moved between mail folders.
- Fixed: Simultaneous change of Spam and Out-Of-Office options doesn't work
- Fixed: KOC toolbar cannot be hidden
- Fixed: Possible random hang or crash

Version 6.1.2
- December 15, 2005

* added support for Entourage 2004 SP2 (11.2.1)
* added support for groupware folders in Apple Mail 10.4. Groupware support for Apple Mail can be enabled in configuration file (variable IMAPFullListing).
- fixed stability issue when administrator corrupts consistency of user mailbox in the mailstore
- fixed handling of invalid SPF records published in sender's domain
- fixed a memory leak related to logging of reverse DNS records for incoming connections
- fixed an automatical repair procedure for Calendar and Tasks folder. Outlook did not start when these folders were corrupted.
- fixed stability issue when using Kerberos authentication on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
- reduced number of DNS lookups when received e-mail is rejected by DNS blacklist or mismatched SPF
- attachment was not removed when sending filtered message from antivirus to administrator
- default From: address in WebMail was lost on update from KMS 6.0.x
- fixed support for Thunderbird 1.5. Implemented workaround for bug in Thunderbird.
- sender's address was used while composing Received header in WebMail and Entourage 2004
- e-mail sent to user in secondary domain was delivered to primary domain if the internet hostname in KMS is equal to secondary domain
- it was not possible to create two contacts with same name in Entourage 2004
- fixed support for alternative user's e-mail address in Entourage 2004 account settings
- mail log did not contain list of all e-mail recipients
- e-mails sent from Blackberry to KMS were sometimes moved to Sent Items folder
- denial message from mailing list did not contain moderator's address
- folder beginning with tilde could not be created via IMAP
- free/busy did not contain events published in Apple iCal
- fixed LDAP lookup from Entourage
- users tracked in KMS could not login when number of users exceeded license
- fixed handling of meeting requests encoded in base64
- e-mail forwarded in recursive loop was lost
- e-mail distributed by mailing list was not stored into archive
- improved processing of filters in LDAP
- X-Envelope-To header contained BCC addresses
- improved accuracy of timer in scheduler
- fixed e-mail loop if the mailing list is a member of its own list
- some messages in security log did not contain sender's IP address
- changed startup script on Linux

Changes in Administration Console

* added option to disable protection against WebMail session hijack
* e-mail alias can contain user group
- fixed failure when editing multiple users
- lowered memory consumption in logs view
- fixed failure when creating a new user in secondary domain
- fixed check for a presence of Active Directory schema extension
- fixed disabled virus options when external antivirus is turned on
- fixed creation of new SSL certificates on Mac OS X
- fixed failure when restarting service on Mac OS X
- local time in charts was displayed in incorrect time zone
- fixed verification of backup path in UNC format
- exported statistics were not encoded in UTf-8
- fixed verification of archive folder path to avoid problems with compression of folders in message store
- fixed incorrect sorting of e-mails by size in Message Queue view
- fixed many small functional and layout glitches

Changes in Kerio Webmail

+ added option to print a day / week / month calendar
* increased limit of invited attendees in event
- fixed function "Delete all"
- events which takes place after DST change was saved incorrectly by one hour/day
- fixed occasional folder lock caused by WebMail
- improved error message when sending e-mail with too big attachment
- fixed possible crash of Safari 1.3 and 2.0 when logging to WebMail
- some message body was not displayed
- fixed problem with Next page and Previous page buttons in message list
- all day event was occasionally moved forward one day after edit
- event cancellation and permanent deletion did not work
- Reply, Reply All and Print buttons did not work in Search results window
- user quota over 2GB was displayed incorrectly
- non ASCII characters in shared folder name were displayed incorrectly
- vCard sent from Entourage X could not be opened in WebMail
- PDA interface was not detected at first login
- tasks did not sort correctly on Due In or Status
- automatic check of e-mail address overwrote additional e-mail addresses for a contact
- popup calendar in WebMail displayed yesterday's date
- modified all day event was moved one day further into the future
- resize column was not available if text is longer than column width
- fixed issues related to language translations
- fixed some small functional and layout glitches

Changes in Kerio Web Administration

* added option to disable displaying of local/mapped user accounts
- fixed listing of users with administrative rights
- fixed support for Linux PAM authentication
- fixed some small functional and layout glitches

Changes in Kerio Outlook Connector

- Fixed: If user connects or disconnects public folder of someone else he must restart Outlook to view changes in the Outlook's folder tree.
- Fixed: Outlook doesn't respect selection of account for sending messages and sends them only via KOC.
- Improved: Adding access rights to users/groups
- Fixed: Autopreview does not work.
- Fixed: Changing of subject in first exception from recurrent event causes disappear following exceptions.
- Fixed: Message stuck in Outbox with "Creating of nondelivery report failed" error
- Fixed: If recurring calendar event is created in the past, Outlook displays warning about all instances of event occuring in the past, even if several events remain for the future.
- Fixed: Invitation in encoding other than utf-8 is not seen in Outlook with KOC
- Fixed: Comment in the occurence of recurring event is removed when you change subject or location
- Fixed: Outlook crashes when network connection is lost and user sets rights of shared folder
- Fixed: Incorrectly disabled edit buttons of rules dialog may crash Outlook
- Fixed: Sharing and security tab is not read
-only on read
-only folder
- Fixed: 128 copies of one mail rule causes crash or freeze of Outlook
- Improved: Space key may be used to enable/disable mail rules
- Fixed: Snooze button of reminder window corrupts task due date
- Fixed: Can't add an Item into reply to signed email
- Fixed: Very long e-mail address causes corruption of sent message
- Fixed: KOC replaces content of clipboard by "Not Spam" icon in Outlook 2000
- Fixed: Typos on some windows
- Fixed: It's impossible to save message into msg file with Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP
- Fixed: Daily and monthly recurring events can move to wrong dates
- Fixed: Outlook doesn't enable delete just one recurrence of recurring event created by WebMail
- Fixed: Editted reoccuring event is visible in webmail but not in Outlook
- Fixed: Outlook 2003 with KOC may freeze when closing
- Fixed: Plain text only english mails may be displayed incorrectly
- Fixed: Messages in folder with name containing percent sign aren't refreshed
- Fixed: Message encoded by Quoted printable and with wrong [LF] line ends may crashes Outlook with KOC
- Fixed: Mail sent as Plain Text only contains RTF part render it multipart/alternative
- Fixed: If there is whole-day event created in the day of daylight savings begin or end in other then current year, event is displayed as longer or shorter then one day.
- Fixed: KOC tries to convert text attachment to detected code page if no code page is specified.
- Fixed: Advanced search dialog of Outlook 2000 does not display proper location of found messages.
- Fixed: Some users cannot see all calendar events in public calendar folder
- Fixed: Crash dump when working with large folders.
- Fixed: Replying to utf-8 encoded mail created in WebMail causes resulting mail to be corrupted.
- Fixed: Outlook 2003 sometimes crashes.
- Fixed: Unable to display Active Tasks filter result.
- Fixed: On some circumstances rules list file is corrupted by KOC.
- Fixed: Weekly reocurring events with period of two or more weeks are sometimes shifted by week.

* Version 6.1.1 - October 26, 2005

- Fixed: Spam Eliminator hangs on Linux platform caused by improperly added SpamAssassin patches
* Enhanced backup options: added support for differential backup, backup scheduler is more flexible
* Rotation of compressed backup files
* Improved debug logging of antivirus plug-ins
* URL format for subscribing of Apple iCal calendars was simplified
* Increased size of domain footer
* Spam log reports sender IP address
* Added support for STARTTLS in LDAP server
* Startup scripts set 'ulimit' to enable coredumps on Linux
- Fixed stability issue under high WebMail load
- Fixed performance problems when searching for a contact with national characters
- Fixed WebDAV method used for Delegation in Entourage 2004
- Fixed compression of archive and backup folders on Linux. The size of compressed files is more accurate.
- Fixed showing of overdue date in reocurring calendar events when reminder is triggered
- Fixed replication of calendar events or contacts in KSP synchronization
- Fixed handling of requests for nonexistant groups in NNTP
- Fixed ability to send e-mail to some SMTP servers that use long replies
- Fixed some stability and performance issues
- Fixed using of multi-valued attribute in Open Directory used for username
- Fixed error reported by Outlook with KOC when sending e-mail to large amount of recipients
- Fixed ability to use custom port number for synchronization in Kerio Synchronization Plug-in
- Calendar events created in Entourage 2004 were displayed always as busy
- Kerberos authentication could cause crash on SUSE Linux with SMP due to bug in system library
- Fixed possible crash if the search index for certain folder becomes corrupt
- User with Linux PAM authentication could not change his password
- 'From:' header with MIME encoded string was not correctly decoded in Spam filter
- Access list in sub-folder contained duplicate access rights
- Distribution list cannot be moved or copied in Outlook
- ORCPT address was incorrectly parsed during POP3 download
- Non-secure connections were still allowed when security policy requires to secure connection
- DNS record cache didn't respect all TTL values from DNS response
- Initial antivirus check with Eicar file produced invalid message in the error log
- SPF debug logging did not log blocked messages
- Error messages in mailing list were not send to the moderator
- LDAPS access from Apple AddressBook did not work as it requires support for STARTTLS
- Setting backup directory reported conflict with archive directory
- Message with high priority sent from WebMail or Entourage did not trigger mail queue
- Existing configuration files could be overwritten upon re-install
- McAfee antivirus was enabled by default after upgrade from previous version
- 'HEADER TO' search was not supported in IMAP
- Authentication did not work for users with roaming profiles in Active Directory if KMS runs on SUSE Linux
- Spam whitelist did not contain IP addresses of private networks if KMS runs on MacOS X
- KMS engine could not start if Store directory is on root level of the drive

Changes in Administration Console
+ Added ability to highlight certain lines of logs
* Warning dialog is displayed to administrator when product subscription expires
- Fixed displaying of error message when testing Active Directory connection
- Remove options were not displayed when deleting user from non-primary domain
- Users imported from Active Directory or NT domain had authetication set to internal database
- Searching in the user import dialog unchecked previously selected users
- Statistics and quota column in user view was sorted incorrectly
- Some dialogs could possibly freeze Administraton Console
- Fixed many small functional and layout glitches

Changes in Kerio WebMail
* Added ability to mark multiple messages as a spam at once
* Improved filtering of HTML entities in e-mail preview
* Increased performace when loading mail filters
* Increased performace of message list view
- Fixed removing of spaces while spellchecking HTML e-mail in WebMail
- Reply to invitation from WebMail may cause Outlook crash
- Sorting of contacts in card view was incorrect
- Attachments from AppleMail on Tiger was not visible in WebMail and Outlook
- Fixed shift to previous day when switching calendar view or saving event
- Free/busy showed always 24-hour time format regardless time format from Settings
- 'From' column was displayed instead of 'To' in Drafts and Sent Items folder when preview pane is on the right side
- Fixed default reminder date and time when editting new task
- Right-click menu didn't work correctly in Firefox
- Normal user could move folders to Public folders
- Today window became corrupted in Firefox after repeated reload
- Browser context menu (Copy, Paste, ...) was missing in input fields
- "Delete" button remained selected after click on it
- Delete key did not work in quick search input box in toolbar
- Forwarding of text/plain e-mail removed brackets from URL in the text
- Incorrect time was displayed in tasks when setting new time zone
- Month names in calendar were not translated
- Fixed "Due date has expired" warning when editting task with no assigned date
- Fixed problems with HTML formatting when editting draft
- New category name was not saved when saving contact
- 'Fw:' was repeated in subject of forwarded e-mail
- Duplicate address was allowed in spam whitelist
- Fixed message selection with Shift+arrows
- Shared folder could not be unsubscribed if the original folder stopped sharing
- All day events were sorted randomly in week and month view
- Changing of a start time in events did not update reminder time
- Compact layout settings required logout to take effect
- Original message headers were not included on reply or forward
- Improved optimization for Palm Tungsten C (Web Browser 2.0)
- WebMail session sometimes unexpectedly expired
- Fixed many small functional and layout glitches

Changes inKerio Web Admininstration
- Fixed many small functional and layout glitches

Changes in Kerio Outlook Connector
- Fixed: Email headers from other emails/calendar events appear in bodyof other emails
- Fixed: Copying HTML only message from KOC into Personal Folders in Outlook 2003 corrupts the message.
- Fixed: Accidental crash durring Outlook session.
- Changed: Crash dump files are smaller.
- Fixed: Crash occurs durring normal work with Outlook
- Fixed: Possible freeze-up of Outlook when emptying Deleteted Items folder
- Fixed: Freeze-up of Outlook occurs during normal work
- Fixed: Minor memory leak in KOC GUI extensions.
- Changed: Format of mail to send to contact is changed from "RTF format" to "Outlook choose proper format".
- Added: Support for built-in search folders of Outlook 2003
- Fixed: Incomming delivery-status-notification is spoiled by KOC in Inbox.
- Fixed: Incomming message-disposition-notification is spoiled by KOC in Inbox.
- Fixed: Sending mail on behalf of another user doesn't work.
- Fixed: iCal events specified by DTSTART/DURATION pair are displayed as infinite ones.
- Fixed: Exchange is unable to read messages with different charsets in headers and bodies correctly.
- Changed: It's possible to mark more messages as spam at once now.
- Fixed: Minor bug in RTF/Unicode conversion
- Fixed: SMTP uses time limit configured by user (the same value as IMAP)
- Fixed: Possible deadlocks during sending of messages

Version 6.1.0 - July 18, 2005

+ WebMail mini
+ support for MacOS X Tiger (10.4) - !!! MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar) is no longer supported
+ Kerio Synchronization Plug-in for Outlook (synchronization of contacts and calendars in Outlook e-mail profile)
+ contact synchronization with Apple Address Book support for Apple iCal (and other iCal products)
* improved and enhanced anti-spam filtering
+ Sender Policy Framework
+ E-mail size limit for each user restricting user to send/receive e-mail only within his domain ability
+ to use two antiviruses simultaneously (McAfee + one external plugin)
+ HTML editor in new mail composer in WebMail (MS IE, Mozilla, Firefox)
+ new antivirus plug-in for VisNetic (Windows) and NOD32 LMS free/busy
+ dialog in WebMail Web Administration interface (http://server/admin) for domain administration
+ support for PDA in WebMail (http://server/pda)
- many bugfixes in WebMail
* new SpamAssassin 3.0.2

Version 6.0.10 - May 12, 2005

Fixed crash when downloading certain email in IMAP or Outlook with KOC.
Linux: fixed possible crash when parsing email with multiple embedded .eml attachments.
Fixed blank window in MS IE after login to the WebMail (MS IE is incorrectly caching compressed pages).
Fixed error '503 Too many connections' in WebMail.
Windows: fixed WMI Performance Monitor module.
Fixed authentication to HTTP proxy server.
Fixed high CPU load while viewing certain recurrent calendar events.
Linux: fixed possible crash on multi-processor machine with wrong glibc library.
Fixed occasional long delay in synchronization of certain email folders in Entourage 2004.
Fixed creation of incremental backup files. A full backup of message store after upgrade is highly suggested.

Note: KOC 6.0.0-6.0.7 is automatically updated to KOC 6.0.8, KOC 6.0.9 will be automatically upgraded to 6.0.10. Upgrade step 6.0.8 -> 6.0.9 (6.0.10) must be done by hand. KMS 6.0.10 requires KOC 6.0.8 and higher.

Version 6.0.9 - April 13, 2005

* new version of McAfee engine 4400
+ added support for Blackberry WebClient service
* added Received header to e-mail messages sent from WebMail or Entourage 2004 to users inside domain
* added logging of client IP address for unsuccessful authentication
- fixed locking of user mailbox in case of network failure or connection timeout on client side (the user couldn't login into his mailbox and sometimes blocked the delivery queue).
- improved checking of LDAP queries to KMS, LDAP server in KMS is read-only.
- fixed stability issues under heavy load on multi-processor RedHat Linux systems
- fixed several issues in the remote administration protocol
- changed SpamAssassin rules to avoid false-positive results for e-mails from Aol and Yahoo domain
- changed starting of KMS in KMS monitor on MacOS X. The limit of open files increased to avoid occasional 'too many open files' error.
- fixed possible hang or high CPU usage while viewing certain specific e-mail in WebMail
- fixed format of read receipts in non-English localization of WebMail interface

Changes in Kerio Outlook Connector
IMPORTANT NOTE: This version requires full installation!
- Changed: SP1 for Outlook 2003 is required.
- Added: Free/busy can use HTTPS protocol. Note: Trusted certificate of server has to be installed on client to use this.
- Added: KOC supports encrypted messages (receiving/sending). Note: Read Outlook manual to know how to send encrypted messages.
- Added: Automatic update is able to use HTTPS.
- Added: Plaintext part of read/nonread report generated by KOC contains 'subject', 'to' and 'submit-time' of original message.
- Added: Support for 'Message disposition notifications'
- Added: Support for 'Delivery status notifications'
- Changed: Nondelivery report generated by KOC has PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS.MSGFLAG_UNSENT flag cleared.
- Changed: Read receipts from O2K are sent even if it can't be configured through "Tracking options" configuration page.
- Changed: Transport provider is redesigned, message sending operations should be more reliable
- Improved: Speed of loading of attachments
- Fixed: Unable to send meeting request with attachment to more than one user.
- Fixed: Message in outbox can't be opened or deleted before spooler starts submitting.
- Fixed: Can't accept or reject task in Outlook XP and 2003
- Fixed: Meeting accept mail displays "Location" field empty.
- Fixed: Slash signs in folder names causes error in KOC and new folder is not created.
- Fixed: Pictures included in HTML mails are not accessed in Sent Items folder.
- Fixed: Semicolon character in the name of attachment causes truncating of that name.
- Fixed: Sending fails when message is submitted from message stores other than KOC (Personal folders, ...)
- Fixed: Sending fails when message is submitted from 'non-outlook' environment (MS Word, ...)
- Fixed: Multiple emails are sent if Outlook (with same account) is running in two or more locations
- Fixed: Sending email sometimes generates "Unknown Error"
- Fixed: Outlook 2000/XP get stuck when you sent new email after some inactivity timeout

Version 6.0.8 - February 24, 2005
- fixed occasional corruption of search.fld files causing non-functional search in some folders
- fixed some memory leaks in KMS engine
- fixed problems with compatibility between Kerio Outlook Connector and Outlook 2000
Changes in Kerio Outlook Connector
- Fixed: eml files were handled as binary attachments instead of embeded messages.
- Fixed: Contacts with very long lines in comments field may freeze Outlook.
- Fixed: Categories are not saved for events and tasks.
- Fixed: When more then one message arrive at once the first one is displayed only.
- Fixed: Unable to save categories for contacts.
- Fixed: Error when saving contact containing e-mail address in Outlook 2000.
- Fixed: Unable to send mail to address choosen from Outlook's Address Book in Outlook 2000.
- Known Issue: Outlook Address Book of Outlook 2000 displays empty list of contacts after creation of new contact in Contacts folder.
- Workaround: Restart of Outlook 2000 fixes this.
- Known Issue: In rare cases the outgoing e-mail remains in the Outbox folder of Outlook 2000 and won't send. Check if there isn't any antivirus product filtering SMTP protocol installed on the client. Uninstall all MAPI extensions from Outlook (add-ins, antivirus plugins).
- Workaround: Restart of Outlook 2000 fixes this.

Version 6.0.7 - February 1, 2005
* improved LDAP server. Added support for composite LDAP queries from Outlook 2003 and Entourage 2004.
* added detailed logging of errors if the search.fld file is corrupted
* improved manipulation with e-mails in Public folders and Archive folders in Entourage 2004
- fixed failure after unloading of McAfee antivirus plug-in on Windows
- fixed problem with stability under high load on MacOS X
- fixed occasional malfunction if the search index file has been corrupted
- MacOS X: services can run on every single IP address (even on secondary one)
- fixed high CPU load while viewing certain calendar events

Changes in Kerio Outlook Connector
- Fixed: Unable to accept task request if it has some attachment attached.
- Fixed: Unable to mark meeting request unread.
- Fixed: Sending mail on behalf of another user doesn't work.
- Fixed: Errors when creating exceptions from recurrent appointments.
- Fixed: HTML mail copied to Personal Folders lost its body.
- Fixed: After saving task without some date set it's set to invalid date.
- Added: Meeting answers have more detailed text part.
* Changed: Text parts of meeting requests are localized.
- Fixed: Creating contact w/o any name and company causes "Corrupted Item".
- Fixed: Plain text mails w/o charset header are displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed: IMAP folder with corrupted name freezes KOC.
- Fixed: Possible memory leak when working with attachments.
- Fixed: Access violation when exporting to .pst files.
- Fixed: Scrolling to middle of folder does not work.
+ Added: Sending of signed mails. Full install required. Please note: encrypted mails are still unsupported.
- Fixed: HTML body is incorrectly decoded by Outlook if there is wrong or missing charset info in MIME headers of HTML part of mail.
- Fixed: Postal address label is stored in annotations and it's unable to change it by WebMail.
- Fixed: Unable to view group schedules
* Changed: Address labels for contacts if missing they are calculated on-the-fly
- Fixed: Message is corrupted and possible unable to open when server file contains TNEF attachment.

Version 6.0.6 - December 22, 2004
- fixed setting of WAP authentication (PIN code) in Administration Console
- fixed setting of Master Password authentication in Administration Console
- global Public folders for all domains are now visible in Entourage 2004
- fixed stability when sending notifications from user's filter
- fixed problem with stability in Fax plugin

Version 6.0.5 - December 14, 2004
+ added Polish translation of WebMail and reports added Portuguese
+ translation of WebMail interface
* passwords for local users can be now stored using stronger encryption. Passwords are stored in irreversible form thus some authentication method requiring knowledge of user's password (Cram-MD5, Digest-MD5, APOP) cannot be used for authentication of the user with strong password encryption.
* product directory and files permissions are restricted to Administrator and Local System
* improvement: e-mails sent from WebMail are in iso-8859-1 instead of utf-8 charset (if possible) to avoid problems with clients which don't support utf-8 for reading
* improved synchronization speed in Entourage 2004
* new OpenSSL 0.9.7e libraries
- fixed subscribing of newsgroups from KMS NNTP server in Entourage 2004
- fixed occasional problem with Kerberos authentication to Active Directory on Linux (getKrb5Load error)
- search in e-mails now works also for e-mail addresses with dots
- aliases to public folders can be routed to other domains if the public folders are unique for each domain
- KMS correctly interprets temporary failure in SMTP session
- all IP addresses are now listed in the services tab on Apple MacOS X
- fixed crash if index.fld file is deleted while KMS run
- new ability to edit settings of multiple users at once in Administration console
- fixed displaying of messages with corrupted charset in WebMail

Version 6.0.4 - November 15, 2004
- fixed encoding of message subject in Spam log
- fixed timezone handling in free/busy informations
- fixed displaying of empty e-mail body in WebMail
- English dictionary is the default in WebMail
- fixed high memory requirements during synchronization of e-mails in Entourage
- new user statistics overview in Administration console
- many minor bugfixes in Administration console
Changes in Outlook Connector since 6.0.3
* Changed: KOC accepted mails with another corrupted quoted-printable encoded parts.
- Fixed: Plain text mails loosing national characters when forwarding.
+ Added: Description in tasks, contacts and meetings uses Unicode now.
* Changed: If incoming mail misses "Importance" header KOC uses "X-Priority" header instead.
* Changed: Checkbox on Sender page of configuration dialog has been removed.
- Fixed: Unable to view copied folder in Outlook 2003
- Fixed: Messages sometimes stay in Outbox and aren't sent
- Fixed: HTML parts of meeting requests and replies have incorrect line ends.
- Fixed: Move dialog for filter rules allows select folder without write access.
- Fixed: Outlook stops to display reminders sometimes.
* Changed: Speed optimization in contents tables.
+ Added: NTLM authentization for SMTP
- Fixed: Outlook stops notify user about new mails when connection has been closed (and re-established)
- Fixed: Repeating whole-day events have wrong times if entered in different day-light saving.
* Changed: KOC accepted mails with corrupted quoted-printable encoded parts.
* Changed: Contacts, Events and other Outlook's objects are loaded faster.
+ Added: Ability to search contacts for their middle name and nickname (require KMS 6.0.4)
+ Added: It is possible to display notes and comments for Outlook objects (excluding mails).
+ Added: Text part of meeting reply mail is more informative now.
+ Added: Search for comleting recipient names (Ctrl+K) is done on server now.
- Fixed: If custom From address is specified and no Reply-To address then default address is used for Reply-To instead of From one.
- Fixed: Outlook 2000 crashes when the "Spam" button is pressed.

Version 6.0.3 - September 30, 2004
+ added protection for critical bug in Microsoft products: Buffer overrun exploit in JPEG processing (GDI+) - (833987)
Kerio MailServer automatically scans attachments for malicious JPEG images and identify them as an exploit.
This vulnerability has impact on all Microsoft products, more information at
+ added new rulesets into SpamAssassin engine to improve spam detection
* highly improved accurancy of Bayes filter
* improved performance and stability of interface for Entourage X/2004
- fixed occasional error in McAfee plugin on MacOS
- fixed potential security issue
- fixed displaying of free/busy information in Outlook 2003 with installed Kerio Outlook Connector
- fixed multiplication of calendar events in Entourage 2004

Version 6.0.2 - September 13, 2004
+ new plugin for Sophos antivirus for MacOS
+ import of users from Novell NDS (eDirectory)
+ added Swedish WebMail translation
+ added French WebMail translation
+ new Spam log with messages recognized or marked as a spam
* plugin for NOD32 antivirus supports NOD32 v2.0 (include scanning of archives)
* SpamAssassin engine 2.6.3
* new version of Perl library - 5.8.4
* new version of PHP library - 4.3.8
* new version of McAfee antivirus plugin for Linux and MacOS
* the name of some debug log items has been changed
* SpamAssassin's Bayes filter is stored in the store directory
- From/To addresses are sorted by the real name, not by the e-mail address itself
- antivirus plugin for Symantec Scan Engine works even if no address has been entered
- compressing of archive folders can be completely disabled
- fixed occassional engine stopping when user marks message as spam
- optimized size of .tar archive in differential or incremental backup
- fixed sendmail utility for Linux and MacOS
- fixed memory leaks and performance problems when using WebMail (Linux and MacOS)
- fixed bad login username in LDAP access to Apple OpenDirectory
- logs are created in correct location after changing the store directory
- LDAP operations are logged in the debug log
- write rights can be set for the user also on Public Folders root
- messages to users in internal database are processed even if external LDAP service is down
- spam subject prefix is inserted also to messages without subject
- HTTP and NNTP login counts are recorded in users statistics
- fixed autoreply formatting in WebMail
- fixed minor bugs in WebMail

Changes in Outlook Connector since 6.0.1
- Fixed: Crash when importing messages without Date: header
- Fixed: Reply-to: header is not encoded into UTF-8 char set
- Fixed: Attachment without specified file name is hard to open
- Fixed: From column in Outlook is displayed empty if conntains e-mail address only (w/o real name)
- Fixed: Mail's headers are not displayed on Properties window
- Fixed: Requests for read/nonread reports aren't handled properly
- Fixed: Folders with subfolders aren't deleted in some cases
- Fixed: Group of bugs related to sending messages (transport provider redesigned)

Changes in AD Extensions since 6.0.1
- fixed "operation failed" error when finishing KerioMailServer task in AD extension
- fixed error after pressing "Back" button in user creation wizard

Changes in OD Extensions since 6.0.1
- installer modifies the file /etc/openldap/slapd.conf correctly

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************************************
Version 6.0.1 - August 12, 2004
+ added Dutch WebMail translation
* Webmail can show multiple reply-to addresses in mail message
* password change in webmail takes effect immediately (user record is removed from internal cache)
+ subfolders in Public folders and Archive folder have access rights inherited from parent folder
(if you don't want to have some public folder accessible for everyone, remove rights from parent folder and set access rights only in particular folders)
+ archive folders are accessible by administrators, administrator can set folder sharing for other users
- fixed some protocol errors in IMAP server
+ public folders can be set up to be separate for each domain (Administration Console/Domains/Advanced)
- fixed some security problems with embedded HTTP server
- fixed errors in interaction between POP3 and Webmail accessing same mailbox
- fixed possible failure when Administrator Console retrieves user statistics
- when some service fails to start on one of multiple assigned ports, the error is handled correctly
- shipping correct version of McAfee plugin and engine on Mac
- fixed problem with Kerberos authentication in Windows 2003 domain
* speed improvements in Webmail
- Public folders are accessible in Entourage

Changes in Outlook Connector since 6.0.0
+ Added: Support for copying/moving messages from Exchange Message Stores.
* Changed: It's no longer necessary to start user names with tilda while adding shared folder.
- Fixed: Count of found items in extended searching dialog is not updated while searching.
- Fixed: Sending from non-outlook programs causes non delivery report
- Fixed: Messages created by KOC don't contain Message-ID header
- Fixed: Minor bug in contents table searching
+ Added: Support of read and nonread reports
- Fixed: Multiple addresses can't be added at once in 'New mail / To' form
- Fixed: Quoted printable mails have too long lines
+ Added: Name of "Archive Folders" folder is localized
- Fixed: Address headers contain both "real name" and "address" if they are same
- Fixed: Incorrect decoding of quoted-printable encoded mails: The line breaks have been removed.
- Fixed: Incorrect encoding into base64: lines in mail are not wrapped.
- Fixed: Error in processing of mails: Attachments are truncated to zero length when read flag is set.
+ Added: Alternate From: and Reply-To: addresses can be added in profile configration dialog.

Changes in MT since RC 2:
- Requires: KMS 6.0.1
- Included: KOC 6.0.1
- Changed: New migration engine

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************************************
Version 6.0.0 - July 22, 2004
+ groupware features (shared calendar, contacts, tasks, etc.)
+ MS Outlook integration using Kerio Outlook Connector
+ new re-vamped WebMail
+ new SpamAssassin engine
+ learning Bayesian filter (requires Kerio Outlook Connector or Kerio WebMail)
+ new backup and recovery
+ migration tool from MS Exchange
+ SMTP routing for multi-location deployments
+ new non-commercial blacklists
Note: The current version of Kerio Outlook Connector does not support non-English versions of Microsoft Office. A future release will have this support.

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