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DNS2Go with Remote Control Software:

Remote Control Software (PC Anywhere, RemotelyAnywhere, VNC, etc.) allows users to have full access to computers from remote locations, as if they were actually on that PC. Most Remote Access software has a server and client piece, and the client is generally required to connect to a specific address or domain on the Remote Control server.

DNS2Go allows you to find the Remote Access server with a human-friendly domain name (regardless of the current IP address), and that's half the battle. Simply signing up for a DNS2Go account will get you that far.

Now included in DNS2Go is VNC Remote Control software, at no additional charge. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is one of the most popular, easy to use Remote Control applications, capable of accommodating nearly any scenario. Simply install DNS2Go on the computer you wish to Remote Control into, and you have a comprehensive Dynamic DNS/Remote Control server that is easy to administer and provides all of the necessary requirements for Remote Access.

For configuration instructions, use the VNC Setup Guide.

Configuration instructions for other Remote Control applications are included below.

DNS2Go with PC Anywhere (version 8/9)
DNS2Go with PC Anywhere (version 10)
DNS2Go and RemotelyAnywhere (version 3.5)

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