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DNS2Go Release Notes

DNS2Go Client Version (Released January 6, 2013)
  1. Modified installation folder and registry for new installs.
  2. Fixed issue on Windows 2003 where HTML link buttons were incorrect.
  3. Fixed issue where VNC service control was lost in certain UAC configurations.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released January 2, 2013)
  1. Fixed client service tab crash issue.
  2. Implemented Trusted Publisher Authenticode executable signing with secure certificate.
  3. Fixed issue where client would not run without Win XP SP3 compatibility set.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released June 26, 2012)
  1. Modified contact email addresses and links to reflect shift to Deerfield Communications Inc.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released May 3, 2012)
  1. Fixed issue where DNS2Go Client tray icon would not update connection status.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released October 11, 2011)
  1. Fixed issue where DNS2Go Client Service would crash on Windows Server 2008 64 bit.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released August 8, 2011)
  1. Improved Event Logging.
  2. Added Debug Logging to Options Tab.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released August 1, 2011)
  1. Fixed issue where DNS2Go Client would not reconnect to service if Internet connection was lost for longer than a minute.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released February 26, 2010)
  1. Improved support for Windows User Access Control.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released January 12, 2010)
  1. Fixed issue where IP address was not being properly set when custom DNS was selected.
  2. Fixed issue where offline status was not being set.
  3. Fixed issue where offline custom DNS was not being set.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released February 12, 2009)
  1. Fixed issue where TCP heartbeat logic would cause service to crash.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released March 7, 2008)
  1. Fixed issue where auto retry was not honoring application settings.
  2. Fixed issue where connecting to service indication was not functioning.
  3. Fixed issue where account disabled was not being honored.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released February 22, 2008)
  1. Fixed issue where account authentication failure would not stop service.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released November 6, 2007)
  1. Split client and service into separate applications to support Win2k3 and Vista.
  2. Version 4 of DNS2Go is not compatible with Win 95/98/ME, use Version 3.

DNS2Go Client Version (Release May 16, 2006)
  1. Updated RealVNC to Released version 4.1.2

DNS2Go Client Version (Released August 10, 2005)
  1. Modified client to add Account Manger Login Email address to options tab.
  2. Modified client to use Account Manager Login Email address and reg key to log into Account Manager.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released July 27, 2005)
  1. Modified client to get online and offline options from server during authentication and update its settings.
  2. Fixed issue where redirect status was not properly displayed.

DNS2Go Client Version (Internal Release July 26, 2005)
  1. Fixed the Message text on the status tab so it will now work as a hyperlink.
  2. Fixed issue where heartbeat was resetting the Client connection settings.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released June 23, 2005)
  1. Added support for Custom DNS.
  2. Added "connected to server" support.
  3. Added dynamic configuaration from Account Manager support.
  4. Updated RealVNC to Released version 4.1.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released June 22, 2004)
  1. Resolved issue where client would crash when running as a service and detail view selected within Log Viewer.
  2. Updated RealVNC to Released version 4.0.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released May 17, 2004)
  1. Resolved NT4 "Unable to find Process Next32 in Kernel32.dll" defect.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released April 2004)
  1. Added support for VNC "Virtual Network Computing." Remote Control software allowing you to view and interact with another computer anywhere on the Internet.

DNS2Go Client Version (Released March 2004)
  1. Added "Email" tab and reorganized email configuration and transfer.
  2. Added button html link to online Email Manager (only shows if subscribed to Email Routing).

DNS2Go Client Version (Released Dec. '03)
  1. Removed the "Tell a friend" link from the "web" application menu. It was no longer being represented on the product website.
  2. Added the ability to view the current release notes from the application's Help menu.
  3. Resolved defect that prevented the "Tip of the Day" dialog window from appearing when requested explicitly from the application's main menu. It should always appear in this case, even if the "show tips on startup" option is disabled.

DNS2Go Client Version (Internal test build)
  1. Simplified the reconnection retry logic and made it more robust. First, the default number of times a DNS2Go service connection will be re-attempted has been increased from 25 to 60. Next, the retry wait logic has been altered to increase the retry frequency. Connection retries will now start within 1 minute of a connection failure (e.g. a spurious disconnection), with wait times then doubled up to a 5-minute ceiling.
  2. Improved logging that occurs within the UDP heartbeat processing thread. The thread will now warn the user (via an entry in the DNS2Go Client log file) when UDP heartbeats time out repeatedly, and advise that they open inbound port 1227 UDP on their firewall. It will then mark the TCP heartbeat attempt and report any errors that result.
  3. IP address change detections are now logged in the DNS2Go Client log file. Users will now have access to historical information about IP address changes, which will be useful for troubleshooting and informational purposes.
  4. Resolved a few cosmetic bugs with window colors and control positioning.
  5. Numerous compilation-level performance optimizations.

DNS2Go Client Version
  1. Modified the method used to launch the browser to access many web-based resources. Now provides broader browser compatibility.

  2. Updated the URLs of several web-based resources.

  3. Re-structured the registration tab window slightly to make room for a "Manage Account / Multiple Domains" button.

  4. Added a link to the DNS2Go blog. This link goes to the technology blog index.

DNS2Go Client Version
  1. Resolves an issue reported by users where the RAS auto dial feature would connect and then immediately disconnect

DNS2Go Client Version (Version 2.7)
  1. Modified the client to support the new commercial licensing model.

  2. Modified the domain registration wizard.

  3. Modified the EULA and AUP to be consistent with the new commercial licensing model.

DNS2Go Client Version (Version 2.6)

Implemented the new DNS2Go Client Messaging System.
  1. Interface change - the client status tab (front page) now provides a "messages" indicator in the service summary pane. When system messages are waiting to be read, this indicator becomes a hyperlink, allowing the user to click and read system messages. The indicator is not hyperlinked when no messages are waiting to be read.

  2. Interface change - the application tray icon context menu now supports a "read messages" menu option that is only enabled when messages are waiting to be read by the user.

  3. Interface change - the application tray icon now interpolates with an envelope icon when system messages are awaiting for the current user. The icon flashes between the DNS2Go icon and the envelope icon every half a second.

  4. Electing to read waiting messages will simply log the user into the web-based DNS2Go account manager, which is where the message reading process will take place.

    Once the user takes an action to read waiting system messages, the tray icon will stop flashing, and will remain dormant for approx 2 hours.

Release Notes DNS2Go Client Version (Version 2.5)
  1. Added an option of "All Day" to the RAS Scheduler. This option allows user to easily schedule a dial-up event, which lasts all day.

  2. Added the option for the RAS Scheduler to "maintain a dial-up connection". If this option is selected, the DNS2Go client will attempt to re-dial a dropped connection indefinitely.

  3. Added an offline option to " Retain last known settings (do not change my domain)". Essentially if the option is selected, no changes will be made to the customer's domain when they go offline.

  4. Updated EULA and Acceptable Use Policy in the installer.

  5. Added new "default" buttons to the "settings" and "options" tab; clicking the button will allow you to restore the tab's default settings. On the settings tab, you can restore just the online settings, just the offline settings, or both at once.

  6. Altered the main options tab window to allow users to enter a custom number of connection retry attempts. Previously, this was a drop-down box with a maximum retry limit of 50; this was too limiting for some users. They can now enter whatever value suits their needs (up to 9999999). Defaults to 25.

  7. Numerous usability and bounds checking improvements.