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Basic DNS2Go Installation Instructions will explain how to initiate your Dynamic DNS service.

DNS2Go is a perfect fit if you have a dynamic IP address and require Remote Control. DNS2Go includes a comprehensive bundle that contains a Dynamic DNS system, as well as Remote Control Software (VNC) that is easy to use and administer, yet provides all of the necessary functionality for Remote Access. Additional information is available for other Remote Control applications.

In order to host a website, there must be a web server running. The web server is responsible for accepting requests from a visitor and presenting the proper pages in an Internet browser. With DNS2Go, the visitor only needs to enter the domain name, and the Web server handles the rest.

When DNS2Go is coupled with a FTP server, sharing files with peers is easy and efficient. Not only does a FTP server historically offer reliable file transfer, but a secure method of allowing others to share files (through password authentication).

A visitor can access the FTP server in a number of ways, directly in an Internet Browser ( or with an FTP client.

With DNS2Go, there's no reason to be tied down to the email address an ISP assigns (e.g.,

Each DNS2Go domain is unique, and with the help of an email server, it's possible to create nearly any user name. Imagine being When DNS2Go is online and the email server is running, receive email for the DNS2Go domain immediately. also provides valuable, inexpensive email services to help maintain email accounts for an email server that can't be online all the time.

Some online games allow for the hosting of private gaming sessions. When other players want to connect to a private game host, they need to know the IP address. Traditionally, gamers had to communicate the IP addresses, as well as a time to play, via Email or instant messaging.

Since an IP address can change often, communicating these updates becomes more hassle than it's worth. With DNS2Go, gamers don't have to remember an IP address. Just enter the domain name ( and start gaming!

Keeping in touch face-to-face with family or business partners doesn't have to be difficult.

By using communication software that can accept an IP address, DNS2Go can associate an easy to remember name to any IP address. Avoid costly fees and endless directory listings, use DNS2Go.

Run any application that allows outside visitors to connect, without forcing them to find an IP address. Provide them with the DNS2Go name, and create a unique presence on the Internet.

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