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DNS2Go with IIS (Internet Information Server) on Windows 2000

Installing Internet Information Server (IIS) may require your Windows 2000 CD. Before following these steps please have your Windows 2000 CD available and in your CD-ROM drive. IIS requires advanced knowledge of using Web Servers and creating Web sites. Please refer to the help documentation for complete information.

Install IIS

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel and select the Add/Remove Programs icon
  2. Select Add/Remove Windows Components
  3. Place a check next to Internet Information Services (IIS)
  4. Click Next
  5. Insert Windows 2000 CD if prompted to
  6. Setup will copy files to your local hard drive
  7. Click Finish when setup is complete
  8. To manage IIS requires advanced knowledge of using Web Servers and creating Web sites. Help documentation can be found under the Computer Manager or Personal Web Manager in Administrative Tools of the Windows Control Panel
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  9. IIS, by default, servers the default.htm file in the wwwroot directory when you access IIS with a browser
  10. Use a good Web editing tool, such as, FrontPage or HomeSite to create your new Web page, save the default.htm page in your Home wwwroot directory
Install DNS2Go 1.0 or above
  1. Register your DNS2Go Domain Name at the DNS2Go sign up page
  2. Download and install the DNS2Go client on the same computer IIS is installed on
  3. Register DNS2Go using the registration information sent to your Email address
  4. Make sure DNS2Go is on-line
  5. Open a Web browser and type in your DNS2Go Domain Name, for example:

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