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System Requirements

Minimum Recommended Requirements
  • CPU PII 750Mhz
  • VisNetic Mail Server (v8.3.5 and greater) may be installed on Win 2K, Win XP or Win 2K3.
  • VisNetic MailServer (v9.1 and greater) may be installed on Win 2K, Win XP, Win 2Ks or Vista.
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Additional RAM is required as user accounts are added; 6 - 50 users, 512 MB; 50 to 2000 users, 1GB; Over 5000 users, 2GB, plus ODBC..
  • Typical hard-disk space required: 30 MB, additional disk space required for mail storage.
  • TCP/IP is required for local LAN operation; for Internet operation, access to the Internet, applicable TCP Ports opened at the Gateway Firewall and a properly configured MX record for the host name at the DNS server are required.

Mail Server

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