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Introducing VisNetic Mail Server 8.0

VisNetic Mail Server 8.0 features a brand new administration console revamped to present configuration settings and options more logically, easing mail server administration.

ISPs, educational institutions, enterprise and small businesses alike will find the new interface more intuitive and easily customized. The VisNetic Mail Server Console is also completely localizable.

In addition to its new interface and customizable toolbar, VisNetic Mail Server 8.0 features new monitoring and statistical analysis tools and centralized services management.

VisNetic Mail Server 8.0 also features a fully functional, conventional web server for better administration of VisNetic WebMail and a new Command Line Tool that allows administrators to modify all mail server settings from a simple command line.

Learn More
                        New Interface
                        Customizable Toolbar
                        Improved Services Management
                        User Groups
                        Centralized Monitoring
                        Account & Mailing List Maintenance
                        Enhancements to VisNetic WebMail
                        Black & White List Management
                        Conventional Web Server
                        New Command Line Tool

New Interface

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