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VisNetic MailServer 9.3 - What's New?

With added support for mobile devices, browsers and other applications, improvements to the mail server engine, and new features added to every component in VMS, this is a critical release that is recommended for all users


Safari Support - Latest Mac OS X Leopard (and Windows) Safari is completely supported by WebMail including all features and controls. You don't have to leave your favorite browser to check emails.

Firefox Support - Firefox is also now fully supported in version 9.3, allowing users to access WebMail through their favorite browser.

PDA iPhone Skin - dedicated skin for iPhone with extra features- home and contacts.

Personalities - Personalities are useful when several aliases exist for the same account. By defining a From: name and alias email address users can impersonate separate identities for emailing friends, colleagues, or business partners, with the correspondence still delivered to the same mailbox. Several users can access common mailboxes and have their messages sorted to folders with the use of "plus addressing", such as

Speed and Performance Enhancements: New PHP 5.2.6 FastCGI multi-process engine with automatic PHP recovery for rock-solid web applications

Open Email in New Window - You can lookup previous emails on a given subject using full text search or selecting from the message list and double-clicking or using Enter, and they will be opened in separate windows for copy paste actions or quick reference, with the option to minimize those not in use to right-hand dock.

RSS/Atom Feed Reader - RSS (Really Simple Syndication) gives users access to frequently updated content such as Blog entries, news headlines, stock quotes or podcasts, from within the WebMail Pro interface. You can sort feeds using color flags, nested folders, move/delete them with a mouse, and have new articles downloaded on login or on schedule.

MailServer Engine

Load Balancing - Master/Slave Mode - if the server is configured as slave, actions already performed by the master are skipped (remote server watchdog, backup, AD sync, antispam reports, mail archive backup, Bayes indexing), so that actions are not duplicated and resources wasted.

New Rules/CF Action - message headers (add, update, delete header) can now be edited within Rules. It can be done on the user, domain and global level and never affects the other levels, the master message file is preserved. Examples and structure have been updated. This header transformation is also implemented for content filters.

SSL Tunnel - CA verification and peer CA files provide rich Status/Session monitoring, serious security levels, a replacement for a VPN system, and the possibility to secure protocols such as VNC, RDP, NetBios.

Service IP Address binding/ Verify peer certificate- secure a specific MailServer service, e.g. WebMail, by creating a client certificate for each user and send them the client cert, then on VMS, create a new Control service binding and request a peer certificate verification.

Administration GUI

Account Statistics / Mailbox Quota - The account statistics returned by the server contain mailbox quota (if enabled) in percentage. The GUI has been also updated so you can see the list of users and their current quota usage in percentage of the quota set.

Startup Mode Setting - each service can now be set to automatically or manually start.

Password Policy: Notify users "x" days before password expiration with a custom message.

Mailing List System Variables - final recipient/member variables used for each out going message. This allows you to use %%recipient%% and similar variables containing the member information when sending a mailer out.

Mail Archive - "Do not archive spam" option added. No spam will be archived any longer with this option enabled.

Local User Options - "User can send mail to local domains only" option now available.

WebMail Sessions - All WebMail sessions are now displayed and a Kill session has now been implemented.

Status Info - Traffic and volume charts have been updated. Save To File (exports Account Statistics, Traffic Charts, Volume chart to jpeg) support has also been added.

API Variables - Command tool display system, * (wildcard) will display all system variables and their values. Works with account, domain, service, and system calls as well.

Mobile Services / SyncML

SMS Server - Full-featured software gateway to mobile networks allowing users to send and receive SMS messages, send bulk text messages and use SyncML Push technology. By using a special internal protocol, you can bridge email and text messages to send SMS alerts and notifications anywhere where you can send an email. Advanced features include user authentication, gateway load-balancing and support for both locally connected and remote HTTP gateways.

SyncML SMS Push - SyncML SMS Push brings unattended SyncML synchronization invoked by SMS on server event (change in IMAP or GroupWare data). Current state of implementation works withSynthesis, Funambol and Nokia Push. The solution is TCP/IP Push ready, to trigger synchronization via HTTP connection.

DES Encryption Support - DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm based data security can be enabled in Funambol SyncML client to protect data transferred in the synchronization process (emails, contacts, events, notes etc).

Backup and Restore Sync Modes - New backup/restore sync modes available via BACKUP URL parameter. Any data type such as Contacts, Events (which are possible to synchronize already), but also SMS, MMS, Bookmarks (beside nested) can be saved to File resource. This allows users to create a backup safely stored on the server, which can be used to easily restore user content in case the device was lost, stolen, or data corruption occurred. Since backups use non-browsable files as the target, any device is compatible with this feature.

Mail Filters - Mail filters support for Funambol (and some other mail synchronization capable clients) has been greatly enhanced as per SyncML 1.2 specification. Using filters, you can limit what data will be actually pulled from the server (header/body/attachment, maximum size, time received, attachment stripping and body concatenation).

Mail Server

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