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Email Server

Scalability, Security and Speed
Professional server engine represents the core component of the whole communication solution, built upon Internet standards compliant mail server with DB connectivity, Active Directory integration, multithreaded SSL secured services and support for multi CPU systems. Each version incorporates OpenLDAP, load-balancing, DNS SmartCache and many other high availability features and optimizations.

Open Internet Standards Compliant
Protocols: SMTP/ESMTP, IMAPv4 incl. PUSH via IDLE command, POP3/SPOP3, APOP, HTTP(S), FTP(S) with OTP/S-Key, OpenLDAP, SIP, SIP SIMPLE, Jabber/XMPP, HTTP Proxy, TLS/SSL 128-bit for all services, IPv6 incl. AAAA DNS records, SNMPv2, WebDAV, GroupDAV, CalDAV, SyncML 1.1, OMA DS 1.2, implements iCal, vCal, vCard, vNote, vFreeBusy formats, quoted/base64 encoding, Unicode (UTF-8), SHA1/MD5/DigestMD5 RSA encryption methods.

Multiple Domain Support
With Multiple Domain Support, a single VisNetic Mail Server can handle several unique domains (or different addresses). If a company has several identities, all mail can be handled through one server. By reducing the administration burden inherent in running multiple email servers, all email tasks can be made more efficient, and a company can apply consistent routing and filtering rules across all of its accounts.

ODBC Support
VisNetic Mail Server can connect to any ODBC compliant database (e.g. SQL, MySQL, Access). This simplifies setup of user accounts, mailing lists, etc., as existing lists can be imported into VisNetic Mail Server. Support for ODBC connections also allows for centralized management of user data. Instead of creating and maintaining user data in multiple applications, administrators can manage and backup the data in one place, accessing it from VisNetic Mail Server with ease.

Mailing List/ List Server
An email message can be sent to a single address and automatically distributed to several different recipients. Multiple mailing lists, of various sizes, can be created by the administrator. The List Server also supports moderated lists. A company can take advantage of lists to keep several account holders in contact with one another and quickly contact large groups with critical information.

TLS/SSL Support
TLS (Transport Layer Security)/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Support allows VisNetic Mail Server to pass email messages in an encrypted format between servers, and from secure clients (i.e.; any TLS/SSL enabled client; POP3, IMAP, LDAP, etc., like Outlook) to servers. By using these security protocols, a company with multiple offices can create a secure email pipeline with VisNetic Mail Servers at both ends of the connection and with secure clients for employees. Encrypted messages are safe from hackers or information thieves.
For email sent to unknown mail servers on the Internet, VisNetic Mail Server will always attempt a secure connection before sending. VisNetic Mail Server is set up to use TLS as its primary encryption method when communicating with another TLS enabled mail server. If TLS is unavailable, VisNetic Mail Server will automatically use SSL.

Authentication Support
VisNetic Mail Server allows email clients to authenticate before sending and receiving email. By using authentication methods, VisNetic Mail Server can further protect itself from being used as a relay point. Users must identify themselves to the server and be approved to use the mail server.

Multiple CPU Support
VisNetic Mail Server will recognize and utilize multiple processors installed on the server computer. This results in optimum performance when the server experiences heavy traffic. By taking advantage of all the available processing power, VisNetic Mail Server is able to handle more email faster than its competitors.

Backup and Recovery
Backup your server settings and accounts regularly with an automatic schedule, or manually with a single click of a button. Restoring your system is as quick and simple as the backup.

High Availability
High availability, load-balancing and failover features make it possible to deploy a high-traffic, high-load, multiple server communication system and establish virtually limitless number of accounts and domains. User accounts can be synchronized with Active Directory or any other LDAP-based directory service, to mirror accounts from an NT Domain Controller for example.

Mail Server

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