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CalDAV Server

Turn open source email clients into powerful and versatile PIM applications. Unlock GroupWare possibilities of various calendaring applications. VisNetic CalDAV Server is designed for wide compatibility, achieved by combination of WebDAV, GroupDAV and CalDAV protocols and a great deal of technology innovation.

  • The missing sync for many popular clients
  • Multiple resource view
  • Support for sharing not required in client
  • Multiple calendars can be viewed at once
  • Great for meeting management
  • Wide choice of powerful PIM applications
  • Support for free, cross-platform, Outlook replacement applications
  • No configuration on server-side
  • Simple URL is all the user needs to subscribe to server calendar
Wide Compatibility
With no direct support for VisNetic MailServer GroupWare required on client side, the list of applications is rather long. Below are some of the most powerful and popular time management applications, some of them combined with email clients.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird, cross-platform e-mail client
  • Mozilla Sunbird, cross-platform calendaring application
  • Novell Evolution, Linux e-mail client
  • KDE Kontacts, Linux PIM application
  • Apple iCal, in future version 10.5
  • Chandler, free cross-platform calendaring application

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