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Simple, Customizable Mail Server Administration

Remote and Encrypted Web Administration
VisNetic Mail Server supports remote administration options for mail administrators. The Remote GUI is a user-interface that interacts with Mail Server over SSL sockets while providing a familiar interface to enact changes and updates to VisNetic Mail Server from a computer other than the server itself. The Web Administration utility gives an administrator complete control of the mail server through a secure, browser connection.

Mail Server Administration Console
The VisNetic Mail Server Administration Console may be accessed directly on the server where VisNetic Mail Server is running or remotely via the Remote Server Administration option.

The console organizes mail server components in an easy to use tree menu that is fully customizable, allowing administrators to eliminate options rarely used. Administrators may also create a custom toolbar within the interface, placing often-used functions just one click away. Finally, the entire interface may be localized in the administratorís native language.

The console's main panel renders fully in 800X600 resolution, displaying all fields easily, even when accessed remotely. It can also be minimized to the Windows system tray, enabling mail administrators to check mail server status at a glance.

Centralized Services Management
Within the VisNetic Mail Server Admin Console, all options related to mail services are centralized under one panel. From this panel, administrators may edit service properties and start, stop or restart services via easy-to-use right click menus.

Administrators may also view service statistics here, including graphical charts depicting number of connections, number of messages, a list of sessions, and more. This panel also includes the ability to view the message queue, allowing email administrators to view the message queue directly from the VisNetic Mail Server administration console.

Command Line Tool
VisNetic Mail Server features a command line tool that allows administrators the ability to modify all mail server settings from a simple command line. The tool supports creation, deletion or modification of any account and/or domain on the mail server.

User and Domain Groups
VisNetic Mail Server administrators may group like users and domains and make subsequent changes to their account settings collectively. This feature is ideal for large ISPs and enterprise users.

WebMail Password Verification
To ease Web mail administration, VisNetic Mail Server features an easy-to-use verification system that will allow Web mail users the ability to retrieve forgotten passwords without mail administrator assistance.

Powerful Email Server

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