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How VMF Helps Sales & Marketing Departments


A company's sales department is frequently responsible for handling inbound emails that arrive in generic "sales@", "marketing@", and "info@" email boxes, often as the result of internal marketing efforts. This creates the challenge of how to distribute and manage the workload that these inquiries create, including how to track leads once they are routed to the proper sales representatives. Marketing and sales departments may also have representatives who work remotely (either occasionally or at all times), but have no means of referencing corporate email inquiries when away from the office.

In many organizations, valuable time is wasted as sales representatives struggle to capture and maintain customer contact data. Further, they often answer the same questions repeatedly, spending lots of time typing similar replies back to customers each day.

Sales departments are often required to report on the effectiveness of the latest corporate marketing campaigns as they result in customer inquiries. They need a tool that can report on customer email volume and indicate how effectively your team is handling the workload.

The VisNetic MailFlow Solution:

VisNetic MailFlow provides a centralized, web-based email management environment that can be accessed (securely) by any sales representatives from any location with Internet access. The user interface is very intuitive and supports per-screen context-sensitive help, practically eliminating the need for training.

Powerful routing rules allow for intelligent distribution of email among various ticket boxes (incident queues) or sales representatives, providing tremendous flexibility in how messages are handled. Auto-replies to inbound email messages can help re-assure customers that their message was received, and that a reply is forthcoming.

Customer contact records are automatically created as needed when new email messages arrive in the system. Powerful, customizable, and centralized contact management features put customer data at the representative's fingertips.

VisNetic MailFlow's standard response library allows sales representatives to develop and categorize answers to frequently asked questions, and then insert them into email replies at will - greatly improving productivity. These "standard responses" can even contain attachments, and their usage is automatically tracked per-agent.

Built-in reporting allows representatives to analyze how effectively they are handling the influx of sales inquiries, analyze customer communications history, and more.


Sales representatives can use VisNetic MailFlow to:
  • Work from any location with Internet access
  • Access complete customer history anytime
  • Reduce workload with auto-replies
  • Leverage the time-saving power of the standard response library
  • Share a centralized contact management system
  • Report on marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Collaborate on email responses
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