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How VMF Helps Managers


Managers at all levels (corporate, departmental, etc.) are held accountable for various aspects of employee productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Managers need the tools to gauge how effectively their staff is communicating with customers and business partners. Managers also need to be able to define productivity standards and be alerted if they aren't being met.

A complete framework for service management should provide a direct impact on staff productivity, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce operational expenses.

Managers also require the tools to enforce corporate standards and policies, such as those that apply to representative signatures, email disclaimers, etc. Managers must be able to review the work of staff members at any time in order to evaluate their work.

The VisNetic MailFlow Solution:

With VisNetic MailFlow, managers have powerful integrated reporting capabilities that can be used to gauge employee communications effectiveness at numerous levels. They can establish and enforce rules that help regulate service quality, such as requiring representatives to answer oldest email inquiries first. Managers can also be alerted to specific load conditions (such as a backlog in unanswered inquiries), helping them to identify and manage workload trends.

The centralized nature of VisNetic MailFlow provides managers with deep insights into the flow of activity through their organization or department. Managers can use this power to great effect, increasing their ability to impact customer satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce operating costs.

Corporate standards and policies can be enforced through the use of email headers and footers, user and group signatures, and the ability to review the correspondence of staff members.


Managers can use VisNetic MailFlow to:
  • Effectively distribute email workload
  • Be alerted if email isn't being answered in a timely fashion
  • Track and report on employee productivity
  • Centralize and manage the company message store
  • Enforce corporate policies with headers, footers, signatures
  • Monitor employee correspondence directly
Email Management
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