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How VMF Helps System Administrators


Information system specialists are frequently tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the accessibility, availability, and scalability of their corporate email systems. Unfortunately, this often requires attempting the management of multiple email client installations - one for each representative in the organization.

Stand-alone email client software also does not provide any potential for centralized email backup, archiving, or filtering. Troubleshooting these email client issues usually requires physically evaluating the email client itself, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

System administrators are also often responsible for securing corporate email systems, both from internal threats such as the intentional purging of specific email messages, and external threats such as virus infiltration.

The VisNetic MailFlow Solution:

VisNetic MailFlow is a centralized email management solution that provides IS/IT specialists with powerful, web-based administrative capabilities. All aspects of VisNetic MailFlow system configuration (users, groups, ticket boxes, security, etc.) can be managed from a single web-based administrative console.

The integrated database maintenance tools include backup, archiving, and purging functionality, and can be scheduled to run automatically.

Troubleshooting the VisNetic MailFlow installation is facilitated by the granular logging capability, an integrated log viewer, and built-in alerting facilities. There's also a system configuration summary screen for at-a-glance review.

VisNetic MailFlow offers a very robust access control mechanism that can be used to manage access to various system objects such as users and groups, ticket boxes, contacts, and standard responses. Access to the web-based interface can also be controlled via IP-address restrictions. The use of HTTPS (secure HTTP) is supported by VisNetic MailFlow and can even be required.

VisNetic MailFlow provides an optional anti-virus plug-in that can help secure corporate email from the ever-increasing threat of viral infection (inbound and outbound).


Information systems teams can use VisNetic MailFlow to:
  • Centralize email data storage and user interaction
  • Perform web-based administration from anywhere
  • Utilize powerful archiving, purging, and backup facilities
  • Troubleshoot efficiently with Integrated alerting, logging, and respective viewers
  • Integrate with Windows NT user database
  • Control access with a robust and flexible security implementation
  • Safeguard the message store with an optional anti-virus plug-in
Email Management
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