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VisNetic MailFlow 4.9

VisNetic MailFlow 4.9 helps administrators save time by introducing new features and improvements to streamline configuration while providing departmental managers options to maximize their mail flow effectiveness.

NEW! Option to Remove Ticket Tracking Data from Subject - Administrators now have the option of where to place MailFlow's Ticket Tracking Data [123456:654321]. MailFlow uses the data to route and thread incoming messages. Since MailFlow's inception the tracking data has been added to the Subject line however in this latest release you have the option to add the tracking data to the bottom of the message body.

MailFlow 4.9 also includes the option to remove ticket tracking data entirely. With tracking data removed MailFlow relies on Sender and Subject matching to route replies to outbound messages.

NEW! Round Robin Ticket Distribution - A function of Custom Routing Rules administrators can evenly assign Ticket Ownership to selected Agents of a TicketBox. Round Robin Ticket Distribution is ideal for commissioned based leads, ensuring each Agent is receiving an equal number of opportunities as well as balancing the workload.

NEW! Regular Expression (RegEx) Support - A regular expression, also referred to as RegEx provides a concise and flexible means for matching strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. RegEx matching support has been added to Custom Routing Rules and Processing Rules. You might ask, "How can I use RegEx?" Consider this: Every time a customer includes credit card information in an email you would like to send an auto reply reminding them of the risks of sending such information via email. In the Custom Routing Rule you can specify a match using a RegEx string.

Additional RegEx examples and information are available Here:

NEW! Assign Agent TicketBox Views when creating/editing a TicketBox - This time saver allows an Admin to quickly add a TicketBox to an Agents view. Let's say you are creating a new TicketBox and rather than alerting each Agent to add the TicketBox to their list the Admin can simply select from a list of Agents and add the TicketBox to their view for them.

NEW! Approval Queue Enhancement - A minor enhancement big on efficiency! Agents assigned to approve queued messages now have the ability to edit and send messages from the Outbound Approval Queue. Previously, approving Agents could only release or return the queued message.

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VisNetic MailFlow Release Notes

VisNetic MailFlow 4.8

VisNetic MailFlow 4.8 includes a combination of frequently requested features that allow Agents to be more efficient, accurate and flexible.

NEW! Default Signature per TicketBox and TicketCategory - Agents and Groups may now define default signatures for TicketBoxes and Ticket Categories. This enhancement provides the Agent a more efficient workflow, eliminating the need to change signatures based on originating TicketBox. Great for Agents monitoring multiple TicketBoxes, or Multi-Domain organizations.

NEW! Inline Image Support - Providing customers step by step instruction, complete with visuals has never been easier in MailFlow. MailFlow 4.8 provides an Agent the ability to insert images directly into the body of an outbound message.

NEW! Enhanced Message Search - MailFlow's extensive search capabilities are enhanced with the ability to search on the Subject of a message.

NEW! Merge Tickets - Combine multiple Tickets into an existing Ticket. If you receive multiple Tickets about the same incident you now have the ability to merge these Tickets, combining all the Tickets into one request keeping only one open Ticket to reply to.

NEW! Improved Attachment Control - Eliminate uncertainty, not sure if you included the correct attachment? Open attachments after they have been attached to the message and uploaded to the server.

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VisNetic MailFlow 4.7

Improved session management and timeout logic - Maintains the MailFlow session longer without requiring the Agent to maintain an active session based on usage. Notifies the Agent when their MailFlow session expires.

64bit Platforms - Improved installation process on 64 bit operating systems.

Splitting Messages - provides the ability to create multiple tickets from one original message, creating unique Ticket ID's for the split message. This feature is useful when the original ticket requires responses from multiple parties.

Download All Attachments - download all attachments from an email to the local file system with minimal clicks. This new feature makes downloading attachments quicker and more efficient.

My Notes - provides the agent an internal method of creating notes independent of a Ticket, accessible via a browser.

Add Attachments to Notes - when a Ticket is being reassigned between Agents, this option allows files to be attached to the Notes.

Ticket Notes Spell Checker - now Agents can spell check Ticket Notes, ensuring that internal communication is more accurate and easy to understand.

Internal and External "On-Hold" Status - internal "on-hold" icon indicates the Agent has placed the Ticket on hold for additional research. External "on-hold" indicates the Agent is awaiting a reply from the sender.

"Move" and "Status" Buttons - improves efficiency for moving Tickets to another TicketBox and changing the status of a Ticket. "Move" and "Status" buttons are added to the MailFlow toolbar. Selecting the button will produce a drop down box and Notes field.

"Ticket Search" Button - this new button has been added to the MailFlow toolbar. It provides Agents with quick, easy access to locate any Ticket through a wide variety of criteria.

Flexible Licensing - Added Flexible Licensing to support any Agent license size. Add Agent licenses to MailFlow as your organization grows - virtually any license size is possible!

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VisNetic MailFlow Release Notes

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