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Robust security and administration features

VisNetic MailFlow offers numerous features geared toward security and ease of administration, including support for Windows NT/2000 account integration. The system also offers fine-grained control over access to various areas via control lists. Administrators can also control which IP address ranges can gain access to the system.

VisNetic MailFlow provides granular, customized logging at a variety of severity levels, providing system administrators with a powerful troubleshooting tool. An integrated log viewer provides quick and easy access from any location with an Internet connection.

VisNetic MailFlow administrators and managers can also be employ powerful alerting features to keep them notified about important events, such as a backlog of emails in a particular ticketbox (queue). Alerts can be sent to the integrated alert viewer, or via email.

VisNetic MailFlow offers robust, integrated database maintenance features such as backup & restore, email message archiving, and purging.

Administrators can also secure VisNetic MailFlow by supporting (or requiring) secure HTTP (HTTPS).

Email Management
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