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How VMF Helps Support & Service Departments


A company's customer support and service departments are typically comprised largely of knowledge workers that have deep experience with specific products and/or services. These team members need a way to store and manage their customer support knowledge in a way that maximizes their productivity and response accuracy.

Customer support and service representatives must also track all the various discussions they have in progress with customers, and be able to reference a history of customer communications quickly and easily. Representatives should also be able to associate private, internal-only data with customer records to facilitate collaboration and personalization.

Support and service representatives must also have the ability to route incoming email based upon a broad range of message criteria. Message routing should be able to distribute messages into public ticket boxes (incident queues) or assign them directly to a specific agent.

Another requirement is robust support for all the various email and attachment formats in use today, coupled with virus scanning for protection of both customers and company representatives.

The VisNetic MailFlow Solution:

VisNetic MailFlow provides a powerful, categorized standard response library that allows representatives to share, distribute, and use the knowledge upon which email responses are based. The system automatically tracks which standard responses are used most frequently, on a per-representative basis.

Incident tracking within VisNetic MailFlow is robust and intuitive. All email messages comprising a common thread of communications are captured within a single, manageable "ticket". Tickets can be viewed chronologically (by inbound message) or by thread, and can be transferred easily between support representatives and ticket boxes as required, with the ability to add private comments along the way. Access to the communications history for any customer is always available.

Message routing within VisNetic MailFlow is extremely flexible, with the ability to match inbound messages by subject, "to" and/or "from" email address, body content, message headers, etc. Routing rules can automatically process inbound email, forwarding copies to specified individuals or automatically replying with a standard response. Messages can be routed into ticket boxes (incident queues) or assigned directly to qualified support representatives. Routing rules can also assign specific priority levels to newly created tickets, optionally over-riding the default priority of the inbound message.

VisNetic MailFlow supports nearly any email message or attachment format, and utilizes cutting-edge Kaspersky Labs virus scanning technology to scan both incoming and outgoing email messages and attachments.


Customer support and service representatives can use VisNetic MailFlow to:
  • Route inquiries and support incidents to qualified personnel
  • Automatically track customer correspondence
  • Quickly and easily access customer communications history
  • Create tickets manually for non-email (e.g. telephone, etc.) correspondence
  • Define custom data fields for customers
  • Collaborate on email responses with private ticket comments
  • Spell-check email responses before sending them to customers
  • Provide safe and secure handling of messages and attachments
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