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United States Plastics Corp.

This case study details how United States Plastics Corp., a distributor of industrial and safety products based in Lima, Ohio, uses VisNetic MailFlow Version 2.0 to manage its catalogue business. VisNetic MailFlow is a Web-based product that enables organizations to automatically route, track and process inbound customer email intelligently while reducing customer service costs. VisNetic MailFlow has become a powerful customer relationship management solution for U.S. Plastics by allowing it to improve customer satisfaction and significantly increase its employees' productivity.

How has using VisNetic MailFlow benefited U.S. Plastics?

Rapid customer response time. Before implementing VisNetic MailFlow, we were gathering email through accounts and manually distributing them to the appropriate departments. This process severely limited our ability to respond to emails in a timely fashion. The average response time was longer than 24 hours, and in most cases took at least 36 hours. With VisNetic MailFlow, our response time dramatically decreased. We are now able to respond within hours instead of days.

Improved oversight. Prior to VisNetic MailFlow, we had no way to monitor emails to ensure that our staff was answering them in a timely manner. Those in charge of responding to emails were required to cc their response to their supervisors, if they remembered to do so. With VisNetic MailFlow's ticket tracking capability, supervisors can now monitor the emails that are sent to an agent's inbox to make sure the agents are responding quickly enough.

Increased customer satisfaction. Anecdotally, we typically have numerous emails thanking us for our prompt response and shipment of products. The product is obviously working.

Obvious return on investment. We have not quantified the return on investment because the cost savings have been so blatantly obvious to us. We're not a big company so it is evident that our workers are significantly more productive after implementing VisNetic MailFlow.

What are some of the features you like about VisNetic MailFlow?

  1. We can easily route emails from department to department using key words or certain types of emails
  2. We can use it with an unlimited number of mailboxes.
  3. The format of emails looked identical to what we already used, which was important from a customer service standpoint.
  4. The features mimic Microsoft Outlook.
  5. We can filter out spam.
Why did you purchase VisNetic MailFlow?

Most of the systems we had studied required us to purchase services or pay a monthly rental fee. We don't like doing business that way. VisNetic MailFlow allowed us to buy the software and put it on our own servers. We looked at 15 different systems before purchasing VisNetic MailFlow. From a quality control standpoint, the software is extremely easy to install and operate. Another important feature that prompted us to buy the software is the commitment from to continually update the product. The updates to the software have come quickly with new and improved features. We have peace of mind knowing a company is continually supporting its product and updating it with new features.

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