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InfoGenius, Inc.

This case study details how Bethlehem, Pa.-based InfoGenius, an IT services company focused on helping businesses manage their Internet presence, has benefited from switching to VisNetic MailFlow Version 2.0 from its previous vendor to manage its large volume of emails and significantly reduce company costs. VisNetic MailFlow is a Web-based software product that enables organizations to automatically route, track and process inbound customer email intelligently.

How has using VisNetic MailFlow benefited InfoGenius?

Dramatic decrease in company costs. Prior to using VisNetic MailFlow, we were using a competing solution that required us to install the program on every individual's work station in the office as well as on the main server. The licensing cost for this competing product was $5,000 per work station, and that was the lowest solution we had found at that time in the market. When we discovered VisNetic MailFlow, we were floored by the product's significantly lower price, which only cost between $50 and $80 per work station. We were equally surprised and impressed by how sophisticated VisNetic MailFlow's Web-based user interface is and the advanced features it incorporates since the product costs significantly less.

Increased employee productivity. Since VisNetic MailFlow is completely Web-based, our employees can access email away from the office. Our previous solution was not completely Web-based so it did not allow for email access outside of the office. With VisNetic MailFlow, multiple people can work on the same email at once, and other employees can finish an email that someone else initiated. We also can measure the turnaround time of emails and how many emails are responded to in a given day, making sure our employees are doing their jobs.

Improved management of services. The fact that VisNetic MailFlow is completely Web-based is one of the biggest benefits of the product. This means we don't have to waste time and money installing and managing the software at every work station. That was a huge headache for our company working with our previous solution.

What are some of the features you like about VisNetic MailFlow?

  1. Several employees can collaborate on customer, partner and vendor communications.
  2. It tracks the history of all communications that can be accessed at any time by any team member.
  3. The "standard responses" allow us to answer frequently asked questions quickly without having to retype the response each time. As a result, we can respond to a high level of emails in significantly less time.
  4. We can set up rules based upon where an email has originated and where it should be routed. For instance, the word "error" in the title is automatically transferred into a specified mailbox.
Why did you purchase VisNetic MailFlow?

We had almost wrapped up our choice to continue working with our existing CRM email provider when we came across VisNetic MailFlow. We were discouraged that competing solutions were charging exorbitant amounts for their solutions. With VisNetic MailFlow, we felt like we had found a hidden piece of gold because it saved our business a lot of money. We were surprised because we weren't expecting much out of the product given its price point was significantly lower than competing products. However, VisNetic MailFlow's Web interface is the best we've ever seen, and the features outpace those of its competitors. We have been pleased by's receptiveness to our feedback, ensuring that additional features we need will be incorporated into the next release of the product.

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