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"We had POP email accounts for our web sites with generic addresses (customerservice, sales, etc) and needed an easy (and inexpensive) way for 2-3 people to check these boxes from different computers and see previous replies, etc."

"While there wasn't one specific mishap that led to our search, there were months worth of small problems and inconveniences. We had two people using Outlook on their individual PCs, each checking all accounts. These people always had to talk to each other to find out if specific emails had been replied to, and sometimes one person would have to go to the other machine's Sent Items folder to see what the customer was told. Also, you can imagine the problems that resulted from having historical emails stored in two places."

"Lots of the products that we looked at were complete CRM solutions, which were beyond our needs and outside of our price range. Visnetic Mailflow has been a great solution for us. For the number of licenses that we needed, it is within our budget and has worked flawlessly."

Danny Feemster

Email Management
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