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Windows-based Workstations

VisNetic Firewall for Workstations effectively guards the computer of a mobile professional, telecommuter or power-user in stand-alone, networked or changing environments. More than a simple personal firewall, VisNetic Firewall for Workstations offers high-tech security that is easy to deploy via a Configuration Rules Wizard.

Personal firewalls, like Norton Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm and Sygate, allow users to grant or deny requests from particular applications (e.g. Microsoft Word). VisNetic Firewall for Workstations allows users a much more sophisticated and granular filtering capability--packet-level filtering.

Designed to study each packet, VisNetic Firewall guards against unwanted intrusions or attacks by determining the packet origin and destination. This information is used to determine whether to allow or deny its access through the firewall.

VisNetic Firewall also features Stateful Inspection, technology that ensures the legitimacy of inbound packets of data by matching their presence to an actual request.

This level of firewall protection is typically found in high-end, complex firewall solutions. VisNetic Firewall brings the same level of protection, without the complexity or high price, to individual users and small to medium businesses.

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