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Windows-based Servers

For protection of Windows-based servers hosting information on the Internet, an extranet, or an intranet, VisNetic Firewall for Servers provides packet-level firewall protection.

Recognizing that servers must be accessible to those with proper credentials, and perhaps open to the public anonymously, VisNetic Firewall allows legitimate requests through the firewall while denying access to packets that do not meet the rule-set.

Rules within VisNetic Firewall determine whether a packet is allowed or blocked dependent upon parameters such as source and destination IP address, source and destination port, direction of traffic (i.e. inbound and/or outbound) and protocol.

VisNetic Firewall also features remote administration capabilities and unique protection for web servers. Remote administration allows the administration of your VisNetic Firewall server from any computer with an Internet or Intranet connection.

VisNetic Firewalls's web server protection features ensure that all web traffic is scanned for malicious activity, and is blocked upon detection.

Incorporating all of the security features of the workstation version, VisNetic Firewall for Servers also includes features required by a server such as, Real-Time Activity Viewing, and Selective Control of Other IP Protocols.

With the option of real-time viewing of the firewall, the Administrator can actively oversee the firewall and address any issue that might take place while an attack is occurring. VisNetic Firewall for Servers supplies a strong defense mechanism for host computers against data intrusion, attack, theft or damage.

The configuration is protected by password security, further protecting the settings of the firewall from tampering. If under attack and specific rules are hit, an Email Notification can be sent to the Administrator's specified email address via a text message.

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