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A Software Firewall For Mobile Users

To meet the security needs of mobile professionals and telecommuters, often beyond the reach of a corporate firewall, VisNetic Firewall for Workstations provides firewall protection at the desktop level.

This packet-level software firewall governs access to an individual computer based on rules for all incoming and outgoing data. Prior to gaining access to or from the computer, each packet is checked against the rules, which determine the specific origin, destination, ports and protocols transmitted. The rules defined within the software instruct the firewall what traffic to allow and what traffic to block.

VisNetic Firewall's Stateful Inspection feature provides additional protection against hack attempts on standalone or mobile computers. This feature serves to validate requested information, while blocking potentially damaging packets. Rather than simply verifying the packet contents, Stateful Inspection ensures the legitimacy of the packet by matching its presence to an actual request. Without VisNetic Firewall's key feature, Stateful Inspection, an attack could be undetected and unblocked.

VisNetic Firewall also utilizes a helpful Configuration Wizard during software installation. The Configuration Wizard eases setup and ensures comprehensive protection immediately upon installation. This wizard empowers mobile and remote users to install, configure and run VisNetic Firewall without requiring assistance from the organization's Security IT Administrator.

Software Firewall

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