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VisNetic Firewall Features

Key features are listed below. For a full description of all VisNetic Firewall features, please view the Complete Feature List

Stateful Packet Inspection
VisNetic Firewall falls into a class of firewalls called Stateful Inspection Firewalls. Stateful inspection firewalls determine whether packets can get through the firewall based on the protocol, port, and source and destination addresses. For every request that is allowed by this strategy, stateful inspection firewalls open up a limited time window to allow response packets, but ONLY from the same host.

Port Scan Detection
VisNetic Firewall detects the seven most common forms of port scans, alerting you with a log entry and optionally automatically banning the IP address of the scanner, ensuring that they are "cut off" before they can discover any useful information about your system.

SYN Flood Detection
A SYN Flood is a common type of denial of service (DoS) attack used against servers. When launching a SYN Flood, an attacker bombards you with so many connection requests that your computer is unable to accept legitimate connections, effectively shutting down your web, email, FTP or VPN server. VisNetic Firewall employs SYN cookies to protect you from SYN Flood attacks.

Remote Administration
Using the remote administration component of the Server version of VisNetic Firewall, you can now remotely administer any VisNetic Firewall using an encrypted communications link. You can also reboot or shut down the remote system using the remote admin controls. In addition to remotely administering other Server or Workstation firewalls, you can use the stand-alone Remote Administration Tool to remotely connect to your own Server firewall.

IP Address Ban List
VisNetic Firewall lets you block IP addresses or ranges of addresses to prevent unwanted connection attempts. This can be particularly effective in stopping repeated requests from a hacker who is trying a large number of hacks, looking for one that works.

HTTP Filtering
Using VisNetic Firewall’s HTTP Filtering, you can prevent intrusion attempts targeted at your web server by screening requests and automatically banning the offender’s IP address, preventing further access.

MAC Address Filtering
VisNetic Firewall now has the ability to filter traffic based on MAC addresses. Because a MAC address is specific to one individual network interface, this feature is particularly useful if you want to allow or block traffic from a particular computer whose IP address may change.

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