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VisNetic MailScan for SMTP

VisNetic MailScan for SMTP works as an SMTP gateway, filtering viruses and spam before it reaches your mail server. This antivirus protection and email content filtering solution can be installed in front of one or more SMTP mail servers and is compatible with any other antivirus protection solution utilized on your network.

Features include:
  • Centralized updates and incremental antivirus updates on a daily basis.
  • Real time email content scanning.
  • A multi-threaded IPS (Inter-Process Communication) based scanner that allows integration with multiple antivirus protection products.
  • Compatibility with all mail clients.
  • Flexible handling of infected and/or unwanted email; automatically delete, quarantine or forward blocked emails.
  • The ability to automatically block or allow email from specified IP address, domains or email addresses.
  • The ability to validate sender domains, performing a DNS lookup to ensure there is an "MX" record or an "A" record.
  • SMTP mail server authentication, ensuring that inbound email is from an actual user on the sender's mail server.
  • The ability to check a sender's address against Real-time Blackhole lists (RBL).
  • Automatic email compression, optimizing bandwidth utilization.
  • Centralized reporting and consolidated logging.
  • Easy backup of configuration
VisNetic MailScan for SMTP will protect any SMTP mail server, including Microsoft Exchange, VisNetic MailServer, MDaemonŽ, FTGate, NTMail, Merak Mail Server and more.

The current version of VisNetic MailScan for SMTP is .
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MailScan - Antivirus for VisNetic MailServer, SMTP and MDaemon

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