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VisNetic MailScan

VisNetic MailScan features comprehensive, flexible antivirus protection tools to protect your network from email viruses and email content filtering technology designed to reduce unwanted messages.

Available Versions
  • VisNetic MailScan for SMTP
  • MailScan for MDaemon

    Virus Scanning
    • Automated, fast virus signature updates
    • Real-time email scanning
    • Attachment Blocking
    • Automatic worms deletion
    • Scans HTML emails and attachments for scripts, also termed IE vulnerabilities
    • Scans multipart/partial messages for viruses
    • Detects and disinfects viruses traveling via TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) attachments, a standard delivery method used in Microsoft Outlook
    • Features the option to specify certain domains as approved or verified safe, reducing the amount of scanning required by VisNetic MailScan.
    Content Filtering
    • Real-time email content filtering of text and HTML emails
    • Specify restricted words or phrases and emails containing these words anywhere in the subject, body and tags can be deleted or quarantined
    • Block or allow email from specific email or IP addresses
    • Require client and server authentication
    • Real-time checking of Blackhole lists (RBL)
    • Real-time checking of Dial Up Users lists (DUL)
    • Validate sender's domain via MX lookup
  • MailScan - Antivirus for VisNetic MailServer, SMTP and MDaemon

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