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IceWarp Unified Communication Server - is a robust, full-featured messaging platform preferred by ISPís and enterprise level organizations. Its powerful, sturdy architecture and extensive feature set make it an ideal solution for large organizations or ISPís that require a high level of stability, performance and flexibility.
Kerio Connect - is an intuitive, low cost, alternative to Microsoft Exchange, primarily used by small to medium sized businesses. Businesses seeking groupware functionality and mobile device support will be particularly impressed by Kerioís collaborative capabilities and ease of setup and ongoing maintenance.

IceWarp Unified Communications

Kerio Connect Server
Server Platforms
  Red Hat Linux / SUS Linux  
  Apple MAC OS X --  

Spam Protection
  SpamAssassin Heuristic Analysis  
  Baysian Filtering  
  Directory Harvest Attack Protection  
  Integrated Spam / Junk Folders  
  MAPS, ORDB Blacklists  
  Content Filtering  
  Processing Mode (Global, Domain, User)   Global
  SPF (Sender Policy Framework)  
  SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklist)  
  Challenge-Response System   --
  HTML Filtering   --
  RBL and Content Filter Bypass Files  
  Personalized White and Black Lists  
  Microsoft CallerID Verfication --  
  End User Control to "Mark as Spam"  
  Challenge Response   --

  Antivirus Protection Support  
  Authentication Support  
  Mailbox Restrictions  
  Auto Archive / Backup  
  TLS / SSL Support  
  ETRN/ATRN Download   ETRN
  System and Domain Administrators  
  External Antivirus Product Support  
  Remote Server Monitoring   --
  Static Filter   --
  Integrated McAfee Antivirus --  
  Integrated Kaspersky Antivirus   --

  Multiple Domain Support  
  Remote Account Mail Retrieval / Domain POP  
  Windows NT User Import  
  IMAP - Shared Folders  
  Global Address Book  
  Mailing List / List Server   Mailing List
  Remote Web and Windows Administration  
  ODBC Support / LDAP   LDAP
  API DLL Support  
  IMAP - Rules  
  Content Filter XML Export/Import  
  Catalog Support  
  Multiple CPU  
  WebMail HTML Editor  
  Web Server, FTP Server, VoIP Server   --
  Active Directory / Apple Open Directory Support Active Directory  
  News Server (NNTP)  
  Resource Scheduling  

  Calendaring, Tasks, Contacts  
  Outlook Connector  
  GroupWare Clients (WebMail, Outlook, Entourage) WebMail, Outlook  
  WebMail Drag and Drop Email and Calendar Events  

Instant Messaging
  Instant Messaging / Chat Server  

  Microsoft Exchange Migration Tool  

*Included with purchase of Kerio Connect Server