Trademark Guidelines

Guidelines for Use of Kerio®Trademarks

These general guidelines address the permissible use of Kerio’s Trademarks by the public (to include Kerio distributors and resellers, also known as “Kerio Partners”). The trademarks to which these guidelines include the Kerio name and Kerio product names. Kerio has also developed guidelines regarding use of its trademarks as part of its logos & imagery (See Kerio’s Brand Guidelines on the Kerio website; the guidelines provided herein and in the Brand Guide are hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”).

Without express written authorization by Kerio, any use of Kerio Trademarks and branding in a manner that is inconsistent with the Guidelines is prohibited.

Permissible Uses of Kerio Trademarks


In general, you may use Kerio Trademarks to make factually accurate statements in reference to products or services of Kerio, provided you do so in accordance with Kerio’s Guidelines. Subject to the Guidelines, you also may use a Kerio Trademark by reference to indicate that your product or service is compatible with or may be used with Kerio products or services, provided that the referential use of Kerio Trademarks does not create a false sense of endorsement or sponsorship of or association with Kerio or its products and services.

Form of Use

1. When using or referring to Kerio Trademarks, the appropriate trademark symbol (e.g. ®) must be exhibited immediately adjacent to the trademark the first time it appears in the text, as shown in the following examples:

  • Kerio®
  • Kerio® Connect

2. Kerio Trademarks should not be used as a noun (ie., “we carry Kerio®”), but rather as a naming convention to identify a partner relationship (ie. “we are a Kerio® reseller”) or to describe a product offering (ie. “we offer Kerio products” or “we sell Kerio® Connect”). When referring to generic product offerings, the following generic names should be used:

  • Kerio® email service
  • Kerio® security appliance
  • Kerio® phone system
  • Kerio® collaboration service

3. Do not alter Kerio marks in any way.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Kerio® Kerio, Kerio Connect

Product Naming

The table below provides examples of unacceptable and acceptable uses of Kerio Trademarks to refer to your product or service. This list is merely for your guidance, and should not be considered to be an all-inclusive list.

Acceptable Unacceptable
[Your Product/Service Name] for use with Kerio® Connect Kerio [Your Product/Service Name]

Notice of Ownership

When using Kerio Trademarks, you must include a prominent acknowledgement of Kerio’s ownership thereof. Accordingly, use the following trademark disclaimer/attribution statement:

Kerio®, and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Kerio Technologies, Inc. and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and other countries. Used under license from Kerio Technologies, Inc. This statement may not be amended or varied.

Logos and Imagery

As mentioned above, Kerio’s Corporate Identity Manual discusses the usage of Kerio Trademarks, logos and imagery in the corporate brand, product brand marks, and partner program brand marks.

Prohibited Uses of Kerio Trademarks

1. The use of Kerio Trademarks in the name of your product, service is prohibited.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Acme Messenger Acme Kerio Messenger

2. The use of Kerio Trademarks in your corporate name is prohibited.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Acme Messaging Inc. Acme Kerio Messaging Inc.
Kerio [Country name], Inc.

3. The use of Kerio Trademarks in your domain name or URL is prohibited unless you are a Kerio Partner which has obtained Kerio’s express written consent. Kerio Partner usage is governed by the Guidelines and the relevant Kerio partner agreement.

Acceptable Unacceptable

Note: “Acme” denotes a fictitious company name and represents any company name which might be used.

4. You are not permitted to use the Kerio Trademarks in any manner that is disparaging, innacurate or misleading regarding Kerio, its affiliates, partners, products or services. Moreover, your use of Kerio Trademarks must not be obscene, disparaging, defamatory or libelous to Kerio or any other person.


You are not permitted to use Kerio Trademarks directly or indirectly to suggest sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your product or service.

Positioning of Trademarks

Kerio Trademarks should not be the most prominent visual element used in association with your product or service.

Non-Commercial Web Sites

Non-commercial web sites that function as informational forums regarding product or services of Kerio may use an appropriate Kerio Trademark, provided that such use is in compliance with these Guidelines. Kerio Trademarks and variations thereof must never be used as part of the web site domain name. A disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement should be prominently displayed on the web site, similar in form to the following example:

“[Web Site Name] is an independent informational forum and is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Kerio Technologies, Inc., owner of the Kerio trademarks.”

Use of Kerio Trademarks in Titles of Publications

You may use Kerio Trademarks on the cover and title of a publication without written authorization by Kerio provided you are in full compliance with the Guidelines.

1. The Kerio Trademarks are used in ordinary text and not stylized or in a logo format.

2. The Kerio Trademarks are no larger than any other text for the publication title.

3. The Kerio Trademarks are not varied or abbreviated.

4. A Notice of Ownership of Trademark as set out above along with a disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement must be included prominently in the publication, and when possible on the front or back cover of the publication, similar in form to the following example:

"(Title) is an independent (publication) and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Kerio Technologies, Inc., owner of the Kerio trademarks"

5. The publication does not lead consumers to believe that there is an association with Kerio or the publication is approved or endorsed by Kerio.

6. The Kerio Trademarks are not used in the title of a series of publications.

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