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Deerfield Communications Privacy Policy

Deerfield Communications is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and those who sample Deerfield Communications products. Deerfield Communications is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not share, sell, or otherwise distribute the financial or personal information of our customers or those who otherwise provide personal information to sample our products, to any other organizations in any way other than what is disclosed in this document.

This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact the Deerfield Communications Privacy Department by email at In accordance with COPPA, Deerfield Communications does not, at any time, knowingly collect information from, or market our products to, children under the age of 13.

All financial and personal information collected by, or on behalf of, Deerfield Communications is held in the strictest confidentiality. Any information, such as an email address, billing and shipping addresses, and other contact information, submitted via a download form, purchase form, beta team registration, or newsletter subscription, remains the sole property of Deerfield Communications. If a purchase is made via the Deerfield Communications website in a currency other than US Dollars and/or a language other than English, information (such as an email address, billing and shipping addresses, financial details, and other contact information) is collected by our international transaction affiliate element5. This information is used to help us process payment and to send registration information to our customers.

Further, any third party personally identifiable information, submitted on your behalf by an outside party (e.g. in the case of the "tell-a-friend" feature, or a gift purchase) is treated with the same care as primary information. Any email addresses collected via a third party will be used to send a one time, invitation email. If you decide you do not want to be contacted again by Deerfield Communications, you can remove yourself from our mailing lists at Unsubscribe.

If, at any time, Deerfield Communications is going to use your personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection, we will notify you via email. You will have a choice as to whether or not we may use your information in this different manner. In addition, if Deerfield Communications makes any material changes in our privacy practices that do not affect user information already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice on our website notifying users of the change. In some cases when we post the notice we will also email those users who have opted to receive communications from us, notifying them of the changes in our privacy practices.

There are also instances when Deerfield Communications will use a "cookie" in order to track website usage. These cookies do not collect personal information and are usually terminated once customers leave the site. These cookies record the time of your visit, the date, the "referring" page that brought you to our site, and the IP address that your ISP has assigned to your computer at the time of your visit. This anonymous information is used to assist us in refining our websites to create a better user experience.

The information gathered for the Deerfield Communications User Forums is completely voluntary. A user need only enter a name and email address. Whether or not this information is displayed on the website is up to the user. This simply provides a means to interact with other Forum Users. This information is not required by Deerfield Communications. Any information posted to a Users Forum is considered in the public domain.

When using online chat programs to speak with Deerfield Communications sales and support associates, your correspondence is not broadcast in any way. This is a one-on-one interaction. The screen name is any you choose. These are not logged or recorded.

Deerfield Communications also operates SecureCC, a secure transaction site dedicated to completing secure online orders. When a purchase is made, using a credit card, via the Internet, the transaction will be automatically redirected to SecureCC. All of the Privacy policies of Deerfield Communications would apply to SecureCC as well.

SecureCC uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to make the Internet a safe place to do business. This system integrates a number of different technologies to ensure that the information you transmit remains private and confidential. The typical PKI is made up of:

  • A certificate authority (CA), who issues and verifies digital certificates. These digital certificates contain information about the public keys that shoppers will use.
  • A registration authority (RA), the entity that acts as a verifier for the CA before a digital certificate goes out to a requestor. One (or more) directory where the certificates, and therefore the public keys as well, are stored.
  • A system of certificate management

A company using the PKI system is given a digital certificate. This certificate can automatically tell your browser that the site is a secure and legitimate business. Along with this certificate comes a number of Public Keys. The vendor site gives your computer one of the Public Keys to use during the transaction. Using this Public Key, you are able to send and receive secure information with the vendor by encrypting your data. The real strength of this system is in the Company Key. The vendor has a private key, known only to their system. It is able to decode the information that the Company's Public Keys encrypt. This Company Key is the only tool able to understand the encrypted messages.

For more details about the security measures on SecureCC, please visit the SecureCC website.

When a purchase is made via the Internet with a credit card, Deerfield Communications uses a third party commerce service to verify credit card details. This company is sent the total price of the purchase, the card number and expiration date, and the cardholders name and billing address. All information transmitted to this third party is sent using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Using this method of information encryption further insures the privacy and security of all our customers. This information is used only to verify the account and clear the transaction.

In some areas of the website, Deerfield Communications may choose to link to another website. We cannot be responsible for any of the content on these external sites. We are also not responsible for the privacy policies in place on that site. We would encourage any user to read and understand the privacy policy of any third party website before searching too deeply into that content.

To further protect the privacy of our customers, access to information by our employees is restricted within the company. Only select employees with an absolute need to use that information, in order to better serve customers, are able to view any personal details submitted.

From time to time, Deerfield Communications will request more specific information about our customers. This is done in the form of surveys and is completely voluntary. The information gathered in these surveys helps us determine who our customer base is and what their needs are. By compiling this data we can work to improve customer experiences with the company.

Personal information provided by customers, or those who sample Deerfield Communications products, is sometimes used to contact individuals regarding new information about Deerfield Communications products. Anyone contacted by Deerfield Communications with product information can request to be removed from further updates at any time. To be removed from Deerfield Communications's mailing list or to modify your information previously provided, please refer to the Corporate website at Mailing List

The same utility that will allow you to unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists will also allow you to change your valid email address. Visit Mailing List , and log in with the email address originally used. From there you may update your email address.

More than anything, Deerfield Communications tries to treat its customers as each one of us would like to be treated. We value our privacy and we value yours, too. It is our goal to make your experience with Deerfield Communications a safe and positive one.

For more information on Deerfield Communications's privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at:

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