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SyncML Server

IceWarp Mail Server subsystem for over-the-air synchronization of mailbox and PIM information (Calendars, Task, Notes, Contacts, Files, Journals) to devices and applications, independently on device type (PC application, PDA, smartphone), platform (Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, consumer phones), and carrier protocol (HTTP, OBEX, WSP..).

What's unique to IceWarp Mail Server's implementation is that the administrator doesn't have to take extra steps to enable remote synchronization. Thanks to tight integration of all server subsystems, there's no need to install, interconnect or configure anything.

  • Near zero configuration on server side
  • Fully automated client identification, protocol compatibility adjustment
  • Authentication policies, client management and logging
  • DES encryption support for Funambol client
  • Fully in Unicode with automatic conversion to UTF-8
  • Plain and MD5 authentication schema plus server forced
  • 128-bit end-to-end SSL encryption (requires public key on client)
  • Certified and tested with MDAs, Nokia smartphones and HP PDAs
  • Widest range of data types- email and folders via IMAP, all GroupWare objects, files
  • No client licensing fees, no extra fees to carriers or OEM vendors
Simple Client Settings
Setting the synchronization on a client device is just as simple as on the server. Additional steps might involve installing/upgrading client software or SSL certificate.
  • Set URI of the SyncML server:
  • Enter Email Address and Password
  • Set resource types to Default Sync folders, aliases or custom folders
  • Default Sync folders: Contacts, Events/Calendar, Journal, Notes, Tasks, Mail
  • Select manual or scheduled synchronization
SyncML Server offers the best available compatibility, the widest support of object types and data formats, and extensibility options exceeding any other protocol.
  • SyncML 1.1 and lower
  • SyncML 1.2 (OMA DS) mail filters
  • XML or WBXML formatted communication
  • gzip compression improves performance
  • All 6 sync types: 2-way (normal, slow), 1-way (refresh/update client/server)
  • Two extra sync types: 1-way slow sync to client/to server
  • Supports Versit Objects, Funambol SIF(S4J) groupware data formats
  • Supports OMA DS Email Data Object and Plain mail data formats
  • Supports OMA DS File Data Object format
  • Automatic database corruption and client error detection
  • PDO abstraction layer for access to database of choice
  • Directory aliases support for synchronization of localized folders
  • Integrates with GroupWare- robust database, Outlook compatible repository
  • Debug logs with timestamps for performance measurements
  • URL Commands for testing (safe force sync type, format, backup, restore)
  • Native or 3rd party SyncML client installed on mobile device
  • GroupWare module and a configured database is a prerequisite
  • WebMail license for web access
  • Mobile data (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, HSDPA), Wi-fi or cable connection
  • Carrier-enabled Internet data access (cost depends on carrier and calling plan)
Here you will find a list of devices, firmware versions and client software versions reported to work. In case of problems, upgrade to the latest version of firmware or SyncML client.
  • 3 sets GroupWare data formats: Versit Objects, Funambol SIF(S4J)
  • 2 Email data formats: OMA DS Email Data Object, Plain (Synthesis)
  • Funambol v3 and higher, automatic adjustment
  • Latest Funambol v6 compatible (mails and files synchronization)
  • Synthesis client compatible
  • Nokia Symbian S60 native SyncML implementation
  • HP Wifi and GSM enabled PDA's with Funambol v6
  • Growing list of other devices, services, applications
SyncML Push

SyncML Push extends the existing SyncML protocol specification by new means of server-initiated synchronization. Goal of the push technology is to actively notify a wireless device that new data is available on the server and therefore a new synchronization should be performed. The device is alerted by delivery of a simple piece of information which triggers the device to start synchronization of changed data without user intervention.


  • Up-to-the-minute information on the device at all times
  • Server changes delivered to the device in real-time
  • Fully automates synchronization process
  • No need for any user intervention
  • Supports Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Inbox, Briefcase..
  • Propagates changes in CalDAV, Outlook Connector, WebMail Pro, IMAP
  • Multiple devices can reflect the same data
  • Intelligent design to minimize number of notifications sent
  • Multi-threaded processing and multiple message queues
  • Administrator in control of accounts, devices and data types
Version 9.4 implements SyncML SMS Push (sometimes referred to as WAP-PUSH). This method depends on SMS to deliver notifications to the device, which makes it available in all networks and on most client devices. There's only the added cost per each SMS required to trigger the synchronization, beside the cost for data transferred over HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE, 3G or Wifi, required to complete the synchronization. Special facilities allow the engine to eliminate any overhead and minimize the amount of SMS to be sent. SMS notification is also more resistant to network connectivity loss under varying coverage.
  • Automatic provisioning via Configuration SMS (OMA/OTA)
  • SSL support
  • Sync URL autocomplete
  • Performance optimizations
  • Valid SyncML Server license, full or trial
  • GroupWare Server and a configured database is a prerequisite
  • Working SMS Gateway (local or remote) with calling plan optimized for SMS
  • Native or 3rd party SyncML client installed on mobile device
  • Mobile data (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, HSDPA) or Wi-fi acccess
  • A data plan and working Internet connection on the device
SyncML Push in IceWarp Server 9.4 works with Windows Mobile devices equipped with a capable SyncML client application and out-of-the box with modern Nokia and Sony-Ericson handsets. Support for more devices will be added continuously, and will be extended by the modern Client TCP/IP Push, a method based on the ability of the device to listen on a defined TCP port for incoming connections, where notifications are sent via TCP/IP protocol.
  • Device needs to support SMS to receive the alert
  • Internet connection is required to complete the synchronization
  • Windows Mobile with Funambol or Synthesis SyncML client
  • Most modern Nokia and Sony-Ericson handsets (e.g. E51, E71)
Client Configuration Over-the-air (by SMS)
Using the OTA (over-the-air) and OMA DM (Data Management) SMS standards, compatible phones (Nokia, Sony-Ericson) can be configured wirelessly by server administrator. The user just needs to Open the SMS received, press Yes to save the configuration profile, set his account password in the Synchronization application on his handset, and enable the options "Accept server alerts" and "Don't ask for sync confirmation", allowing background processing without confirmation (for security concerns).
  • Create a user profile in SyncML - Push tab
  • Enter mobile number of the device to sync
  • Select resources to sync
  • Select device manufacturer (Nokia or Sony-Ericson)
  • Click Send Config SMS

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