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Mail Server

SMS Server and Gateway

Full-featured software gateway to mobile networks allowing users to send and receive SMS messages, send bulk text messages and use SyncML Push technology. By using a special internal protocol, you can bridge email and text messages to send SMS alerts and notifications anywhere where you can send an email. Advanced features include user authentication, gateway load-balancing and support for both locally connected and remote HTTP gateways.

The Bridge across Email and Mobile messaging.

SMS Gateway

Key Features

  • Seamlessly bridges email and SMS
  • Bulk message sending, receiving with rules application
  • Supports multiple GSM modems or remote HTTP gateways
  • Load balancing to all configured gateways
  • International charsets support, long messages with max size
  • Message types: Concatenated, Binary, Unicode, 8bit, GSM 0338 charset
  • SenderID support (if supported by the target network)
  • Access control and sending authentication
  • Possibility to text from email client/WebMail
  • Internal sms: protocol allows universal use across the server
  • Message queue inspector, AT protocol logging
  • Built-in HTTP gateway for use with remote servers, web applications
Although originally adopted as enabling technology for SyncML SMS Push, the integration with email server sets the IceWarp SMS Server apart of any similar products. Using the special sms: prefix, an SMS can be sent from any part of the server, should it be account rules, content filters, Forwarder, watchdog, GroupWare notifications, IM transport etc.

Designed by messaging experts, the initial set of features already includes load-balancing, various message formats with support for international characters, access control via username and password, message queue inspector and detailed modem activity logging. The server can be accessed via HTTP, having endless possibilities for web applications.


  • AT protocol compatible GSM handset / modem / gateway
  • Connected to the server via modem capable cable
  • Or subscription to bulk SMS service over HTTP
  • Calling plan / service optimized for sending bulk amounts of SMS
Approved GSM Devices & Providers
SMS Server works with any locally connected AT compatible GSM modems (on USB or RS232). To send out server status alerts you can utilize a simple GSM handset via appropriate cable connection. Small-office applications will need a dedicated device to offer SMS via email, larger organizations using SyncML Push will choose an enterprise-class GSM Gateway appliance or remote HTTP gateway option with special calling plan.

  • Siemens ES75
  • Huawei E220
  • Nokia E51 (send out only)
  • 2N Voiceblue Lite GSM Gateway
Tip: Send SMS from any email client

With this simple trick, authorized users will be able to send text messages from their email clients right away by just specifying sms:0601254103 in the To: field. The trick emulates sms: protocol specifier for users via extended addressing to the account "sms", where the folder name (address extension) is the number. Server variable then hands the number to Forwarder where the real sms: protocol is used to send the message.
  • Create a user account named "sms"
  • Set "Forward to" to sms:%%extensionnosep%% if authentication is off
  • Else set it to sms:%%extensionnosep%%?user=someuser&pass=somepassword
  • In Mailbox tab, turn on the option NULL (privacy concerns)
  • In Rules tab, grant access for selected/authenticated/local users only
  • In WebMail you need to use parenthesis such as
  • 1 standard-sized SMS will be sent by default (&maxmsgs=1)

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