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IceWarp Integrated Security - Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus & Intrusion Prevention
IceWarp Mail Server provides organizations sophisticated multi-layered security. Our proprietary dual system Spam Protection & Virus Protection is fully integrated & delivers organization-wide protection from threats, while IceWarp's intrusion prevention system stops malicious or unwanted behavior in real-time.

IceWarp Standard AntiSpam Protection
IceWarp AntiSpam combines 20+ technologies, including those that employ artificial intelligence and auto-learning. The core technologies provide organizations with high accuracy right out of the box. Your deployment will quickly learn and evolve with sophisticated behavior analysis, intelligently adapting to your organization's u­nique messaging behavior. The longer you use IceWarp AntiSpam, the more accurate it will become – with no management required.

IceWarp Standard AntiVirus Protection
AntiVirus Protection is based on the high-performance Kaspersky engine, and provides powerful multi-threaded processing, capable of scanning over 4000 messages per second. Be it email, GroupWare attachments, FTP, IM or IMAP, every file going in and out of the server is scanned and validated.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Updates
IceWarp Active Update technology delivers antivirus & antispam databases automatically & incrementally, protecting your organization with the most current definitions & reducing the impact to your network infrastructure. A single IceWarp Server can also be the virus definition server for other IceWarp Servers.

IceWarp AntiSpam LIVE
The IceWarp Anti-Spam Live Identification & Verification Engine offers real-time protection from the moment a spam outbreak emerges, & delivers a detection rate exceeding 98% accuracy. LIVE technology is implemented as a second layer in IceWarp Anti-Spam utilizing the Commtouch ® RPD – Recurrent Pattern Detection service.

Black Lists, White Lists & Spam Folders
Users can take control of their inbox. All messages identified as spam are automatically stored in the users Spam folder, accessible through IceWarp WebClient, IceWarp DeskClient, Outlook ® & other IMAP-compatible clients. Users also have the option to manage these lists via IceWarp's automated Spam Reports. From the Spam folder or the Spam report email users can take action on messages, including adding the sender to their black or white list.

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