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System Requirements

Operating System
IceWarp Mail Server is a multi-platform software and runs under many popular systems, as a daemon under Linux, as a service with modern Windows Server and Workstation, as an application under legacy Windows versions. This allows to leverage your existing OS licenses, or migrate to opensource to minimize investment and maximize server security.
  • Native 32-bit application, runs in 64-bit compatibility mode
  • MS Windows 2003/2008/XP/7/Vista
  • Latest Service Packs and hot-fixes
  • RedHat Linux, CentOS
Hardware Requirements
Mail server engine is extremely resource aware and will run even on fairly modest hardware. Exact requirements are dependent on services traffic, user activity, settings of resource intensive features, number of add-on modules and communication usage patterns. This is especially true for dimensioning the disk storage capacity.

If you plan to have thousands of users or expect heavy traffic, consider a dual-CPU system, at least 2GB RAM and fast disk sub-system (SerialATA, SCSI). RAID is beneficial only if you require top data integrity or if configured to maximize disk I/O speed. External fileserver for data storage and backup is recommended for ISP-class installations.
  • 2GB RAM
  • Additional RAM is required as user accounts are added; 6 - 50 users, 2GB; 51 to 500 users, 4GB; 500 to 2000 users, 8GB; Over 2000 users, 8GB+
  • Typical hard-disk space required: 5GB, additional disk space required for mail storage.

Mail Server

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