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A New Communication Channel - Instant Messaging

Host your own instant messaging server in-house without additional software or installations. Included in IceWarp Mail Server is an Instant Messaging Server that allows you to communicate internally and externally via an encrypted, SSL connection.

This method of communication will greatly increase productivity, allowing employees and/or customers to correspond while multitasking, see who is Online/available without leaving your desk, and much more. Also use IM to access pending messages (designated by spam filters) and calendaring information.

IceWarp Mail Server's IM server can be used for secure IM communications internally, or as an ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and GoogleTalk Gateway, allowing organizations ranging from small companies to large corporations to quickly and easily deploy secure instant messaging locally or globally, integrating with most popular chat services.

IceWarp Instant Messaging.

Icewarp Mail Server's secure Instant Messaging server is compatible with the Jabber open XML protocol. Instant messages between the IM server and any Jabber-compatible IM client are secured using SSL/TLS encryption. IM transmissions between IceWarp Mail Server's IM server and any Jabber-compatible IM server located outside your organization are also secured via SSL/TLS.

It is possible to use any Jabber-compatible client with the IM server, however we recommend PSI. This free IM client must be downloaded and installed separately.

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Instant Messaging Productivity Benefits

  • Employees multi-task, collaborate and resolve questions or problems immediately, without leaving their desks.

  • Instant messaging is spam-free!

  • See who is online and ready for a message, without leaving your desk.

  • Improve customer service through real-time interaction, without the phone expense.

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