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What's New in IceWarp Server v10?
With hundreds of new features and enhancements, version 10 is improved in nearly every area, but the following new features are particularly noteworthy:

    ActiveSync – provides live synchronization with mobile devices, including most Microsoft mobile devices and Iphones, out of the box without the requirement of client side software. This new feature not only allows for seamless synchronization with mobile devices, but it also makes setup simple and reduces nearly all administrative overhead.

    Unified Webmail – IceWarp version 10 Webmail is a reimagining of web based email clients. From any browser users may now: send and receive email, schedule appointments and tasks, share contacts, live chat, send SMS messages, and even call contacts and receive calls using IceWarp’s new VoIP capabilities. IceWarp Webmail can now not only be used as a primary email client, it can also provide a hub for all forms of contact and calendaring, from anywhere.

    SmartAttach – a revolutionary new feature that allows recipients to download attachments via secure http instead of receiving and processing them by email. This is a logical new technology that saves significant bandwidth and ensures that files are not housed on unsecured recipient mail servers or archives.

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