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AntiVirus for IceWarp Mail Server

AntiVirus Protection (Licensed Separately)

Email-borne viruses, worms and Trojan horses can cause severe disruption to business critical systems and compromise the whole network in relatively short time. The most effective response to these common security threats is to stop malware before it can reach end user workstations. By engaging a centralized anti-virus protection, you're not only saving costs for possible damage recovery, but also adding a second layer protection to all networked computers, thus saving resources for end-user support.

Eliminate the risk at the gateway

Integrated Avast! antivirus engine from Alwil Software is a comprehensive high-performance virus management solution with multi-threaded engine to ensure low latency to traffic. It leverages both heuristic and signature based technologies and scans all common file formats. ICSA Certified, the product is regularly awarded VB100% by Virus Bulletin.

Real-Time Protection
At the heart of protection are incremental updates from tens of servers located around the globe, encrypted for greater security. Checks for updates run periodically, but the greatest benefit of integration within mail server is real-time, e-mail triggered AutoUpdate feature, which guarantees timely response to current virus outbreaks. Whenever a special formatted early warning email is recieved to administrator's account, server instantly triggers an update of virus definitions.
  • Script blocking
  • Compressed files scanning
  • Attachment stripping
  • Keyword and extension based file blocking
  • Limited repair and recovery
  • Quarantine folder on server
  • Flexible whitelisting options
  • Options for a complementary external scanner
  • Allows spyware protection or redundant AV scanner
  • HTTP Proxy screening
  • 1 year subscription to real-time AutoUpdate included.
Integration Benefits
Anti-Virus engine is fully integrated to server core, installed at server level and automatically updated to latest version with a click of a button.
  • Unique real-time updates
  • Fully centralized, one-place administration and activity monitoring
  • Nothing required on users workstations
  • Every single email message passing through the server is scanned
  • Files retrieved via Proxy Server are scanned for viruses
  • Additional filters and optional External Scanner
  • System variables support in reports to sender/recipient/administrato
Mail Server

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