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3CX PBX Phone System for Windows

Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateways

Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateways deliver the IP Telephony features needed to use your existing PSTN phone lines with your IP PBX. They combine high quality voice over IP (VoIP) with quality of service (QOS) to build professional and reliable VoIP networks.

Patton SmartNodes are the recommended IP Telephony Gateway solutions for 3CX IP PBX users. Together, 3CX Phone System and Patton VoIP Gateways provide the best voice quality and reliability, while being affordably priced and fully supported by

Patton SmartNode devices are available in two different flavors to accommodate your unique environment: The Patton SmartNode 4114 is a four FXO analog port media gateway that supports up to four Plain Old Telephone (POTS) or fax lines. The Patton SmartNode 4960 comes with a single T1/E1/PRI ports and supports up to 24 simultaneous calls, making it the ideal choice for low-cost, secure, prioritized communications.

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