Deerfield > Products > VOIP Store is your one stop shop for everything VoIP. All VoIP hardware and services sold by are the preferred VoIP solutions for 3CX and provide the best value, voice quality and performance. These products have been thoroughly tested with 3CX and are deemed interoperable.

VoIP Gateways/Routers
  • Patton SmartNode: Patton SmartNode Gateways/Routers are compatible with virtually any phone line (T1, E1, PRI, POT/PSTN, SIP, etc.) and are the recommended IP Telephony Gateways for 3CX IP PBX users. Together, 3CX Phone System and Patton VoIP Gateways provide the best voice quality and reliability, while being affordably priced and fully supported by

  • Sangoma NetBorder Express is a complete SIP compliant VoIP Gateway, delivering an affordable TDM to SIP VoIP Gateway card that plugs directly into a Windows based server and is fully interoperable with 3CX.

  • SIP Phones
  • Snom 300 Series: With the VoIP telephones snom 370, snom 360, snom 320 and snom 300 you are choosing the optimum level of functionality and comfort currently offered by VoIP in terms of quality, security, and equipment.

  • Aastra 5i Series includes the 51i, exceptional value in an entry level IP Phone. The 53i, is a featured IP Phone supporting up to 9 lines with 6 programmable keys with LEDs, 3 line LCD screen, Full-duplex speakerphone, Dual 10/100 switched Ethernet ports, and PoE support. The Aastra 55i, is an advanced featured, expandable IP phone 6 softkeys with LEDs, programmable up to 20 functions, and a Graphical 144x75 pixel LCD screen. The 57i CT, is a full featured, expandable IP phone with cordless handset, and a 300,000 sq. ft. coverage area.

    As VoIP Hardware Recommendation Wizard is also available that will take into account your telephony requirements, then recommend the appropriate hardware, software and services to meet your needs.

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