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Gaylord, Mich. - Deerfield.comŽ, a leading provider of Internet optimization connectivity and security solutions, today announced the release of VisNetic WebSite 3.5, the latest version of the powerful web server.

"VisNetic WebSite 3.5 gives developers even more control over developing their web sites," said Dan Jennings, VisNetic WebSite Product Manager at "Among other features, custom error pages gives developers the opportunity to refine their web presence, while one-button back up and restore of configuration files gives administrators an easy way to back up their settings. VisNetic WebSite continues to evolve, giving web developers and administrators alike the tools they need to have a powerful web presence on the Internet."

About VisNetic WebSite 3.5

VisNetic WebSite 3.5 now features custom error page support. This allows web developers to create their own pages for any 400-class errors, including 404 Not Found errors. WebSite 3.5 also includes support for Cold Fusion MX. Web developers can simply install CFMX, WebSite, and the CFMX Connector installer to use WebSite and Cold Fusion MX. Other new features include DNS2Go integration, one-button back up and restore for settings, and updated trusted roots. More details can be found at

VisNetic WebSite Pricing and Availability

VisNetic WebSite is available at introductory prices start at $299.95 for a single server license.

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