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Gaylord, Michigan -®, a leading provider of Internet optimization and connectivity software, today announced the upcoming release of VisNetic MailFlow, an email management system that works like a call center for email. VisNetic MailFlow has capabilities to distribute large volumes of email to appropriate users and groups (like sales, technical support or management) through an Internet browser.

About VisNetic MailFlow

Market research indicates that more than 90 percent of businesses are not adequately prepared to handle customer email volumes. Companies are outgrowing the functionality of standard email clients and now require a central location for data, effective collaboration on workload, informative reporting capabilities and so on.

VisNetic MailFlow is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with customer service departments and a particular need for centralized mail store management and backup. Using MailFlow, workgroups can easily manage messages sent to generic email addresses such as or VisNetic MailFlow also provides many useful tools for workgroups, ensuring that your sales and service representatives provide consistent and personalized service to every one of your customers. In addition, MailFlow uses an intuitive web interface and is easy to deploy throughout an organization.

"VisNetic MailFlow is really ideal for companies receiving increased volumes of email", said Mike Deerfield, CEO of "So many companies out there have outgrown a standard email client, like Outlook, which is not an adequate solution for email-based customer inquiries. On the other hand, SMBs cannot justify the high cost of a complete CRM solution. VisNetic MailFlow fits - it's affordably priced AND provides an informed view of customer relationships through professional email correspondence, consistently applied management standards and central administration."

VisNetic MailFlow Pricing and Availability

VisNetic MailFlow will be available at introductory prices ranging from $660 USD for a 6-user license for small-to-medium sized organizations to $3900 USD for an unlimited user licenses for larger organizations.

VisNetic MailFlow 1.0 Beta is now available.

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