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Gaylord, Michigan - Deerfield.comŽ, a leading provider of Internet optimization, connectivity and security software, today announced a strategic alliance with IceWarp Ltd. to publish VisNetic MailServer, a customized OEM version of its flagship mail server software.

" is observing a change in the needs of our messaging customers and envisions a broad shift in the messaging market, in general. Organizations worldwide have come to rely upon mail servers to communicate globally with customers, vendors, partners, and other employees. Mail servers have accomplished that goal by serving primarily as mail processors" said Mike Deerfield, CEO of "Yet today, organizations seek more than mail handling; they require a suite of tools to effectively manage incoming and outgoing messages. To serve this broader need, the mail server must be a capable cornerstone for the end-to-end email management system. The mail server must be simple, fast, safe, and able to grow with the company. VisNetic MailServer amply fulfills these requirements. We are genuinely eager to announce this partnership with IceWarp, delivering their expertise to our customers."

"We are very happy to be strategically aligned with such a well respected Internet software solutions company. It is refreshing to work with Mike Deerfield, and his talented staff who are just as excited and dedicated to providing secure, functional, stable and dependable Internet communications as we are," said Jakub Klos, CEO, IceWarp Ltd.

Why Mail Servers

Email servers have provided extensive opportunities for organizations over the past several years by offering communication at the speed of the Internet. This breakthrough in technology has thrust email to the communication method of choice, leaving the telephone and the fax machine as secondary communication options. However, along this rapid growth path, new challenges have emerged for organizations reliant upon email communication.

Presently, most organizations use client/server solutions to collect, disseminate, read, and respond to email messages, such as a Microsoft Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook client. Although this process is acceptable for relatively small volumes of email intended for one recipient, it does not provide a method for collaborative responses or queuing, compliance with Quality Assurance standards or a unified corporate message, monitoring effectiveness, or the ability to tap into the asset created in a customer email database. A new breed of mail server must provide the foundation for an entire email management system to handle these new challenges, which, when overcome, bring significant opportunity.

Why VisNetic MailServer

To address the messaging requirements of our customers and provide a solid core for the VisNetic messaging suite, three key areas are defined as critical components of VisNetic MailServer: performance/stability, security, and scalability/accessibility. Performance and stability are engineered into VisNetic MailServer through a rich feature-set full of useful tools. With minimal hands-on administration, VisNetic MailServer processes high volumes of email quickly and efficiently, while logging critical details for administrator review. Real-world testing and benchmarking results confirm the stability and performance of VisNetic MailServer.

Security is a hot topic in today's mail server environment. Not only are organizations with mail servers susceptible to threats from an unprotected mail server (such as viruses), an insecure mail server may perpetuate the problem (for example, through relaying of spam). Beyond reliable anti-spamming, anti-relaying, tarpitting and virus protection, VisNetic MailServer secures connections to protect your email as it travels over the Internet. With TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) server-to-server connections, VisNetic MailServer provides a level of security not found in the mail server market today.

Scalability and accessibility is another primary point for organizations utilizing email to communicate. Considering the current economic climate, organizations must ensure that each purchase will meet the needs of the company over both the short and long term, for users and administrators. VisNetic MailServer has the capacity to grow as the requirements of a company grow. Organizations can use VisNetic MailServer to provide only local email on a network, or for broad email messaging via the Internet. VisNetic MailServer remains capable of supporting large numbers of domains and accounts, making it an ideal email solution even for large corporations and ISP's requiring ODBC compliance and load balancing. Accessibility within VisNetic MailServer is ensured by Remote Administration and VisNetic WebMail, an integrated web-based email server allowing users to access their email account using an Internet-enabled web browser, or WAP-enabled device (such as a cell phone or PDA), anywhere in the world.

VisNetic MailServer Pricing and Availability

VisNetic MailServer will be available at introductory prices ranging from $110.00 USD for a 6-user license for small-to-medium sized organizations to unlimited user licenses for larger organizations for $1950 USD. License sizes of 500, 1000 and Unlimited users include a one year AntiVirus Plug-in Subscription. Public beta will be available Monday, June 3, 2002. General availability is scheduled for Tuesday, July 2, 2002.

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About IceWarp

IceWarp Software is a leading developer of Internet communication software. Their flagship product, Merak Mail Server, is supported by thousands of organizations worldwide. IceWarp's solutions help a wide array of customers from small businesses to fortune 500's and large ISPs lower costs, increase security, provide flexibility, significantly improve performance and offer anywhere anytime accessibility. Established in 1999, their mail server suite continues to rapidly evolve and exceed user's expectations. IceWarp Software continues to set standards for future generations of Internet communication software. For more information visit

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