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Deerfield Communications announces the release of VisNetic MailFlow

This minor "Bug Fix" release addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed issue where message composition print in Chrome and Safari browsers was blank
  • Fixed issue where printing message with wide image or table would crop message text
  • Fixed issue where editing TicketBox or Custom Routing Rule in IE 8 would cause javascript error
  • Fixed issue where saving Agent Preferences Agent Views, TicketBoxes or My Folders would not update left menu
  • Fixed issue where copying an InboundMessage from a Ticket to a new Ticket would break the From: email address of the message
All VisNetic MailFlow installations with current Maintenance may update to this release at no cost.

Contact Deerfield Communications Customer Service if you have questions about the status of your VisNetic MailFlow Maintenance.

This latest VisNetic MailFlow release may be downloaded: HERE

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