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Deerfield Communications rings in 2013 with a new DNS2Go Client for Windows. DNS2Go Client v4.3.4.2 is available for immediate Download

1. Fixed client service tab crash issue.
2. Implemented Trusted Publisher Authenticode executable signing with secure certificate.
3. Fixed issue where client would not run without Win XP SP3 compatibility set.

What is DNS2Go you ask?

DNS2Go allows anyone to associate a friendly, easy-to-remember domain name with an Internet-connected computer, even if its Internet connection uses dynamic IP address assignment. A DNS2Go domain name will, in fact, follow your current IP address to the ends of the earth, even through routers and firewalls.

DNS2Go is extremely easy to use; you can sign up for a DNS2Go domain (such as, or you can register your own top-level domain (such as If you decide to use a DNS2Go domain, you’ll have no less than twenty subdomain options to choose from.

One of the most popular uses for DNS2Go is Remote Access. Using DNS2Go with Microsoft's Remote Desktop or RealVNC (bundled with DNS2Go), you can connect to your computer from any where on the Internet. Ideal for connecting to your home office computer or for kids away at college requiring files off the family computer. Access the entire computer, not simply a single file or application.

Sign up for a free trial or learn more about DNS2Go at

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