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Deerfield to offer mature mail server that allows for easy migration from VisNetic MailServer

GAYLORD, MI — July 1, 2009 —, an international provider of Internet communication solutions and IceWarp, developer of IceWarp Server, announced today a strategic distribution partnership that pairs IceWarp Server with’s U.S. Electronic Software Distribution network.

“IceWarp first caught our attention in 2001 when we were conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the mail server market,” said Mike Deerfield, CEO of “While performing benchmark tests we were blown away by the amount of mail IceWarp could process so quickly, while consuming so few resources. We entered into a relationship with IceWarp at that time, whereby IceWarp developed an OEM version of their software, VisNetic MailServer, for to distribute. Today we are announcing that instead of offering a rebranded version of IceWarp Server [VisNetic MailServer], we will distribute IceWarp Server directly. The primary benefits of this newly structured agreement are that our VisNetic MailServer customers will have direct access to new IceWarp Server releases immediately – as opposed to having to work with IceWarp to develop a rebranded release, and instead of competing against IceWarp in the mail server market, we can now work together to promote IceWarp technology and service customers.”

VisNetic MailServer customers with current upgrade protection are able to migrate to IceWarp Server at no charge. All existing settings, users and mail are retained.

“It’s of the utmost importance to us that our existing VisNetic MailServer customers have a messaging platform they can easily migrate to and that will have a similar feature set and administrative feel,” said Deerfield. “After several years of working together at the R&D level (Deerfield/IceWarp), we've determined that we are aligned technically, and consolidating the VMS and Merak brands into a unified IceWarp server is the most sensible path. VisNetic MailServer customers can seamlessly move to IceWarp and they will benefit greatly from the new features and fixes in the current release of IceWarp Mail Server, as well as subsequent releases.”

IceWarp Server is a robust messaging platform relied upon by thousands of organizations, and includes a comprehensive feature set that satisfies the most demanding environments:
  • Web mail that is user friendly and supports Firefox, IE, Safari 3.1 and more.
  • Support and Synchronization of wireless devices and web calendars.
  • Groupware for shared calendaring, contacts and appointments.
  • Open API allows developers to take full control of the server.
  • Integrated antivirus and antispam – including access to Antispam Live, which is a zero hour antispam service based on Commtouch technology.
“While the IceWarp Server feature set has grown immensely since we first looked at the product, for a mission critical application like a mail server, the robust architecture and foundation of IceWarp Server is still what separates it from competitors and makes it the solution that we feel comfortable recommending to our end users and channel partners,” said Deerfield.

Learn more about IceWarp Server at:

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Gaylord, Michigan,® is an International provider of Internet software and services designed to meet the connectivity, messaging and VoIP needs of small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations. publishes a leading suite of Internet products distributed via ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) globally through both direct and multi-tiered distribution channels. continues to bring its vision of the Internet to its customers through a range of products including 3CX - an IP PBX for Windows, VisNetic MailFlow – an email management system and DNS2Go - the company’s dynamic DNS service.

About IceWarp:
IceWarp, Ltd. was started in 1999 with the development of their mail server, then titled Merak Mail Server. Icewarp’s exceptional product stability, performance and reliability quickly escalated its global adoption rate with ISPs and businesses. Over the years, IceWarp has maintained a technology leadership position by continuing to advance through many industry-firsts.

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