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What's new in Kerio MailServer 6.6

Resource Scheduling

Schedule rooms and equipment for your meetings and never worry about double booking.

Conference rooms
Audio/visual equipment
Shared laptops

Look up resource availability at a glance with:
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Entourage
Apple iCal
Kerio WebMail

Manage reservations by
First come first served
“Reservation managers” who can alter reservations

Exchange ActiveSync 12 Support

Enhanced Apple iPhone Support
Email attachment
HTML email

Enhanced Windows Mobile Support
HTML email
Follow-up flag synchronization
Fast Message Retrieval
View meeting attendee information
Search for email no longer on device
Windows SharePoint Services and Windows File Share Access
Set out of office reply
And more ...

Kerio Exchange Migration Tool

Migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Kerio MailServer with ease using the new Kerio Exchange Migration Tool. Preserve valuable data by copying over:

Delegated folders
Public folders

Client Configuration Tools

Simplify deployment
Reduce IT travel.
Minimize user downtime for shipping in devices.

Enable users to setup Outlook and Apple iCal themselves
Setup Outlook with just a click and password.
Setup Apple iCal with a step by step wizard and password.

CalDAV Enhancements

Delegate calendars and task folder through Apple iCal
Share calendars with:
Microsoft Outlook users
Microsoft Entourage users
Other Apple iCal users
Kerio WebMail

Automatic contact and resource look up - Auto-complete addresses by typing first three characters.

Display user availability - Configure free/busy schedule through Apple iCal preferences.

Additional Localizations

Kerio MailServer client and server interfaces are now available in 16 languages.

English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Slovak, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Japanese

Download Kerio MailServer 6.6

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